Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 215: the heavy lance that pierces all

Chapter 215: the heavy lance that pierces all


The two bladed weapons caught Noah in a pincer attack.

Noah couldn't help but praise the girls for their incredible teamwork. He can feel the winds coming from their attacks.

The Duo arrangement was announced last week, they had, at most, one week to train and get their teamwork up to speed. To think Imari and Julie can work so in sync with one another.

Tomoe is even more amazing.

She is friends with Julie and Imari, but, outside of classes, they had no chance to work on teamwork.

Still, Tomoe saw the gap in Noah's defense and she got Imari and Julie to enter the fray. This intuition is expected of one well-versed in the Tachibana style.

However, Julie took the cake this time.

She looks weaker and more fragile than Imari and Tomoe given her unknown combat background, but, Noah was sorely mistaken.

Between them, Julie is the strongest despite her apparent lack of training.

Julie is stronger despite lacking training.

Her skills are natural. She developed her own moves unlike when Noah learned swordsmanship from Erza.

Aside from Tohru and Aoi. These three ladies were the strongest in the class.

Of course, that equation excluded Noah.

The ladies put up a good fight. Their seamless teamwork, combat skills, and intuition certainly aided them in this fight. However, their luck ran out when they fought the one with outstanding perception, extensive combat experience, and the expert of many combat styles, Noah.

He suppressed the praise he has for the girls.

He took out his Blaze by placing his hand on his chest.

The three ladies immediately stopped.


A white Astar mark expanded on Noah's chest.


Hot flames exploded outward.

A revolver with white circuit lines appeared in Noah's hand.

He whipped the gun around to meet the two blades.


He smashed the blades with pinpoint accuracy.


Sparks flew when the blades and revolver collided.

Alas, the revolver parried the blades away.

Imari suffered a backlash from the attack. Julie also got staggered backward.


Tomoe can see the fighters were having trouble. Tomoe bit her lips before she threw her kusarigama at Noah again.


As if he read her move, Noah fired a bullet that deflected the pointy edge of the kusarigama.


"What the?!"

Tomoe inhaled deeply.


Imari and Julie came in for the follow-up attacks once more. The katana and knives went for Noah's back.

Noah's eyes flashed as he whipped his revolver around to counter the cold weapons.


The hard barrel parried the blades away.


Imari and Julie had to back away because of the force. They were staggered by Noah's counter.

3 versus 1.

He is fighting against the top students of his class with just his skills.

Noah didn't look like he is at any disadvantage.

It has been 2 weeks since Tomoe, Imari, and Julie got a taste of what it means to fight someone who defeated a teacher despite being a Rank I Exceed.

"What's wrong?"

Noah taunted the ladies with his gun aimed at them.

"Over already?"

Julie and Imari panted in fatigue, they got into their stances.

"No way it would be this easy!"

Tomoe yelled.


An explosion occurred near Noah.


A giant tree got shattered.

Miyabi rushed out from the fragments of the tree. Yes, the meek Miyabi who had the best figure among the ladies.

It was hard to imagine this Miyabi is the same girl who fainted during PE classes.

Her blaze is a heavy lance.

She hoisted the heavy lance with her superhuman Exceed strength.

Miyabi said her Blaze consumed a ton of stamina.

To use her Blaze properly, Miyabi had to train her stamina.

Her efforts paid off, she can wield that astonishing heavy lance like a giant spearhead. She rushed at Noah.

Noah used the body of his revolver to block the pointy lance.

Next, the heavy lance struck him and the gun.


A shockwave erupted with Noah as the center.


The shrill sound of metal scraping against metal highlighted the sparks coming off the lance and revolver.


Noah's expression changed.

His revolver transmitted a force so great it temporarily numbed his arm.


Miyabi charged with closed eyes, she focused her strength on this jab.

The revolver made disturbing noises.

He was also having a hard time planting his foot as the upward force threatened to uproot him.


Noah's powerful stomp caused the ground to crack.

Noah changed his perception of Miyabi. This girl actually managed to make his gun-arm numb.

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