Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 197: Strong? The girl without emotions

Chapter 197: Strong? The girl without emotions

Chirp chirp chirp chirp

The soft glow of early morning accompanied by the birds' chirping pierced seeped through the gap in a window and into Noah's dark room, stirring him into consciousness.

It's probably because the environment is new, Noah woke up earlier than usual. He rubbed his messy hair before sitting up.

He peeked at the bunk bed beneath him. He was expecting to see Imari and Julie slumbering there but he only found an empty bed beneath him. Even the blanket and pillows are neatly stacked up against the foot of the bed.

Noah slightly gasped.

"I am more relaxed than before..."

If Noah's in his normal state, being around two strangers he just met a few days ago would have woken him up should the girls move around even a bit.

Imari and Julie are obviously out of bed.

Their actions didn't wake Noah up. He's that comfortable around them.

"Looks like the scene of the two girls sleeping soundly made me lowered my guard."

Noah scratched his cheek. He decided to let this go.

His guard isn't completely gone, if he detected malicious intent or killing intent then it would still wake Noah up.

Lowering his guard against the two ladies will give him more time to sleep as he won't be awakened by their actions.

Noah stretched his back before getting down.

To prevent further scandals, the trio agreed to change in the fitting room.

Noah yawned while strolling towards the fitting room.

Noah instantly regretted his action.

He felt remorse over lowering his guard.

With his superhuman senses, he should have been able to pick up the faint presence inside the fitting room.

Noah is still stuck in a yawning pose, his facial muscles twitched with regret.

The lady who is taking her shirt off midway stared back at Noah with those ruby eyes of hers.

Noah can tell that the petite girl in front of him isn't wearing anything other than her panties.

Fortunately, her glorious silver hair covered most of her back while the shirt she's taking off covered just the right spots on her slightly raised mounds.

Noah is still in the safe zone. At least, when compared to last night's situation where he got a good look at everything Imari had under her clothes.

The changing lady isn't fazed by this turn of events. She nonchalantly greeted him.

"Good morning."

Noah returned to his senses, he forced a smile onto his twitchy face.

"G-good morning, Julie..."


Julie replied emotionlessly.

"Noah's changing too?"


Noah answered her on reflex.

"Do you mind waiting outside for a bit/"

Julie's blushing slightly although it could have been Noah's mind cooking up images for him.

"Changing in front of Noah is a bit embarrassing for me."

Noah finally regained his senses. He awkwardly laughed while closing the door slowly.

Looking at the cold hard door in front of him, Noah slammed his face into his palm.

"How am I going to get through an entire week of this?"

Noah and Julie sat at a table in their uniforms. They stared at each other in silence.

Julie told him that Imari went out to do her morning training regime. She woke up earlier than usual due to the unfamiliar environment. Instead of going back to sleep, she went for her usual morning training regime.

Julie rushed over to participate in the entrance ceremony, she slept earlier because of jetlag and time difference. Thus, she woke up earlier than usual too.

This and that led to the lucky pervert scene this morning.

Noah's still a bit awkward around her due to this morning's fitting room snafu. He inhaled deeply before looking into Julie's deep red eyes.

"Right, I couldn't properly ask you with Imari around, I have a question I've been meaning to ask."


Julie moved her lips, she nodded like a beautiful doll.

"Go ahead."

"Why did you suddenly decide to sit next to me?"

Noah cut straight into the core of the matter.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you? I also noticed you were observing me for some reason?"

Julie's eyes lit up for a second, her mood also shifted.

Julie thought about her answer and she voiced it out loud.

"Because Noah's very powerful."


Noah flinched. He followed up with a hushed tone.

"You watched me because I am strong?"


Julie didn't even delay in delivering that answer. Judging by the nostalgic look, she's probably recalling something from her past fondly.

"Papa's very strong too. Just like Noah, he was super strong."

Noah's heart stopped for a second. He finally knew where she came from.

Julie's normally very taciturn, however, she beamed up when she talked about her dad.

She probably saw her father's image in Noah and that's why he roused her attention.

She's like a child.

Indeed, Julie asked another question that suggested she had the mentality of a kid.

"Can I become like that too?"

Julie asked.

"Can I become as strong as papa and Noah?"

There's a strange mix of sadness and craving for power in Julie's voice.

Noah also put on a serious look. He rubbed her head subconsciously.

Ding Ding

The bells on her head rang with that move.

Julie lifted her head. She was shocked that Noah did that to her.

"Strong thoughts can empower a person."

Noah chortled.

"With such a strong will, Julie will definitely become strong."

Julie's ahoge started twitching when she heard this, her eyes also wavered.

Julie mewled.


Kouryou Academy, First-year classroom...

"Good morning!"


Noah and Julie entered the classroom at the same time. The whole class looked as they went over to their seats.

"Noah! Julie!"

Imari greeted both of them while seated at her place. She waved towards Noah and Julie. There are other students around her. It appears they were chatting until just a short while ago.

Imari's open and friendly attitude garnered her the company of friends just a few days into her first-year school life.

"You guys are so slow."

Imari started grumbling before Noah and Julie can sit down.

"I thought you guys arrived so I hurried over. Do you two have any idea how lonely it feels to come here and see that you two aren't here yet?"


Noah glanced at her.

"I thought you had a blast talking with the classmates around you?"

"I talked o them because I was lonely!"

Imari replied.

Noah wanted to retort when a sweet voice interrupted them.

"Good morning~"

Usa-sensei entered with a baton in her hand. No, she bounced into the classroom with bad news.

"Today's first session will be an outdoor lesson! Everybody, go and gather at the school's entrance!"

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