How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 16.2 - Until I Have the Right Hand

Episode 4: Until I Have the Right Hand – Chapter 16.2

At that moment, Slayman’s words brushed past Yan’s memories.

—No one is really suspicious of my son because he doesn’t look that rich.

Yan’s gaze wavered. Nope! I definitely got caught! I got caught even though it’s been incredibly long since I last saw him!

Only Alan would know whether it was because of Yan’s distinguishable elegance, Alan’s unholy memory and intuition, Yan’s bronze-coloured curls and his blue-grey eyes… or because of a certain swordmaster’s very recent drunken confession during his late-night drinking session with his mage friend. Although he didn’t understand why Yan was keeping it a secret, Alan grinned at the fact that he was able to hold Yan to ransom.

“Wake him up. No need to waste time, since I can guarantee that he won’t get better just by sleeping.”

In the end, Yan rang the bell five minutes later. Calian woke up and seemed taken aback by Yan’s soaked body.

“Is it a special celebration day surprise for me?” asked Calian.

“…I am truly sorry, Your Highness.”

“You’re not crying, are you?”

“I’m not and I won’t.”

Calian finally burst out laughing. Yan seemed to be somewhat relieved by his laughter.

“You seem much better now, Your Highness,” said Yan, forgetting to even tell the prince that Alan was outside.

When Calian returned after meeting Alan on the first night of the celebration, he looked as if he would collapse at any moment—mostly thanks to his rigorous schedule that ended with Alan’s pseudo-attack. If Yan had known, he might have even splashed Alan with water as soon as he had met him.

“Well, I slept all day.”

“I don’t know if I should be thanking Prince Franz for it, but that’s good to hear.”

According to Calian’s original schedule, he was supposed to meet the envoys who were visiting to congratulate the King. However, Rumein had heard that Franz appeared before the people in the plaza while drunk. Although the nobles of Kailis were used to such behaviour, the envoys—which even included elves—were not. Worried that Franz might blunder in front of them, Rumein did not call upon the princes to greet the envoys.

“Yeah, it’s a good thing that I had nothing planned for yesterday.”

As a result, Cailan was fortunate enough to rest and sleep for an extended time. While they were on the topic of Franz, who had unintentionally been helpful to Calian, Yan relayed another news.

“His Majesty ordered that Prince Franz abstain from drinking.”

“Abstain from drinking?”

“Nobody is permitted to bring Prinz Franz any alcoholic beverages. Even in settings where everyone else is drinking, he is only allowed to have non-alcoholic drinks.”

If King Rumein himself said such a thing, there must have been quite a few voices of concern. Cailan allowed a chuckle to escape his mouth. “He’s not one to obediently follow such a command. He drank until he was completely intoxicated despite having the blessing.”

“That’s why Prince Franz’s attendants are so worried.”

Calian nodded and glanced towards the curtains that separated his bedroom from the rest of his residence.

Finally having remembered Alan, Yan whispered, “Oh, Sir Manassil is waiting to see you.”

“Teacher is?” asked Calian, surprised. That’s why the curtains aren’t drawn.

Even though Alan should not be able to see anything past the curtain, he stared right in Calian’s direction and waved. Calian hurriedly bowed his head towards Alan in respect. Yan watched the exchange unfold with a dissatisfied frown on his face.

“I am truly sorry, Your Highness. He told me that he needed to speak to you urgently.”

“No, no. It’s fine.”

Calian pondered the correlation between Yan’s hardship and his teacher’s visit for a moment, but nodded without reaching an answer. He changed into a simple daily attire; he would have to wear the full ceremonial attire after lunch for the afternoon event. The curtain was drawn only after he was fully ready for the day.

“I will have your meals prepared so that you may talk over breakfast,” said Yan.

“Oh, no need. I have to leave as soon as I talk to him,” said Alan.

Only after Yan and the maids left could Calian finally talk to Alan. Calian bowed once again to greet Alan as a way of apologising for making him wait.

“You don’t need to do that anymore. It’s quite fine,” said Alan, waving his hand.

“Yes, teacher.” Calian sat down across from Alan. Although he had told Alan when it would be best to meet the King, he hadn’t expected Alan to visit him as well. “What did you want to talk about?”

Alan pulled out a small red pouch from his pocket and handed it to Calian. The pouch was filled to the brim with pearl-like translucent orbs. “Don’t forget to take one every day.”

“What is this?”

Instead of giving a straightforward answer, Alan held up two fingers. “There are two problems that you are currently facing, Your Highness. One is that you cannot use your mana.”

Calian flinched and leaned back. It was an intuitive evasion.

“Don’t worry—checking it once was enough. I won’t try to pour mana in you again,” chuckled Alan.

Does he even know that I’ve been suffering from its aftermath all day yesterday? Calian smiled bitterly.

“The other is that you are losing weight at a dangerous speed.”

“Both the state of my mana and my body… it’s quite fascinating that you’re able to see through me when I haven’t even said a word about it.”

Alan nodded. “You have Sispanian’s blessing, Your Highness, correct?”

“Yes. The power allows me for fast healing and gives me an affinity for magic.”

“Have you ever thought that it was a strange combination of boons? Healing and magic…”

Calian did have a small lead. He had previously wondered about it before, and the memory of the old Calian resurfaced to assist him.

Calian nodded. “I was wondering if the blessing is actually just fortifying my heart. After all, mana and the root of one’s life all come from the heart.

“You are correct. Sispanian’s blessing was the gift of having a strong heart. I also assume that your rapid healing no longer works, am I right? That makes three problems.”

Calian remembered the time when he had hurt his hand trying to block Franz’s knife. It took him two whole weeks until he was fully healed. He had strived to hide his injury just in case it would stir up a commotion.

“No, it doesn’t. Is it a problem of my heart after all?” asked Calian, staring at the pouch that was on his hand. He wondered if it were holding medicine for his heart.

Alan shook his head and said, “This isn’t medicine.”

“What is it, then?”

Alan clicked his tongue. “Don’t worry about your heart not functioning well or your mana being blocked. Instead, you must be careful of what you eat.”

Calian’s eyes sharpened.


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