How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 110

Chapter 110

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Sispanian frowned for a moment, when she saw Calian’s expression become confused and explained what had happened,

“You cannot hear my words. She does not want you to.”

Something, or rather, someone had forbidden Calian from hearing those particular word it seemed. Calian didn’t even have to think too long, his mouth opened without realising it.

“Are you talking about Serenti?”

“That is what you call her.”

Who in the world would dare restrict Sisipanian’s words apart from Serenti herself?

At the sudden realisation, Calain’s curiosity overcame his common sense, and he asked,

“It is said that Serenti fell into slumber in the process of sealing the Evil Gods, so how can she restrict our words?”

It was a difficult concept to understand, that Serenti, in her deep sleep, could still restrict Sispanian’s words in a timely manner.

Sispanian replied to his words nonchalantly,

“Would her existence be overcome with mere sleep?”

“You mean she is able to restrict your words, even though she’s not awake?”

“I too, am able to be here, as I have left my Will here.”

Sispanian’s words were a little strange.

Just as Sispanian fell asleep, and left a Will behind, Sispanian is able to be here because she left her Will in this place?

Calian asked another question instead,

“Then, where is this place?”

“It is a place human feet cannot reach.”

Once again, it wasn’t a clear answer.

In fact, she seemed to answer in a way that wasn’t meant to be understood in the first place. It sounded like she had no intention of telling him form the start. So Calian simply nodded, indicating that he roughly understood what she meant. Besides, where they were didn’t really matter to him either.

He reached into his pocket and took out something he had taken care to bring with him on this journey. It was the black pebble that Luca had stolen from someone else.

As soon as Sispanian saw it, she reached her hand out. Calian handed it over without a word an watched as she frowned as spoke,

“They made it.”

These words did not reach Calian’s ears either.

Knowing that Calian had not heard her, Sispanian returned the pebble to him and said,

“Hold on to it. When the time comes, you will know.”

At those words, Calian realised that Serenti had restricted Sispanian’s words once again. It seemed even Sispanian was unable to go against Serenti’s will, so Calian nodded, accepting the answer.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of his questions. He has also wanted to know what the real purpose of coming on such a long journey to meet the Will of Sisipanian under the pretext of a coming-of-age ceremony was.

“You are a child filled with curiosity.”

Since there seemed to be no end to Calian’s long list of questions, Sispanain said these words. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to be out of annoyance, rather she was smiling slightly as she said this.

Because she didn’t seem to be irritated, Calian felt a little more comfortable asking his questions.

“There was something called the Axis of Time that appeared in Secretia.”

“I am aware.”

Sispnaian sighed deeply.

It was different from when she had searched Calians’ memories a moment ago, this sigh made her feel young somehow.

It threw Calian off so much, that he momentarily forgot the question he was about to ask. He shook his head slightly and asked,

“I want to know why Kyris had wanted the Axis of Time so badly.”

Sispanian opened her mouth to answer, but the restriction by Serenti was imposed again, stronger this time, so that she was not even able to say the words out loud

She answered this question in different words too.

“She does not wish for you to be impatient. If you run after the reason of your death too quickly, you may ruin what lies ahead. So do not be disappointed.”

Calian’s eyes shone at that answer.

“I’m not disappointed.”

He wasn’t lying. Calian truly wasn’t disappointed.

Just from the way Sispanian’s words were being restricted, he had understood something.

“It seems that something happened on the scale where Serenti herself is trying to prevent it from being known.”

Divine Intervention.

The scale seemed to bigger than he had imagined.

It also meant that him returning 10 years back in time, and coming back as the third prince of Kyris, the very same country that had destroyed Secretia, wasn’t some meaningless sick joke. There was a real reason for it.

Sispanian gazed at Calian, who had become lost in thought, with interest.

“You are correct.” She finally answered.

Snapping out of his reverie, Calian’s spoke carefully.

“I want to ask one last question.”

“I shall hear it.”

Despite the immediate permission, Calain couldn’t ask the question easily.

He was full of hesitation when he asked,

“Did my older brother use the Axis of Time to try and revive me?”

This time, a real smile spread across Sispanian’s lips. It wasn’t a happy smile, more like she was laughing at him.

“Your thoughts aren’t as deep as I thought. He seemed to know that too.” She answered through her smile.

“So he didn’t use it.”

That was answer enough, but Sispanian continued.

“Before he was your brother, was a King. Your brother was not so foolish as to go against reason and put you first.”

She was clearly scolding him.

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