Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 5

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 5: The team composition chosen by Makarov

“This quest, Noah you shall do it!”

With such a simple sentence it echoed throughout the inside of the guild, the whole place went silent as all eyes fell on Noah. One could tell from their eyes and facial expression that they were surprised.

Not just the magicians inside the guild even Noah himself is startled by this.


“Gramps, you have gotta be kidding right?!”

“Noah can’t use a single magic, this kind of quest requires the help of dozens of magicians, how can he complete them?!”

“Since I clearly said it, I mean it!”

He paid no heed to Noah who’s still surprised by this revelation and shut his eyes.

“The main issue with this quest is the tremendous amount of magic power required, that’s why everytime it must be done in groups, the mission in itself isn’t that hard once you resolve the main issue, naturally it wouldn’t be that dangerous.”


Makarov sternly looked at Noah.

“You may not have started learning magic yet and by extension can’t employ magic, however the magic power within you is abnormally large. At such a young age, the amount you possess can rival tens or even hundreds of excellent magicians, this mission is made for you!”

After listening to his explanation the guild members were amazed that he possessed that much, and it didn’t take them long to figure out why he chose him.

Veritably the biggest annoyance in this quest is the ginormous amount of magic power required to complete it, if one overcome this then the mission really isn’t that much a big deal.

Since he can settle this quest basically by himself, there’s no need for dozens of magicians to mobilize and therefore no need to split up the reward into smaller portions. Voila, the annoying quest just became that much more attractive.

3 millions Jennies!

3 million if divided into portion in units of tens then the amount really isn’t worth the effort, step 1: reduce the sharing people to a few step 2: ? step 3: PROFIT. The reward becomes tempting to say the least.

Couple that with the fact that the mission itself really does not entail any additional difficulty and no risk as well. How can this mission not turn attractive?

Instantly the guild members starting cheering.

“Congratulations! Noah!”

“Your first quest and it’s such a high paying one, how enviable!”

And to think my first quest only paid 70’000 J, it’s so little I want to cry at the thought!”

“Oh suck it up! My first was worth a mere 50’000 J!”

“Waitwaitwaitwait! Everybody wait up!”

Gray shouted out loud all of a sudden, he jumped up and down like a brat.

“Even so, it still doesn’t change the situation where Noah can’t use magic, a random wild beast out of nowhere could bite him to death, it might not seem dangerous to you guys but it’s very dangerous to Noah isn’t it?!”


Stumped the guild was.


Noah hesitated before shaking his head.

“I want to start receving quest soon but what Gray said is right, I have the magic power but I can’t use magic yet, if I were to be sent on jobs now there’s chance for failure, so I think let’s just forget about it…”

“Be at ease, how can I watch my own grandson go out on a job solo at such a tender age?”

He grinned at him.

“Laxus will be coming with you on this quest!”

And the guild member did what they did best again, peanut gallery.

“Laxus? He’s going as well?”

“If he’s going then there really isn’t a problem is there?’

“Too bad, I wanted to go with Noah…” (Tl: not sure if it’s loli Levi…)

While the guild members are doing their routine, Noah and Gray went silent.

Laxus Dreyar the grandson of Makarov the guild leader of Fairy Tail, and technically Noah’s brother, he’s a 15 year old magician so strong he could his own against others!

At such an age, his ability could be ranked above some of the senior member of the guilds and he solo-ed a bunch of high difficulty jobs already.

Nothing out of the ordinary with a magician of this caliber in their lineup, his abilities is more than enough to deal with anything.

But Noah’s feeling a bit conflicted.

He’s the only one privy to the underlying tension between Makarov and Laxus due to some past events, his relationship with him isn’t that good as well, that’s also part of the reason he stayed in Fairy Tail’s guild and not Makarov’s home.

Gramps must have tried very hard to convince Laxus to come along with him didn’t he?

Understanding that his conjecture could very well be true, his hesitation went right out the window, he nodded resolutely after deeply breathing in.

“Gramps, I will complete this mission without fail!”

Feeling the passion in his declaration the surrounding people quieted down. Makarov smiled before throwing another fast ball at him.

“In addition to Laxus, you must bring another person along with you!”

As he said that he looked at a table in the corner of the guild.

“Erza, you will go with them as well!”

The atmosphere dropped as the people went silent.

Sitting at the table, she stood up without heeding the change in mood like she can’t feel them at all. She nodded before going out of the guild.

The guild members did not say anything at her behaviour except for Gray who lightly grumbled.

“What’s the deal, we are all comrades here, does she really need to be so cold?”

This grumble echoed with the thoughts of the guild members.

Makarov gazed at Erza until her figure disappeared beyond the main door, he then turned to Noah.

“If possible, I hope that you can help that kid out a bit, she’s a pitiful one…”

He looked at the main door, he didn’t nod but his face said it all while being poised.

Only he and perhaps Makarov as well know his inner thoughts. He beamed before continuing drinking his booze again.


Back in his room, picking up a bunch of cloths and necessaries for the journey he threw them in a small bag. He took some small change just in case and went out the main door amidst the cheering and the complaining Gray leaving something like ‘Why can’t I go on jobs when I am the one that knows magic’ in the air.

Standing out there waiting for him is Erza who did not bring anything but a cold armor on her. She didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t particularly pay her much attention.

There’s a good reason for this though, his attention is stolen by the figure leaning against the building not far away from him.

Short blonde spiky hair, earphones that looked stylish by his ears, the earphone is a magical device capable of playing music, the youth looked like he’s 15 or 16.

Crossing his arm he leaned against the wall with closed eyes. It looks like he’s listening to some music, only when Noah arrived at did he open his eyes like he detected him, he moved his sharp gaze over to Noah.

Against that sharp gaze, he didn’t stop his gait, there’s no change of expression either, he walked until the distance between them reduce to 2meters. He hoisted his head and stared right back at him.

The two exchanged silent gaze like that while Erza remained silent at the side, the atmosphere around them turned heavy in an instant.

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