House Dad's Literary Life

Chapter 6

some of you will notice the bad english in the previous chapter and this one and it’s because i’m trying to portray how a child will speak. in the original, whenever xixi speaks, he uses very simple chinese and repetitions to imitate how a child will speak. obviously this cannot be translated properly as no child speaks english like this.

"Wuu wuu wuu, I don't want! I don't want!" The sound of Xixi sobbing sounds like the sad OST from <<The Legend of Qin>>, which portrays an endless sadness and a slight stubbornness.

Yang Yi sits on the bed awkwardly feeling helpless. Xixi is crying not because of the sad plot of <<Frozen>> but because the story has ended! After listening the story, Xixi is excited and is unable to sleep. She wriggles on the bed, and tosses and turns a full circle as well! As a result, she is unable to wake up in the morning. Yang Yi is unable to wake her up in the morning

"Wahh wahh wahhh, I want to play! Play the whole day!" Xixi just woke up, got out of bed and feels extremely sad that she has overslept and cannot play the day away at the amusement park and is crying!

Yang Yi is panicking and doesn't know what to do! Regardless of which life you are talking about, Yang Yi was a man who only shed blood and never tears! He wonders why Xixi is crying… is it because Xixi thinks theres not enough time to play at the amusement park? But Yang Yi has explained to Xixi that he was unable to wake Xixi up so he could only let her continue to sleep! But Xixi is still crying! Crying very miserably!

"Women are so frustrating!!!" Yang Yi whispers to himself feeling depressed. "No,No…It's girls. Young girls are worse!!!" He remembers how he used to treat women in his previous life, where he would just shower the women in his life with gifts and everything would be fine. However he cannot coax this little girl now! He searches through his predecessor memory quickly and realizes that he was the same…he would only sit and watch her cry like an idiot until finally Mo Fei arrived and scolded him.

Yang Yi deligently coaxes his daughter, squatting beside her "Xixi do not cry, Papa promise you that you can play whenever you want ok?" although Xixi hasn't stopped crying, but after hearing what he said, Xixi sobs are a little softer now.

Watching Xixi slowly rubbing her eyes with her hands, and her two big eyes looking at her father full of grievances, she puts her arms out and say "hugs…."

How can Yang Yi refuse? He quickly hugs her and carries her around the room slowly like a baby.

"Okay, okay, stop crying, it's papa fault." Yang Yi cold heart has already been melted by his daughter, he says while gently patting Xixi's back.

Listens to the sobbing sound of Xixi stopping gradually, Yang Yi knows that it is over finally! It was not easy!

Yang Yi now realises that when a girl is crying, why she's crying is not important! She also doesn't need you to help her or for you to give her an answer! She just needs a hug so that she knows she can depend on you! Although he had read this on the newspaper previously, the assassin who was rich could only call the author a moron but now he realises that he was the moron!

South of Jiangchen is Jiang Zhe, once was renown as one of the world's best cities to live in by an overseas report due to it's position and the vast investment made by the government to it's development. Xixi is in a beautiful sidewalk strolling with her father while singing the song that her father taught her yesterday.

"Let it gooooooooo, let it goooooooooooo, can't hold it back animoarrrrr! Although she can only remember these few lines, she makes the other pedestrians turn heads due to her clear pronunciation and mellow voice. Mo Fei lived in the US during her childhood and in order to avoid the paparazzi, she also went back to the US to give birth to Xixi and stayed there for a few more years so Xixi could have an education there and be bilingual. This is also why Xixi is able to learn the song quickly and sing so easily. However this caused an argument between Mo Fei and Yang Yi previously. Yang Yi was a complete patriot and a young man, he believes that the Chinese culture is broad and profound, with their 5000 years of culture, they are the best! He believes that Xixi should study the things their ancestors taught and not some foreign language that nobody can understand! Yang Yi also hated such an education! Mo Fei realizes that she cannot communicate with Yang Yi and their relationship has not improved at all and they cannot be bothered to try and mend it! He now realizes that the previous Yang Yi only knew Chinese and now he's Xixi an English song! Furthermore an original English song!

"Xixi, Wait, wait, come drink some water!" Yang Yi called Yang Yi over and took the water bottle from Xixi's bag, opening it and passing it to her. Xixi is very clever and drinks the water in gulps. Yang Yi takes a towel out from the bag and wipes her face. Xixi looks at her father taking care of her and feels so happy inside.

"No need to walk anymore, we'll get a taxi." The bus stop is very far away and Yang Yi took one bill out of his pocket. Yang Yi has always lived very frugally but the present Yang Yi does not have this habit. Money is for spending, don't you earn money to spend money?

The OST should be this one.

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