How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 108

Chapter 108

The Next Evening

Calian once again brought Raven to a stop. It was because of the rocky mountains in the distance.

They had arrived just as the sun was setting, and the rocky mountains, which touched the sun and turned scarlet, were so magnificent and beautiful that the dignity of the ancient castle below them was not immediately noticeable.

Yan, who pointed to those mountains, which were already considered historical sights by simply being located in the inner sanctums of the Seigfried territory.

“That’s the place, your highness.”

They were very plain words with no additional explanation, but that alone was enough to explain that this was the place that held Sispanian’s empty nest. So Calian slowly nodded and moved forwards again.

It was as the sun had mostly sunk away and the sky had turned from a brilliant red to the navy darkness of night that the party arrived at the inner walls of the fortress.

Within the gates of the inner walls, knights stood in steady rows waiting for them. They were wearing the same black armour as the knights who had escorted Kyris all the way here.

Upon seeing them, Calian straightened his back a little and passed by them unflinchingly.

At the end of the row of knights, there stood a middle-aged knight upon a white horse.

He was the only person who didn’t have to bother dismounting to greet the prince, the only Duke of Kryis.

Slayman Hon Seigfried.

“Welcome, your highness.” He said, opening both arms up and holding them wide. It wasn’t a gesture to offer a hug, but rather, in the sense that he was welcoming them to the land.

Calian approached him with a grin.

A similar smile hung on Slayman’s face.

“It’s been a long time, your grace.”

It was technically their second meeting, though they hadn’t exchanged any words the first time around. It was simply that Slayman had felt the spirt Calian exuded around the nobles and Calain who had known he would notice it but would not bother to stop him. That was the entire extent of their interactions.

However, despite it being their first conversation, they didn’t feel awkward at all. They already knew too much about each other for that.

Slayman simply looked at Calian for a moment with considerable attention and didn’t hide the surprise in his voice when he said,

“Wow! You’ve changed a lot.”

Be it appearance or the strength he held hidden.

While he didn’t say what exactly he had noticed, Calian smiled leisurely because no matter what it was he was talking about, it was true there were changes.

“Yes. Things are a little better than before.”

After hearing his answer, Slayman smiled cheerfully and turned his head to lead the way. Calain lined up at his side and they began moving side by side.

The figure of the two from behind was completely in contrast, with Calian, his frame slender atop a jet black horse and Slayman, muscular and riding a white horse.

At the same time, there was an atmosphere around them that made it look like close friends who had met after a long time, and Yan, who was looking at them from behind, smiled pleasantly.

The conversation between Slayman and Calian continued.

“I heard you held on to that loose-lipped insolent mage.”

Alan’s reputation was truly consistent.

Even Slayman, who had known him for al long time, talked about him like that.

“A gratifying turn of events.” Calian nodded, with a smile.

“The sixth sword even deals in magic? That mage ended up doing some good with a disciple it seems.” Slayman said, lowering his voice slightly.

Of course, Calian had expected it, so he wasn’t surprised.

He didn’t know how it would be with Marquis Brissen, who had not followed the path of the sword for a long time, but he had anticipated that Slayman would recognise his achievement at once.

“As expected, you noticed it right away,”

“Well, I didn’t live frivolously even if I look like I did, so how could I not see your highness’s aura? You might not be able to see mine, but I can see yours clearly.”

As Slayman said, he could see Calian’s aura, however Calian couldn’t see Slayman’s aura.

It was the difference in class.

Slayman’s aura was far greater than Calian’s.

“Anyway, that mage will end up very excited now that even a swordmaster is dealing in magic.”

“I don’t know if he’ll be excited – but he’s definitely working hard.”

While Calian continued the pleasant conversation, recalling his teacher, the two arrived to the entrance of the castle. Slayman turned his horse so that he was facing Calian and said,

“Although I would like to continue our conversation, I cannot delay the inspection of the Western Sector. Apologies your highness, but it seems we’ll have to postpone the rest of our conversation until tomorrow.”

“There is no need to apologise. The schedule ended up changing since I arrived earlier than planned after all.”

Calian answered without displeasure, and looked to the distance at the rocky mountains as he continued to speak,

“We can talk more tomorrow – about meeting the Will of Sispanian too.”

Slayman nodded,

“Of course, please have a pleasant rest until then. We’ll have a lot to talk about once I get back.” He said lightly, smiling in that carefree way.

Sigmund Khan Sispanian.

Almighty Sisipanian.

The two titles before Sispanian’s name were voluntarily given by strong, self-respecting dragons because she was qualified to receive such treatment from them.

She had at one time, terrorised entire continents. At one time sealed away evil sprits. And at another time loved humans.

And one day, she had disappeared.

Some said that she had returned to nature become she could not overcome the boredom that came with immortal life and returned to nature. And others say that she had become a god in the place of the ever-sleeping Serenti.

To meet that will of Sispanian, that had been left behind after her disappearance, Calian had travelled this long way. His mouth opened wide, as he stared at the enormous cavity spread before him.

“It seems I will finally be able to meet you.”

The coming-of-age ceremony for the princes was conducted alone. As was dictated by Sispanian’s Will.

The others had remained at the foot of the mountain so Calian too, had followed tradition and continued up the mountain alone.

After organising his thoughts and considering what he would ask Sispanian, Calian took a step forward, into the crack between mountains, without further delay. It had been a bright morning but as soon as he stepped into the cavity, light seemed to fade and he was left alone in a cold and dark place.

Startled at the immediate difference a single step made, Calian paused for a moment, and then began to walk forwards again.

The plodding sound footsteps which echoed dully around him felt like they were bouncing off every stone and crevice.

How long had he been walking?

Suddenly curious about the distance he had travelled, Calian turned to glance back.

Light exploded around him.

A golden light that seemed to drive away the darkness by force erupted in every corner of the cavity all at once. Had Calain’s head not already been turned, he might have gone blind.

He had reflexively raised his hands, shielding his eyes from the glare.

It was sometime before he felt it was safe to lower his hands from his eyes.

Wind that blew from somewhere fluttered against his hair and the smell of summer grass that flew in with the wind entered his nose. Calian tried to open his eyes fully but it was hard to get his senses to function inside the cavity.

And he stopped breathing.

Calian hadn’t gotten to the level where he could understand the flow of mana like Alan, but he could feel mana itself. And because of that he could tell.

Mana so intense. Folding and winding in on itself, complex and never-ending.

A real, cold, fear that if he tried to look into the depths of that mana, his heart would stop.

‘It wasn’t her will.’

It was never something as insignificant as her mere will.

“Almighty Sispanian.”

Calian bowed his head low.

Black flowing hair.

Blood red eyes.

“I offer my greetings to Sispanian.”

Sispanian gazed at Calian.

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