Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 210: Another accident? The ever-lasting tactile sensation

Chapter 210: Another accident? The ever-lasting tactile sensation

Noah is walking in the woods. Soon, he arrived at an open field. He looked around to see himself surrounded by trees. Satisfied, Noah nodded as he closed his eyes. He placed his hand on his chest.


Noah summoned as the white crest on his chest started spreading out.


Flames erupted from his body, the flames formed a gun.

The black gun had white root-like magical lines growing all over the gun.

Noah grabbed his Blaze revolver.

Noah felt closer to the gun than ever before. Since the Blaze is part of his soul, he can feel the changes it underwent from the previous Astar Mark ritual.

The gun doesn't feel cold to the touch. The gun is actually quite warm, like the temperature near a fireplace.

Noah opened his eyes. He ran his fingers along the white Blaze lines on his revolver. This gun felt different than before.

Then, he took aim at a nearby tree.


He pulled the trigger.

The black bullet formed from mental energy pierced through the air as it landed on the tree.


The bullet hit the tree in an audible explosion.

The Blaze bullet carved a huge hole in the tree. The shot had created a crater about the size of a bowl in the thick tree.

That shot was powerful.

Noah exhaled slowly after leaving a huge hole in the target tree.

"The Blaze-enhanced gun is stronger than before. However, the recoil increased too. One would need great strength to wield this gun. An Exceed Rank I strength is just right for this level of output."

His original revolver is like an anti-tank pistol. After turning into a Blaze gun, the potency of this gun got augmented further.

Its powers and recoil increased in tandem.

Noah used his Limit to set himself at Rank I Exceed strength, so far, he has no problem using this gun.

Noah sighed in relief.

The upgrade removed ammo restriction and he has enough strength to shoot this gun. The revolver is basically without any weakness at this point.

This Blaze is far superior than the other simpler Blaze. It gave the user advantage in a fight.

Noah just wanted to confirm his Blaze's power, he decided to take his leave.

Noah had another Blaze, the Arming sword.

A human only has a single soul in them.

This is why Blaze can only take the form of one weapon.

Noah is an irregular, he had two Blazes instead of one.

However, Noah isn't planning on showing this card just yet.

Noah is already famous enough with his Gun Blaze. If he had another Blaze to top it off then he would truly have to bid goodbye to a peaceful life.

Noah didn't want to stand out anymore than he already did.

He dematerialized his gun Blaze.

Noah was heading back to his dorm when he saw someone running towards him.

That person is a female student who had an explosive figure that was tightly wrapped by her gym clothes. She is currently running while adjusting her tempo.

Noah stopped.


Miyabi stopped when she heard Noah. She gasped at the sight of Noah.


Miyabi tripped because of her shock.

Noah flashed and caught her before she fell face-first toward the ground.

The next instance, Noah heard a strange moan. He also heard something else.

The sound of something springy being grabbed.


Miyabi moaned.

Noah turned stiff.

There is something soft and bouncy in Noah's hand. Noah's superhuman senses allowed him to sense every tiny detail being transmitted from his palm to his brain.

He couldn't hold all of it in his hand, this is something Noah experienced before.

He traced this sense of familiarity back to when he hid inside a closet with Kisara in the universe of Black Bullet. They were hiding in the Tendo Civil Defense Corp office. It was when he grabbed her hooters.

It felt the same. Soft, bouncy, and can't be properly grabbed in one's palm. Noah knew what transpired.

Miyabi also lowered her head after detecting this weird sensation.

Unfortunately, Miyabi saw it.

Noah held her up by one arm, his hand is in a very inappropriate position.


Miyabi immediately turned as red as a tomato. Her ears were also red too.


Noah cried out.

"Hu-hurry, get up!"


Noah's commanding voice made her nod subconsciously. She stood up but she recalled what he did to her. She crossed her arms defensively while blushing. She backed away slowly before shrieking.

"I-I am sorry!"

Miyabi apologized for some reason. Then, she dashed away.


Noah chased after her.

On the way back, Miyabi walked next to Noah while lowering her head. She is still very red as she kept some distance away from Noah.

Noah is also feeling a bit awkward, he's not sure what he should say.

He caught up with her but he had no idea how to defuse this tense mood. Noah contemplated running away multiple times.

However, running now would make him seem guilty after grabbing her cans. Noah decided to walk Miyabi back to the dorm.

Noah tried to start a conversation.

"R-right, Miyabi, what were you doing back t here?"

Noah changed the subject deftly.

Miyabi looked at Noah's legs and her own lower torso before replying in a mosquito-like volume.



Noah flinched.

"You were jogging?"


Miyabi psyched herself up. She only had enough courage to glance at Noah.

"Recently, I made it my habit to run 20 kilometers daily."

Noah felt puzzled.

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