Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 367 - I’ll arrange

Chapter 367 I’ll arrange

When Gu Mei heard these words, she was angry but didn’t dare to say anything. She pinched her fingers and remained silent.

After all, she was not Ye Sichen’s opponent at all, and her brother Gu Jinhan was controlled by Ye Sichen.

“Now I want to tell you the situation here. Your brother Gu Jinhan needs a blood transfusion, so I have to call you.” Ye Sichen stepped forward, held Xia Nuan’s hand, and hugged Xia Nuan in his arms.

Seeing Gu Mei staring at her, Xia Nuan felt uncomfortable and then got out from Ye Sichen’s arms.

“My brother needs a blood transfusion?”

Gu Mei was heartbroken and cried silently.

“Yes, a blood transfusion is necessary. The doctor said that he needs a blood transfusion from someone related to him by blood, which can avoid rejection.” Ye Sichen conveyed the doctor’s words to Gu Mei.

After hearing these words, Gu Mei felt embarrassed.

Xia Nuan became nervous and said to Gu Mei, “Gu Mei, you are his sister. You can do it.”

Gu Mei shook her head and retreated dejectedly, “No, I can’t give my blood to my brother because we…”

“What’s wrong? Gu Jinhan is your biological brother. Why can’t you do that? Is it because your blood type is inappropriate?”

“No, our blood type is unexpectedly suitable, but we don’t have any blood relation. My brother was adopted by my parents since childhood. After my parents passed away, my brother and I stuck together and helped each other in difficulties. Although we have no blood relation, he is my dearest family.”

After hearing Gu Mei’s words, Xia Nuan became more and more worried and serious.

“What can we do now? Do you know who Gu Jinhan’s biological parents are?” Xia Nuan looked at Gu Mei expectantly.

Gu Mei still shook her head, “My elder brother doesn’t know his biological parents, and he is not eager to know. After they abandoned him, he was unwilling to recognize them.”

“Is there another way? Jinhan needs a blood transfusion. Or, let’s ask the doctor if Jinhan can receive transfusion from people with same blood type but not his close relatives?” Xia Nuan said anxiously.

“I will talk to the doctor. Don’t worry.”

Ye Sichen comforted Xia Nuan.

Seeing that Xia Nuan was so worried about Gu Jinhan, Gu Mei was not that angry. She was stupefied, and looked at the unconscious Gu Jinhan while crying.

Ye Sichen came up with a way to solve this problem. They could collect Gu Jinhan’s blood, and then collect the blood from people whose blood type was similar with his. Ye Sichen also asked Mi Ke’er to collect blood in Feicheng City because it was urgent.

Gu Jinhan was still in a coma, but his life was not in danger now.

When Ye Sichen was busy with affairs about Gu Jinhan, Meng Zuo brought him news of Xiao Chi, which was not good for Ye Sichen.

Xiao Chi committed suicide in prison, and hurt himself in some extreme ways. At present, he was sent to the hospital for treatment.

Xiao Chi’s emotions were under control, and his injuries were not very severe. After transfusing liquid in the hospital for a day, Nan Zhentian was about to ask the police to take him away.

Xia Nuan and Gu Mei took turns for taking care of Gu Jinhan.

Gu Mei’s attitude towards Xia Nuan was not as bad as before. She always kept silent, and gradually formed a tacit understanding with Xia Nuan.

“Xia Nuan, do you remember the past?”

Gu Mei suddenly asked Xia Nuan when Ye Sichen was not with them. Xia Nuan was taken aback.

“I just remember a little bit, but they were enough to touch me for a lifetime.” Xia Nuan looked at Gu Jinhan, holding a towel to wipe his cold hand.

Gu Mei sneered, “You just pay lip service. You promised to wait for my brother to be released from prison. However, you married other people and gave birth to three children. Do you know? When I knew the matter of you and Ye Sichen, I just wanted to find you, but my brother stopped me and didn’t allow me to find you. He lived in longing and pain every day, but you fell in love with Ye Sichen happily. You had forgotten my brother completely.” There was a trace of blame in Gu Mei’s eyes, “I really doubt whether you really suffer from amnesia or not. Are you worried that my brother would bother you after getting out of prison? Then you went to Modu City to seduce Ye Sichen? My brother’s right eye is blind, so you look down upon him because you think he is a disabled person? However, have you ever thought about why he is blind? It was all for you!”

“Sorry, I really forgot the past. If I didn’t forget it, things between Ye Sichen and me would not happen. I would wait for Jinhan, marry him, and have children with him.” Xia Nuan explained sadly.

Ye Sichen heard these words clearly outside, and he left silently.

“Mr. Cong, we discover something new in Gu Jinhan’s blood type matching.” Gu Jinhan’s attending doctor came to Ye Sichen and said quietly.

Ye Sichen replied with an “um” indifferently, and went to the office with the doctor.

The nurse wearing a mask looked at Mr. Cong’s back with a flash of confusion in her eyes.

She took a picture of Ye Sichen’s back with her mobile phone.

