How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 11.2 - First Meeting

Episode 3: First Meeting – Chapter 11.2

It was him!

Calian’s shoulders shuddered in anticipation.

– Dagag.

Then, surprisingly, Raven took a step forward. The horse began to walk at a slow pace, as if he could sense Calian’s intention.

Calian was thinking of a way to solve the issue of Alan being refused entry, in hopes of giving him a positive impression. But he couldn’t just wait nearby. Alan was a seven circle mage, and he would be able to detect anyone in the vicinity. And so Calian stayed as far from the front gates as possible while still being able to hear what was going on.

‘As if I came upon the situation by chance while riding.’

– Dagag.

Raven sensed Calian’s intentions again and moved on his own. Unless the horse was able to read minds, Raven seemed to be responding to his unconscious movements.

“Raven, you’re brilliant,” Calian whispered as he touched the horse’s neck.

The horse tossed back his head as if to receive the compliment.

Calian heard more voices speak again. It was the voice of the guard, but he didn’t seem to recognize Alan Manassil’s name.

“Please show me your invitation.”

Although the front gates were left open during the celebration, its meaning was purely symbolic. Not anyone was just allowed in the palace, and invitations were made and sent by the royal family half a year in advance.

There was no sound for a moment, as the visitor was pretending to look for an invitation.

“Hmm. What is this? I think I’ve lost my invitation,” Alan said with a sheepish voice.

It was just as Calian suspected. Allan didn’t receive an invitation.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t enter without an invitation,” the guard replied in a wary voice.

“I told you my name. Can’t you check if it’s on the list? I’ve come a long way.”

Calian was approaching them, and what he saw made him frown. The guard was inspecting Alan’s clothes.

“You must have an invitation.”

“So this is a place where one is judged by their appearance,” Alan said with a displeased voice.

The guard’s behavior was tantamount to saying that his clothes were too shabby to let him in. If Alan had come in properly dressed, then perhaps the guard would have checked his name as he requested.

Alan would decide that Kailis was not up to his standards. Calian didn’t want to waste his time, and he bit his lip.

“Alright. I’ll leave then,” Alan said.

Calian could hear the sound of someone climbing on a horse, then the hooves of some horse other than Raven’s making off in a hurry. Calian still had a little further until the front gates, but llan had given up more swiftly than he thought.

“Yan, whatever you do, block the guards,” Calian said as he grasped Raven’s reigns.

“What?” Yan said in bewilderment.

“Don’t let them come after me.”

“My Prince…you’re not going outside, are you?”

Calian turned his head without an answer, and Raven leapt forward. The guards rushed to block their way when they recognized the boy with a white cape atop the black horse.

“Your Highness, please stop! You cannot go outside now!”

‘I know! But this is all about him!’

There was no need to kick Raven’s side. The steed picked up his pace on his own, deftly dodging the barrier the guards and exiting the palace.

The guards whistled wildly, and two horses rushed forwards to them.

Yan’s eyes were trembling violently.

‘Oh, what should I do!’

No matter how much he tried, Calian had no power to suffer the consequences for what he was doing. He managed to make a good impression so far, but if he made a blunder then it would all be in vain. Something had to be done that Yan would take responsibility for.

Yan clenched and unclenched his fist determinedly. He loosened his neatly bound hair, so as to not appear as an attendant. It was fortunate that he wasn’t wearing his servant’s uniform tonight.

Yan stood in front of the guards with power burning in his eyes.


The guards’ eyes were all on Yan, and Yan’s blue-gray eyes were also on the guards.

Yan opened his mouth to speak, thinking about the man who had the same color of eyes as his enjoying the ball.

“I’m the eldest son of the Duke Siegfried, Syroan Siegfried.”


The guards immediately took of their helmets, and in a deft motion held it to their sides and placed a right fist on their chest in the customary greeting of the Kaitlin’s soldiers.

Yan nodded lightly after receiving their respects.

“Duke Siegfried guaranteed Prince Calian’s outing,” Yan said.

The loyal attendant, who brought out his forgotten name because of Calian, looked towards the plaza with worried eyes.

The white cape fluttered on the other side of the plaza, and soon disappeared.

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