Holding On to My Man

Chapter 68

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Warning: Slight NSFW, to those with a weak heart for gore, I don’t really recommend reading this arc lol

Although Gu Bai had enough capability to defend himself, there were many people in the amusement park, and the number of zombies was growing rapidly. In just a few minutes, the whole amusement park had become a paradise full of zombies.

Even though Gu Bai possessed extraordinary strength, he still knew that it would be too difficult to kill so many zombies in a short amount of time. However, with the help of the firepower provided by Shen Muze and the others, the pressure on him had been greatly reduced.

After the last sword slash that killed one of the zombies that had followed him from behind, Gu Bai stopped fighting and instead retreated to a small shop. Taking things out of his space, he gave out orders.

"First, you guys hold down the fort; help me fight for two minutes!"

Just now, people had already seen Shen Muze pulling things out of thin air, so they weren't too surprised that Gu Bai could do the same. Now, there was no time to be astonished.

When Shen Muze saw Gu Bai's actions, his complexion suddenly changed slightly, but his expression very quickly returned to normal, and with a quick nod, he placed his attention on killing the zombies. He didn't know what he was doing and what he wanted to do. His whole mind was in a mess.

Gu Bai didn't speak again after he gave the orders, and instead, all of his concentration was focused on his hands.

No one in the world knew of the origin of these zombies better than him. For the past few months, in addition to cultivating, he had been preparing to deal with the issue of zombies. It was almost impossible for Gu Bai and the others to escape now. The only solution was to wait for rescue in the small shop.

Gu Bai quickly took out eight small yellow flags and threw them out according to the proper array position. The flagpoles which seemed to be made of wood were like knives that could cut iron like mud, and they were inserted into the concrete floor easily.

When people saw this scene, their confidence immediately soared, as if Gu Bai was one of the people who belonged to the ranks of the most outstanding.

For a while, they actually calmed down and began to help. They shot whenever they were able to. They couldn't shoot properly, so they had to recklessly learn at the last minute how to spray bullets and also managed to kill several zombies.

After inserting the little yellow flags, Gu Bai held up his right index finger, and using his power to cut the palm of his left hand, he started to cast the spell quickly with his blood as a medium. His cultivation skills currently weren't powerful enough, so he could only rely on the help of these flags.

With his actions, several of the small yellow flags flashed red lights that connected together, forming a red light barrier that surrounded the entire small shop that they were currently in.

All of a sudden, the densely packed zombies which were chasing them stopped and were blocked by the light barrier. The light barrier, which looked transparent and weak, however, resembled that of an impenetrable defense that protected and isolated all of the small shop within a one meter scope.

"This—this is…"

At this moment, everyone was already stunned. This was more magicalthan Gu Bai's "total annihilation" move. Such a thin light barrier could block the zombies? Was this some kind of a fantasy play?!

"Young Master Su, what shall we do now?"

The two bodyguards watched Gu Bai's eyes shine like stars, as he returned looking calm and collected after he finished implementing his incantation. How could they expect that this ordinary, without speaking, lovable, but small and weak young master, would unexpectedly reveal that he was a hidden expert? Their thoughts stirred up abnormally, and an unceasing torrent full of worship and admiration bubbled forth in their hearts.

Faced with everyone's worship-filled gazes, Gu Bai was a little bit happy, but his mood was now overshadowed with displeasure.

The past few months were too short. Even with the help of his spirit energy, he couldn't become a peerless master in such a brief amount of time.

Now, after the incantation had finished, his body's spiritual energy had almost been consumed, and his once rosy complexion had also somewhat paled. He took out his mobile phone and immediately sent Xiao Li a WeChatlocation, and afterwards, he made a phone call to cry for help.

"There are too many zombies. I don't know how long I can keep holding this array for. Now everyone wants to try to climb to the roof to wait for rescue…"

Currently, these zombies were only the lowest level of demonic soldiers. Other than the ability to run, they didn't have the ability to jump. So if Gu Bai and the others hid on top of the roof, the zombies couldn't do anything about it.

When the survivors heard Gu Bai's words, they were depressed at first, but then cheered up when they heard what he said next. They hurriedly used the counter stools of the shop to climb up towards the roof. No one wanted to become a zombie's meal or be turned into a zombie. The thought of it was truly disgusting!

The two bodyguards also supported the two young masters as they sent people up to the roof first. The long-term bodyguard brainwashing made them absolutely put the safety and security of their clients as the top priority.

As people began to climb up towards the rooftop one after another, more and more zombies below also began to come over and encircle the light barrier.

Even if everyone had seen a zombie on TV before and knew what they were, their hands and feet couldn't help but tremble while they saw real-life zombies at that very moment.

Especially now that the number of zombies were no longer in the hundreds, it was hard to estimate how many were actually there. In addition, everyone was only able to see the dark and oppressive-looking figures, which caused people to feel a type of terrible pressure that was "on the verge of death's door", and it simply made people feel their courage collapsing.