At this time, her mobile phone rang. She frowned, and pressed to answer. A person from another side of the phone said, “Why do you always ignore my call? Are you still used to working there? I will pick you up later.”

“No, I’ll go back by myself.”

The nurse hung up the phone and went to the duty room silently. When she arrived, she put on headphones.

In the office, the doctor told Ye Sichen an unexpected and surprising message. Xiao Chi and Gu Jinhan had same blood type. Then the doctor performed a DNA verification to them. It was surprising that they had blood relation, and it was most likely a father-son relationship.

This shocked Ye Sichen.

Xiao Chi didn’t get married, but Gu Jinhan might be his bastard.

Now, only Xiao Chi could transfuse blood to Gu Jinhan.

Ye Sichen thought for a while, and made a decision, “This information should be kept from the patient’s family now. I will secretly ask Xiao Chi to come over for blood transfusion, but please keep it secret.”

The doctor nodded slowly and surely.

When Ye Sichen walked out of the doctor’s office, Xia Nuan came out of the intensive care unit where Gu Jinhan stayed.

“Ye, is there anything new?” Xia Nuan asked Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen smiled and nodded, “Yes, we have found a suitable blood type.”

“Really, when will they make the blood transfusion?”

Gu Mei was a little confused, “Maybe you find my brother’s biological parents?”

“No, but you can rest assured that we have got a suitable blood type, and I will arrange a blood transfusion.” Ye Sichen looked at Xia Nuan confidently.

Xia Nuan breathed a sigh of relief and stepped forward to hold Ye Sichen’s hand, “Thank you, Ye.”

“It’s nothing. This is what I should do. You two should go back to rest. I will notify you when Gu Jinhan is out of danger.” Ye Sichen held Xia Nuan’s hand tightly.

“Gu Mei can go to rest. I want to stay here to take care of Jinhan.” Xia Nuan was unwilling to leave.

“No, you two must go back to rest. I will arrange all things here.” Ye Sichen gave the order.

Afterwards, Di Luoke came over, “Mrs., the car is here. Let’s go.”

Xia Nuan had to leave the hospital.

The nurse took the earphones off, and then walked out silently. Holding a medical tray, she walked towards the intensive care unit where Gu Jinhan stayed.

However, Ye Sichen’s bodyguards stood outside the intensive care unit. Seeing that Ye Sichen went to the attending doctor’s office again, the nurse boldly walked over and said to the bodyguards, “I want to take the patient’s temperature and test his heart rate.”

The two bodyguards glanced at her and allowed her to enter the unit.

She opened a syringe and injected the medicine into Gu Jinhan’s body.

“What are you doing?”

Ye Sichen’s voice came from behind.

The nurse shook her hand and hurriedly hid the syringe into her sleeve. Then she held the stethoscope again to measure Gu Jinhan’s heart rate.

“Oh, Mr. Cong, I am doing a physical examination, uh, measuring the heart rate for the patient.”

She forced herself to be calm and said lightly.

Ye Sichen looked at her, and then glanced at Gu Jinhan who laid there, “Is he okay?”

“There is nothing unusual. Don’t worry, sir.”

After saying that, she took the medical tray and left the intensive care unit.

After walking out, she went directly to her duty room, and then took out the syringe hidden in her sleeve. The potions in it had already flowed out, so she hurriedly cleaned it up.

Only a few potions were injected into Gu Jinhan’s body because Ye Sichen suddenly appeared. She didn’t know if the potions could kill Gu Jinhan or not.

The nurse thought and snorted coldly. After cleaning up, she left the hospital.

There was a car outside.

A handsome man sat in the car. When he saw her, he got out of the car happily, and approached her, “Meng, you finally got off work! Why didn’t you answer my call just now?”

Lin Meng was impatient. She took off her mask, showing a pretty face, “I’m working. You always call me, but I don’t have time to answer.”

“Sorry, I won’t bother you anymore.” The man said, kissed her cheek, and started the engine.

“Is your father familiar with Cong Shen? Nan Xiu?”

“Yes, what’s the matter? They are against Xiao Chi recently. It’s a cooperation. Anyway, they cared about their own interests, but my dad doesn’t dare to turn against him.” Nan Xiu said.

“Then your Nan’s Family should know the contact information of Cong Shen’s family.” She smiled grimly.

Nan Xiu slowed down the car. Looking at the cold and even vicious face, he stopped and said, “Lin Meng, what’s wrong with you?”

He wondered if Lin Meng suffered from neurasthenia again. She had done a lot of extreme matters in the past because of Ye Sichen.

Nan Xiu also had been sent to prison by Ye Sichen for scheming against Xia Nuan, but his father Nan Zhentian paid ransom for his release. When he came out, he immediately took Lin Meng to Country A for treatment and took care of her. Gradually, Lin Meng recovered. She looked no different from a normal person and went to study medicine. Then she successfully became a nurse.

However, Lin Meng was a bit abnormal today, which made Nan Xiu worried.

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