Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 17

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 17: Recovery, change, and a request

Noah has heard Makarov saying how Polyusica might not be very famous but is a very capable person.

Coming from Makarov, Noah assumed that Polyusica must have strength that puts her in the 10 saints for Makarov to speak of her in such high regards.

Now he understands that when gramps said she is great, he’s not referring to her strength but referring to that healing power of hers.

His injuries that aren’t heavy but by no means minor either was cured within 3 days just from Polyusica visting only once.

After 3 days, when Noah unwrapped the bandage, his left arm and shoulder that was charred black has made a complete recovery with only some rather nasty scar.

Of course, if Polyusica visited within thsoe 3 days, there won’t even be scars to speak of.

Alas, the misanthropic Polyusica probably wouldn’t come down just to make sure Noah doesn’t have any scar, not even for Makarov right?

He doesn’t particularly mind the horrid scars on his back. Confirming that his injuries has recovered, he stopped for a bit before covering his scars with bandages and walked out of the room.


Fairy Tail

As usual, it’s rowdy as hell.

Against the ground floor that’s more like a bar than a guild, he expressed some nostalgia and a smile crept up his face as he walked into the sights of many of his guild mates.


Gray who was chatting with someone scurried over after seeing his figure and examined him all over.

“You’re alright already?”


Noah slapped away his hands that were all over him with a smile.

“My injuries are gone now.”


Gray is still itching to touch him to make sure and his eyes darted all over his body.

“You looked like you’re going to die when you came in here and you’re fine after just 3 days?”

“If I weren’t then I wouldn’t be down here would I.”

Noah helplessly smacked away Gray’s annoying hands.

“You should know that gramps is very unusually strict on this kind of stuff, if I haven’t recovered he surely wouldn’t let me come downstairs.”

“You have a point there.”

Gray stopped hassling Noah and crossed his arms before mumbling.

“But who would have thought that you would get harmed so badly on your first mission, I was right when I said you shouldn’t go right?”

“I know you guys are worried about me but this kind of stuff is very unpredictable, as long as I’m in one piece then it’s a-okay.”

Being abnormally optimistic, Noah countered Gray’s advice with his own.

“When you have the chance to go out later on quests, you best watch out, don’t become the second me.”

“You just started going on jobs slightly earlier than me, what’s with talking like you’re more experienced then me huh?”

Grumbled Gray before he nudged him to look at a side.

“Rather than me, why don’t you take a look over there.”

Curious, he looked in the said direction and got surprised.

Sitting over there on a wooden table is Erza. Still the same red hair and brilliant eyes with the cool air around her. What’s different however, is that this time, she’s not sitting alone in some corner of the guild.

Besides Erza is a few other girls. They seem to be chatting about something and going by the looks of it, they have struck good chords with each other.

“Well this is…”

Even if it’s Noah, he didn’t know what to make of this situation.

“What’s going on here?”

Noah can clearly recall that Erza doesn’t hang out with people, she doesn’t even greet people properly.

But now, what this thing they are seeing before them?

“3 days earlier, when you guys just came back, she suddenly became even more approachable, she didn’t push away comrades anymore.”

Gray pointed it out in a curious tone.

“What happened when you guys went out on that quest? Surely that’s why Erza suddenly took a massive change in attitude?”

“About that, I am not too sure myself.”

He rubbed his cheeks even though he has some idea inside but he only smiled at Gray.

“Maa, isn’t it fine?”

“True, this Erza isn’t as horrible as the one before. But, I’ve heard that she defeated a Phantom Lord magician during the quest this time!”

Gray said eagerly.

“If there’s ever a chance I want to challenge Erza to a fight, see if she’s really as strong as rumor says!”

When Noah heard his rambling, he dropped his jaw and wanted to say something but seeing as Gray himself is so excited he figured even if he said something it wouldn’t amount to much.

Truth be said, Noah thinks it won’t end in a pretty sight if Gray challenge Erza to a fight.

Ignoring first that Gray is only at an apprentice level in terms of learning magic. He can use magic to some degree no problem but if it were to be applied in combat then it would still be too early for him.

Erza on the other hand has sword skills that can one shot weak mooks of the Phantom Lord guild. And she’s pretty good with [Requip magic] as well. Something an apprentice level Gray cannot possibly hope to match up against.

If Gray really did fought with Erza, 1 minute would probably be miraculous in his opinion.

When Noah is still feeling at a loss of what to do about Gray’s decision, some distance away, Erza saw Noah. She said something to the girls around her table and got up before making her way over to Noah.

Looking at the dainty little heroine in armor walking over, Noah laughed and before she arrived in front of him he spoke first.

“Looks like you have begun to familiarize yourself…”

“It’s only because everyone is so amiable.”

Erza nodded and asked in a caring manner.

“Your wounds alright already?”

“As you can see, i’m basically okay.”

He moved his left arm but his eyes were pulled towards her eyes.

It’s not because Erza is very charming and not because she had an exquisite face and a pair of gorgeous eyes but because her pair of eyes are fully exposed.

That’s right!

Both of her eyes!

Originally, Erza would cover up one of her eye with a medical eyepatch but now two completely fine eyes are in front of him.

Naturally, this attracted Noah’s attention.

“Your eyes…”

Noah asked in a somewhat cautious manner.

“Oh the eyes…”

She touched the eye that was originally covered in eye patch in a complex expression before shaking her head.

“I lost them before but the granny that came to treat you took a look at my eyes.”

“I see.”

Noah understood.

“Artificial eyes?”

Erza nodded. Seems like she didn’t want to talk about her eyes, she changed the subject and became formal.

“I haven’t thanked you for helping me out back there!”

Noah shrugged and was about to gloss over the fact before he had a bright idea and turned his eyes that were on fire to her.

“Well, on that subject, I have something to ask of you, could you please come with me?”

“No problem!”

She didn’t know what he is going to request but she said yes to his invitation anyway.

Under his guidance, the two exited the guild together.

On the side, Gray watched Noah and Erza going away as if nobody is besides them. A brief while later, he roared.

“Are you guys ignoring meee——?!”

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