"Ah, it cracked, the light barrier cracked!"

Suddenly, a man who had climbed to the top of the building screamed in horror.

Everyone looked back, and sure enough, they really saw that a crack had appeared on the light barrier. Just a moment ago, the barrier was like an impenetrable defense, and now cracks began to appear rapidly on it, spreading like a spider's web.

"Hurry up!"

Gu Bai's face changed, and he shouted at and scolded the group. He didn't expect that the array wouldn't last longer than he originally thought it would. There were too many zombies!

After roaring up a storm, he beckoned the two bodyguards and Shen Muze to go up first, and he took out his double-edged sword and stood in front of the light barrier that was rapidly breaking. The bodyguards urged, "Young Master Su, go up first…"

The two bodyguards were concerned. Although Gu Bai exposed how marvelous his hands were just a moment ago by demonstrating his skill, he was instinctively worried when he saw so many zombies.

Shen Muze also thought the same. There were so many zombies that even if the top-notch post-apocalypse experts were here, they definitely wouldn't be able to break through smoothly too It was like Su Yu was throwing his life away!

Su Yu, this idiot!

Shen Muze looked at Gu Bai, who had already gone to the light barrier, and got up.

"Hurry up, don't waste time. I have measured it up!"

Gu Bai once again berated them. Presently, at a critical moment, there wasn't any time to stand by and be part of some long-winded drama with these people. He naturally needed to have a plan.

As soon as he roared, the two bodyguards thought of the mysterious, magical scene just now. In their state of mind, it was necessary not to delay anymore, so without delay, they protected Shen Muze on top of the roof.


Just when the two bodyguards were about to protect Shen Muze, during that moment when they were distracted, he climbed up towards the rooftop all by himself. In the end, the light barrier that maintained protection began to fade away. Suddenly, countless zombies rushed in, roaring and shouting.

Gu Bai's complexion went cold, and his eyes flashed a cold light. He quickly picked up his double-edged sword and brandished it, swinging it around and killing off zombies as if he was picking up flowers in a field. With a powerful spiritual sword, he reaped the heads of the dead.

The quick and sharp sword movements kept zombies who had originally rushed over at a distance, which relieved Shen Muze and the two bodyguards who were watching him on the rooftop.

"Ah, help, help me…"

The zombies near Gu Bai couldn't get close to him, but unfortunately, Gu Bai was stuck in a difficult position where he couldn't resist the zombies coming from all directions by himself. From everywhere, zombies had rushed towards the door of the small shop.

There wasn't enough time for those who hadn't climbed up quickly enough. In addition, they were instead dragged down and became food for the zombies. One of the young girls, who was quick to act, dodged and managed to have half of her body cling onto the roof. She cried for help towards the already-safe survivors.

Currently, at this moment, everyone had been too frightened by the zombies who had broken through the light barrier. No one dared to come over, as they were afraid that they would accidentally fall into the mosh pit of zombies. They were just strangers, so who would care about their life or death?

The girl couldn't help it. Half of her body fell down several times, and she was almost caught by the zombies below. She was too weak to climb back up. At last, she cried and looked at Shen Muze, who was nearest to her, for help.

"Xiao didi, can you help jiejie? Please, please help me, just give me a hand…"

"Wait a minute…"

Although Shen Muze was a reborn man who had experienced the apocalypse, he was basically well-protected by two people, the foster father and son Shen Guohui and Wu Donghan, before and after the end of his previous life.

Even if Shen Muze had gratitude and resentment towards Su Yu, he wasn't on par with those people who had a tough and cold-blooded temperament due to struggling through the apocalypse. It could be said that apart from having some survival experience, he wasn't much different from those who hadn't experienced the apocalypse.

Hesitating for a moment, he reached out to help the girl. In addition, the two bodyguards came over to lend a hand.


However, just when he caught the girl's hand, a nearby tall zombie finally caught the girl's foot and pulled her down a bit. Opening its mouth, it bit her leg, tearing off a large piece of meat. Blood began overflowing out of the injury, and as a result, the girl screamed in pain.

"Young Master, quickly let go. She's been bitten!"

Upon seeing this scene, the two bodyguards urgently pulled up Shen Muze without delay. Everyone who had seen zombie movies knew that once someone was caught and bitten by a zombie, they themselves would become a zombie. There was no doubt that the girl could no longer be saved.

Shen Muze naturally understood the truth better than anyone else did. He also wanted to let go, but the girl grabbed his hand, treating it like a life-saving straw, and cried.

"Don't! Help me, help, I don't want to die, don't want to die…"

On the verge of death, the girl released immense potential. Even though her foot was seized by a zombie and had been gnawed to the very bone, she couldn't feel the pain anymore. She desperately gripped Shen Muze's hand and wanted to climb on top of the roof. The two bodyguards couldn't break the tight hold she had on Shen Muze's hand for a while.

