Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 8

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 8: Extra help? Another guild?

Noah, Erza and Laxus both knew the lake of ritual is within the city but they were not sure of its exact location, they had to rely on the council sent man to go guide them there.

The trio waited outside for the man to arrive.

They already agreed that they would rendezvous here around this time and then they would head to the destination together. The time right now is close to the promised time so the man should arrive anytime now.

When the man did appear the trio were startled.

The reason?

The man wasn’t alone.

Behind him were 30 plus group of member with diasporic ages, height, attire, gender. What’s similar is that the people aren’t here bearing gifts, their face were menacing.

On their bodies were guild insignia of different colour but same shape.

It’s obvious this group belonged to the same guild.

Having seen their insignia the headstrong Laxus’s gaze turned cold.

“Phantom Lord!”

“Phantom Lord?!”

The two winced as they were surprised by their presence.

Phantom lord.

This is a name even relatively new entrants like Noah and Erza would have heard of.

Among the official guilds, Phantom Lord could be described as a guild of the best caliber, at their prominence it was once referred to as Fiore’s numero uno, it’s a guild where many strong magicians gathered!

Even now they are still one of the most prominent guilds of the kingdom, naturally their abilities precedes their reputation.

It’s just tha tin recent years Fairy Tail has been gaining on them and eventually coming close to them with a trend of exceeding them, it’s obvious that their name as the number 1 guild would start to get challenged.

It’s also because of this that in the recent years, Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord became more and more tensed with each other, they are giving off the feel that they might just duke it with each other any day now.

From this, it’s reasonable that Laxus would go grim and give them a hostile look when he saw that they were magicians of Phantom Lord and what’s more following closely behind the man sent by the council.

“What’s going on?”

Interrogated by Laxus the middle aged man didn’t panic at all.

“Apologies but after consulting witht he council about yesterday’s matter the council’s upper management invited Phantom Lord members to come assist!”

The man threw him a look as he said so.

“Since you guys only sent three people and you all look inexperienced this is an appropriate counter measure to ease the anxiety of the upper management…”

It would be hard not to understand what the man is hinting at.

The man don’t believe that Fairy Tail could finish this job with just 3 people let alone that the 3 people are all brats. This job normally entailed a few tens of magicians so they figured it would be better to invite Phantom Lord as well.

Laxus laughed amuck.

“That’s to say, ignoring the 2 brat, you’re looking down on me is it?”

A violent tempest of magic power slowly poured out from his body.


The nex tinstant, golden lightning arced around him like little golden snakes, they carried strong thunder as they crackled and enveloping the whole area.

Looking a tthis scene, not only the man and the group behind him were shocked, even Erza’s astonished at this.

The magic power is not stronger than Noah’s but it’s definitely multiple times that of an odinary magician!

A mere 15 year old one upping normal magicians?

Doesn’t matter if it’s strength or talent, Laxus had the qualification to be cocky.

Noah is the only one at the scene who raised his eyebrow when he saw the golden lightnings.

This is something Makarov himself doesn’t know, Noah didn’t only have monstrous amount of magic power, he had unbelievable perception.

He could clearly feel from his violent lightning magic power that there is something repressed within it.

It’s like a wild beast that is hidden within his magic power.

This special kind of magic power made him unable to look away from Laxus.

The poor middle man has gone pale from the full on assault of Laxus’s rustled jimmies.

Woe be him, he’s just a guy sent from the council, he’s not that high ranking and he can’t use magic for shit, barely qualifying as a magician and now he needs to deal with Laxus’s temper. It’s like he’s met with an oncoming chariot, the terror he’s feeling right now is ineffable.


A leader looking individual walked out from the group that is Phantom Lord’s team, he threw an icy glare at Laxus who’s still pissed.

“Brat of Fairy Tail, it’s ill advised to lay your hands upon a subordinate of the council…”

“You are just a support member of Phantom Lord and you had the balls to stick out?”

He sneered as his lightning radiance glowed even more brightly.

“You’re just in time, I will finish you along with him!”

“I, Mogria (莫格利亚) won’t stoop so low as to fight with a little brat!”

Mogria turned even more cold towards Laxus.

“Furthermore, in front of a council envoy, do you really want to fight with another guild?”

It’s a stated rule by the council that official guilds should not fight against each other, any transgressor will be punished by forced disbandment!

If not for this rule, Mogria really might just have a bout with Laxus.

“Well did the council say anything about guild stealing each other’s job so blatantly?”

He jeered at the dude.

“Since you guys want the job, then who’s going to take it will have to be decided once and for all, not even the council could say anything about this right?”

“We won’t steal your job!”

Mogria ambiguously put it.

“We are just a fail safe invited by the council, should you fail then it will be our turn, before you guys screw up, we won’t interfere!”

The lightning bouncing around him stopped.

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