Holding On to My Man

Chapter 85

Gu Bai had no idea about Xue Yunfeng's change of mentality, but he could guess what happened, seeing that the other had awakened yet never summoned him once.

The biggest problem of Xue Yunfeng's love for the original host was mainly due to his distrust, suspicion, and his impression of Rong Yi in their first life. With the existence of these circumstances, no matter what Gu Bai did, no matter how many good feelings he tried to cultivate, it would be of no use.

A mission target like Xue Yunfeng was the easiest to deal with, yet the hardest. If he wanted to complete this mission, he didn’t have to entangle with the target like he did with the previous ones. The only way to deal with him was to charge everything up and release it, striking him in one hit!

Imperial Physician Wang had abided by Qi Moli's instructions and didn’t mention the matter of Gu Bai donating his flesh. Gu Bai himself didn’t disclose it either, and everyone believed that the crown prince had been cured due to the imperial physician's brilliant medical expertise.

However, for Xue Han who had a good handle on the situation, any information within the imperial palace wasn’t a secret, let alone the fact that he would infiltrate the imperial palace every night. Naturally, he had quickly discovered Gu Bai's injury and immediately flew into a rage.

"Do you like Lao San, that brat, so much? Actually treating yourself this way for him; why him?! He simply isn’t worthy of your sacrifice!"

Xue Han looked at the bandage seeping with blood on Gu Bai's arm, and his heart felt as if it was pierced by needles with intense jealousy and heartache. He wasn’t willing to hurt this person in the slightest, yet Gu Bai sacrificed himself for someone else just like this.


Gu Bai didn’t speak. His man's appearance looked very terrifying. Gu Bai was thinking about whether he should stop playing and stop dealing with that man. Truth be told, he had played for so long, even the seasons had changed. Moreover, the plan was more or less set in place…

He didn’t speak while contemplating, and Xue Han became angrier and angrier. The jealousy in his heart was about to turn him crazy.

"This prince knows that you wouldn’t believe anything I say. Since it's like this, this prince will bring you to take a look at the so-called 'loves only you' His Highness the Crown Prince!"

With that, Xue Han struck his mute point and picked him up to leave Liuli Palace.

A short time later, Gu Bai was brought to the roof of the crown prince's imperial chambers. Xue Han uncovered a tile and forced him to look at the scene in the room.

Xue Yunfeng and Qi Moli had already gotten together, but currently, the state of affairs was in a mess. In order to ensure Qi Moli's safety, he never announced their relationship, but Qi Moli had already stayed in the crown prince's imperial chambers every night.

This sort of matter was secret, but for Xue Han, it wasn’t hidden at all. He was aware of every move made by each prince, princess, imperial concubine, and even the emperor.

If the beauty had liked a genuinely noble man, he would still be green with envy, but wouldn’t have been so angry. However, the one this beauty liked was actually the disgraceful Lao San. Not only was he incomparable to himself, he even exploited the beauty. How could he not be angry?!

In the chambers.

Xue Yunfeng was inherently a romantic person. In his heart, the country and riches had far less worth than a beauty. For him, feelings were valued more than everything else.

When he had been poisoned, Qi Moli had kept watch day and night without sleep. The genuine worry Xue Yunfeng had seen upon waking had moved him very much. Especially with the comparison of how Rong Yi wasn’t the least bit concerned, Qi Moli's kindness had been magnified boundlessly.

In the room, one was deeply moved, and the other had already fallen in love. In less than a few words, they rolled onto the bed and entangled with each other.

Xue Yunfeng had pressed Qi Moli down and moved crazily, lowly panting. It was hard for Qi Moli to bear, and his mouth let out disjointed, seemingly painful, yet seemingly delighted moans. The scene was incredibly erotic…

Gu Bai stared blankly, his face pale. In truth, he was absent-minded.

Ever since he had a man, it had been a long time since he had seen this sort of X-rated imagery. As he watched, he inwardly considered that sure enough, it was still his man whose powerful and bold technique was better, blah, blah, blah…

A few minutes later, he still hadn’t seen enough when Xue Han quickly took him away. He brought him back to Liuli Palace before coldly smiling.

"Is this the man who loves only you? This prince has already told you before. That brat is unworthy of your love. Why do you think he doted on you in the past? He was just using you, treating you as a shield… When you were suffering for him, he held someone else and tossed around the bedsheets with them…"

He initially didn’t want to reveal this matter and make this beauty sad, but this beauty was too foolish. If he didn’t let him see Lao San's true colours, this person probably wouldn’t lose heart.

Of course, his greater objective was to shock the youth with this cruel truth, causing him to take the initiative to throw himself into his arms in search of comfort. Like this, he could logically bring this person under his wing, then finally obtain this beauty…

Xue Han internally fantasized in excitement. Even though he was expressionless, his eyes had already exposed himself.

As a lover who had been with him for so many worlds, Gu Bai discovered his intentions in a glance. He was extremely moved. My man, you've finally been enlightened!

"Is there wine…?"

Gu Bai closed his eyes, and when he opened them, his eyes revealed a faint, suppressed sorrow, as if he had no way of accepting reality. At this very moment, he only wanted to drink to numb his pain.

"You're injured, so you can’t drink…"

Xue Han was very satisfied with his display, but after looking at Gu Bai's wound that had blood seeping out, he resolutely rejected him. Reaching out to cup Gu Bai's face, he comforted him with a somewhat rough voice filled with unmeasurably deep feelings.

"Since Lao San doesn’t care about you, there's no need to be upset over him. For a person like that, it isn’t worth it… These few days, could it be that you still don’t understand this prince's thoughts? Lao San could dismiss his imperial concubines from his eastern palace, and this prince can do the same. What Lao San cannot give you, I can…"

With a hoarse tone, he spoke his thoughts and consoled Gu Bai. The strong emotions resembled a deceptive and intoxicating poppy, enough to comfort any emotionally hurt person and finally sink them into oblivion.

