How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 7.2 - I Have Grown That Much

Episode 2: I Have Grown That Much – Chapter 7.2

Randall looked wordlessly between Franz and Calian. Surprisingly, he then spoke to Calian.

“You look tired. You should go ahead and rest.”

Randall’s concern was odd, and even Franz was stunned. But Randall said nothing else.

Calian was grateful for the excuse to leave this awful table. Silica’s eyes narrowed but she said nothing else about Randall’s strange behavior.

“I hope you enjoy the rest of your meal,” Calian said to Lennon, then his head and looked straight into Silica’s eyes.

Calian smiled brightly at her, his own eyes was like a mirror image of that woman who had died. He strongly hoped that he resembled the deceased Freya.

“I’ll see you again.

Silica frowned for a moment before returning to her carefree expression. She was about to say something back to him but Calian quickly turned his back on her. She clenched her hands.

Randall took a mouthful of desert, carefully keeping his eyes down. It was sorbet made with Ranieri flowers, made to Silica’s liking. The scent of flowers hovered in his mouth before melting away.

* * *

Three weeks passed.

The entire Kalisian capital was bustling in preparation for the king’s birthday celebration. One by one, nobles gathered to the home of Kailis, and ambassadors from distant lands arrived and stayed in the Rubia Pavilion. A few days ago, there was a stirring in the crowds as they tried to catch glimpse of the elves who entered the city.

Some worked to greet and accommodate the visitors, others prepared the banquet, and some were tasked with the safety of the event. All couldn’t get rid of their excited looks ahead of the big festival.

However, Yan’s complexion looked noticeably worse. Not only him, but six of Calian’s maids as well. Even Schatten, the tailor who prepared Calian’s clothes a month ago, had a face creased with stress.

“Have you gotten thinner, Your Highness?”

Calian smiled at Schatten’s worried expression.

“It seems so,” Calian answered calmly, and he realized that it was part of another problem.

It seemed obvious that the mana in the body was having a bad effect on his heart, as it it hurt every time he tried to use mana.

‘I’m sure there will be some famous mages at the birthday festival. I’ll find someone I can trust to check the problem, and wait until then.’

A healer could have a rather bad effect on a magic user, so Yan nodded.

Schatten’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “I might have to refit your clothes.”

At first he pinned the clothes to distinguish where to trim and what to leave, but realizing he couldn’t solve the problem that way, he took out the measuring tape again.

“I’ll take new measurements, Your Highness.”

He seemed to be planning to redo all of them again.

Calian felt a little guilty and followed his orders obediently. Schatten seemed to have no problem measuring him again, though it had taken awhile.

Schatten concluded that he still had time and would be back with the new clothes tomorrow. Calian wanted to reduce his tailor’s burden.

“I’ll wear the other two suits on the second and third day anyway, so it’s alright if you bring them later.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Calian went to the carriage and told the driver to transport Schatten. That was the least Calian could do for the tailor.

Finally, the birthday of King Rumein had finally arrived.

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