However, the two bodyguards tacitly picked up a gun to shoot at the girl. It wasn't that they couldn't save her life, but that the girl already couldn't be saved.

"Bastard, if I'm going to die, I'll take him down with me!"

The girl saw that the two bodyguards raised their guns, and immediately her eyes showed resentment. She exerted herself to drag Shen Muze down together with her. Since she couldn't live anymore, she would have to pull someone to accompany her in death!

"Young Master!"

Everything happened so fast that the bodyguards couldn't react on time. They watched as Shen Muze fell down and saw that his complexion had turned pale.

Shen Muze didn't expect that the girl would pull him down to be buried with her. There were so many zombies around him, resembling ants. There was no way to live except to be eaten by zombies.

While he fell, he felt that time seemed to be slowing down. The memories of his previous life and his current one flashed before his eyes like a short movie. The scientific principle which said that people would experience the entirety of their life quickly before death was right, as he already had experienced it once before.

He had just been reborn not that long ago. He had just regained his father, Wu Ge, and the happy life he once had. Was he going to die? Why was his happiness so short-lived…?

The fear of death made him forget that he could still hide in his space.

Then the expected moment of death didn't come. Right when he landed, Shen Muze found out that Gu Bai had rushed over, and Gu Bai used the double-edged sword in his hand to continue killing the surrounding zombies to save him.

"What are you still doing? Hurry up!"

Gu Bai yelled at him with a pale complexion, and he reached for Shen Muze and grabbed him. With luck, Gu Bai quickly threw him on top of the roof.

However, right when Gu Bai had saved Shen Muze, a zombie found the chance to creep up close to him and bit him on the neck.

"Su Yu!"

"Young Master Su!"

Shen Muze and the two bodyguards shouted at the same time.

Gu Bai couldn't help hissing at the pain of being torn into and bitten. He cut off the head of the zombie behind him with his sword. Only then could he summon up the last of the spiritual energy in his body. On the tip of his toes, he jumped to the top of the roof.

"Su Yu, your neck…"

When he got to the rooftop, the other survivors stared at his bitten neck with terror. Only Shen Muze and the two bodyguards came up to him.

After he looked at Gu Bai's bloody neck, Shen Muze's eyes finally turned red. He didn't think Su Yu would save him, let alone be bitten by a zombie when saving him.

It was all his fault. The blame was on him, as he shouldn't have given birth to that idea. He shouldn't have brought Su Yu to the amusement park, and he shouldn't have been so stupid to forget that he could have hidden in his space.

"I'm sorry, Su Yu, I'm sorry…"

Shen Muze cried with guilt and kept saying sorry.

He didn't want to kill Su Yu. He just didn't want to lose everything again. He just wanted to take Su Yu to the amusement park and leave him behind in the chaos. He didn't expect that such a terrifying zombie group would suddenly appear. He just didn't want Su Yu to come back. He didn't want to let Su Yu die…

Gu Bai didn't say anything, but his complexion was a little ugly, and his heart was rolling around. This time, it wasn't the original host's emotions but his own. His own emotions were rolling strongly!

He really didn't want to use his own life to save Shen Muze. Who knew that when Shen Muze fell just now, the original host's emotions suddenly came out again, affecting his soul and urging him to save Shen Muze.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! Original host, are you fucking brain damaged? Laozi can tell from a single glance that there were deep hatred and resentment between the two of you. Why make Laozi sacrifice myself to save his life? Fuck, why do you want to be such a holy father? My dear host, what do you fucking want from me? Are you really fucking asking me to give up my life? Fuck you!

Gu Bai felt like hitting a wall.

Before Ah Hu was infected, he could cut off his arm in time to survive, but at this moment, he had been bitten on the back of his neck, so he couldn't cut it at all!

The demonic qi on the back of his neck had already penetrated into his body from the wound and began to erode his body, and even his soul wasn't left untouched.

At this moment, the task hadn't been completed. If he was really infected by the demonic qi and happened to lose his consciousness, he most likely wouldn't be able to return to the starry space, which meant… he was going to die this time…

The infection speed of the demonic qi was very fast, especially affecting Gu Bai's wound on his neck, which was closest to his brain. He had no time to think anymore, and his mind began to blur.

Seeing the purple tendons on his arm, Gu Bai closed his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, he bit his tongue severely, giving his spirit a psychological hint before he thoroughly turned into a corpse, and then he jumped off the roof. It was up to luck whether this task could be completed or not.

"Su Yu!"

Shen Muze looked at Gu Bai, who disappeared into the group of zombies after jumping into the zombie mosh pit, and shouted out his name. The tears of guilt couldn't help but flow out. It was all his fault, all his fault…

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