The warm breath lingering by his ears made Gu Bai enjoy it immensely. A person in love would always like hearing sweet words, and he wasn’t an exception.

However… My man, you'rewise for an age and muddled in the last minute, ne. Drinking alcohol when feelings were hurt, there was a saying called "a drunken mistake", you know?!

"I want to drink wine…"

Even though his gong was insensitive, then this shou would just take the initiative to seduce him. Gu Bai pressed his forehead against Xue Han's body and softly said with a stubborn tone, "Give me wine…"

To Xue Han's ears, his tone had repressed suffering, but in truth, a certain Xiao Bai was roaring in his heart, Wine, wine, wine! Hurry up and serve wine! My man, don’t force your shou to destroy his character and directly throw himself at you!

"Forget it. Come, someone get the wine…"

He didn’t know if the other had been enlightened or if a certain Xiao Bai's roaring had succeeded, but Xue Han finally sighed and cooperated with him. He waved his hand and had a shadow guard fetch wine. He truly was helpless for this beauty.

After a period of time, the shadow guard returned while carrying two bottles of mildly alcoholic fruit wine.

Gu Bai opened his mouth and gulped it down. Even though this wine was mild, this body of his was a complete lightweight. Once the wine entered his mouth, his cheeks became crimson, looking tender and flushed.

It didn’t matter if he was truly drunk. Once he finished drinking, he threw himself at Xue Han again and finally cried, seeking comfort.

"Actually, I should have guessed it a long time ago… He had never touched me… Even if he doted on me and did many things for me, he had never once touched me…

"I always thought, he liked me, he had done so many things for me, so how could he not like me? Maybe he just cherishes me and isn’t willing to…

"He said before that he would love Rong Yi for his entire life, that there would only be Rong Yi in his life. Even if he abandoned the throne, how could these be fake…"

"This prince has already said that he was just using you as a shield!"

Xue Han was both distressed and angry. The youth's mournful and pained appearance made his heart feel as if it had been cut by a knife, and it was incredibly painful.

Wanting to comfort him, yet not knowing how, he could only press kisses onto the crown of Gu Bai's head and forehead. "You still have this prince…"

Gu Bai didn’t reply, merely leaning into his embrace and choking in sobs. His appearance of crying until his shoulders were faintly trembling looked distressing and pitiful. In reality, he continued to roar in his heart, I've already thrown myself in your arms, so why are you still not pouncing over?!

In fact, Xue Han really didn’t have any intentions of pouncing on him now. His heart was filled with distress. Therefore, sometimes it wasn’t good for the shou to look too pitiful…

If the gong remained unmoved, then it still had to be the shou who had to continue taking the initiative. Gu Bai silently pushed him aside and continued to inhale the wine, and his appearance of drinking wine to forget about heartbreak was played out brilliantly.

Xue Han watched, feeling as if a knife was being twisted in his heart, and he was incredibly regretful. If he had known that the youth would be like this, he would’ve changed his methods. The him who had a high status didn’t know how to comfort people, especially since his IQ had fallen to zero when he was facing the person he liked. He could only hug Gu Bai and kiss his forehead again and again, seizing the wine bottle in the other's hand.

The instant their bodies were pressed up against each other, Gu Bai internally let out a pleased smile, then began to enact a struggle. He directly pulled the man behind him along and "accidentally" tumbled onto the bed.


Gu Bai had tumbled very skilfully. Xue Han was under him and he was on top, and in passing, he even pressed down the other's important part, causing his man to let out a muffled groan.

Not waiting for the other to react, he voluntarily kissed Xue Han's lips and extended his tongue, "amateurishly" luring Xue Han's tongue into a reckless yet skilful kiss.

The man's mouth had a faint alcoholic taste that was tart, spicy, and salty, but it mostly had an indescribably familiar sweetness.

Xue Han was also attracted to this sudden kiss and immediately extended his tongue to indulge him. He held his head and—while kissing—rolled them onto their sides and continued sucking on his lips.

It was a while before Xue Han let go of the gasping Gu Bai. Staring at his moist, red lips, Xue Han darkly said, "Don't seduce this prince…"

He actually can still endure! The blurry-eyed Gu Bai sobered up for a moment, then huffily pried open his clothes. He lowered his head to viciously bite him on the shoulder as his breath, which had the aroma of wine, burnt his skin with a silent invitation.

Xue Han's breath stuttered and his self-control finally collapsed. Without any scruples, he flipped them over and pressed him down, carefully lifting up and protecting Gu Bai's injured arm before he impatiently kissed him again.

The passion in the room continued until early in the morning before they stopped, and both their bodies were covered with sweat.

Gu Bai strengthlessly panted while Xue Han, perfectly content, hugged him and continued to rain kisses onto his cheeks, ears, and neck. Xue Han then tightly held the extremely tired person and went to sleep.

The next morning, right when he energetically was about to hug the beauty and kiss for a while before getting up, he discovered that spot next to him was empty.

The youth who had even moaned passionately under him yesterday was staring at him with an icy face.

"Your Highness, may you please forget last night's drunken affair. The time is late and this is the eastern palace. May Your Highness leave with all haste, lest you suffer criticism…"

With this, Gu Bai turned his back on him and walked to the window. His face had a refreshed smirk, but his back figure was indifferent and resistant, the standard appearance of burning the bridge after the event.


Xue Han held his bed clothes as he sat naked on the bed, his face stiff. Why did he have the indescribable sense of having been treated as a prostitute…

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