I am a Chef in the Modern Era

Chapter 22 - Creme Brulee

Chapter 22: Creme Brulee

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“You’re not happy?” Shen Fu had a smile on his face as he watched Lin ShuYi shuffle around. Even though he was expressionless, he could still feel that he was unhappy.

Lin ShuYi turned around, clearly annoyed by him saying too much.

Shen Fu laughed, “Pff. If you’re not happy about grandpa selling the house, then why didn’t you tell him?”

Lin ShuYi stayed silent for a while, before saying, “That’s grandpa’s house.”

Shen Fu nodded in agreement, it was old man Yang’s house so they couldn’t say anymore. Even if they thought he shouldn’t sell it. He then said, “Then don’t be so unhappy, grandpa knows what his doing.”

Lin ShuYi nodded. He understood that old man Yang knew what he was doing and he realized that he couldn’t say much about it. It’s just that he didn’t think old man Yang’s son or grandson deserved it. He never had parents in his previous life, only a mentor and this life, he still didn’t have them, only old man Yang. Thus, he couldn’t understand why old man Yang would give so much even after knowing what his son and grandson were like.

As he was thinking, Xiao Wan’s grandma came. Once she took a look around and saw that old man Yang wasn’t there, she knew where he went. “Went to the city?”

Lin ShuYi nodded as pulled up a chair for Xiao Wang’s grandma to sit. She shook her hand and said, “It’s fine, I’m just here to take a look. I didn’t think he would actually go. Sigh, old man Yang’s just too soft hearted.”

As she spoke, Lin ShuYi’s phone started ringing. It took a while before Shen Fu pointed at his pocket and said, “You’re phone’s ringing.”

Only then did Lin ShuYi react. With confusion he pulled out his phone and it displayed an unknown number from an unknown caller. There was only three people who knew his number and that was old man Yang, Shen Fu and Xiao Wan. Shen Fu was beside him, old man Yang didn’t have a cellphone, and he saved Xiao Wan’s number, so then who was calling him?

Tilting his head, Lin ShuYi picked up the phone.

“Hello, is is this Yang CongJun’s son?” From the other side of the phone came an old man’s voice with a hint of anxiousness. Yang CongJun? Lin ShuYi narrowed his eyes, that was old man Yang’s full name. A feeling of uneasy rose as Lin ShuYi asked with a lowered voice, “What happened to grandpa?”

The other side first paused a bit before asking, “You’re Yang CongJun’s grandson?”

Lin ShuYi thought about it and confirmed, then he asked again, “What happened to grandpa?”

The voice from the other side finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Quick, come to the General Hospital, you’re grandpa passed out!”

Lin ShuYi’s pupils shrunk and he asked with a cold voice, “The General Hospital?”

“Yes, he’s in the emergency room right now, hurry up and come!.”

Before he could finish, Lin ShuYi ended the call and turned to run out the door.

Shen Fu quickly grabbed hold of his hand and said, “What happened to grandpa?”

Lin ShuYi’s face was pale white and his eyes wavered, “He said grandpa passed out and was in the emergency room.” He knew what emergency treatment meant, but he didn’t understand how. When old man Yang went out this morning, he was fine.

Shen Fu’s expression also changed. Xiao Wan’s grandma was just about to go, but hearing this, also came up and asked, “What happened to old man Yang?” But before Lin ShuYi could explained, she mumbled to herself, “Never mind, I won’t ask. You guys go, look after each other and leave this store to me, I’ll help you close the doors.” To have them take on such an expression, she knew it was serious. Now it wasn’t the time to ask around and for once, she didn’t bother with the gossip.

Lin ShuYi didn’t say anything, so Shen Fu nodded towards Xiao Wan’s grandma as he held his wrist, “Then we’ll be going.”

Xiao Wan’s grandma replied, “Go, go.”

So Shen Fu pulled the dumbfounded Lin ShuYi outside and said, “No matter what happened, the fact that he is in the hospital means he’s being treated.”

Lin ShuYi finally came back to his senses and asked, “How do you know where the hospital is?”

Shen Fu smiled, comforting him, “I don’t know, but there is something called a taxi.”

There was a bit of distance between Chao Yang Street and the city center, but it wasn’t during the rush hour, so the roads were not packed. The taxi drove quickly as well, but even then, that couldn’t stop Lin ShuYi from looking outside with a restless expression.

Even the taxi driver was affected by this silent pressure and became nervous. He even turned off the radio and pressed hard on the gas pedal the moment the lights turned green.

Thus when they arrived at the emergency room of the hospital, it only took forty minutes. As the taxi driver wiped off his sweat, he said, “We’re here.”

Lin ShuYi immediately flew out the door, it was with such vigor that the driver almost forgot about asking for the money.

Shen Fu handed him a red bill with a human head (President Mao, $100 Yuan) and said with a smile, “Sorry, we’re in a hurry, no need for change.”

The driver nodded, at least there was something comforting about this whole experience.

Once Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu arrived at the emergency room, the lights had just turned off. An old couple who sat outside quickly got up when they saw a person being pushed out. They asked, “Doctor, how is he?”

The doctor had a not-so-great expression and asked the two, “Who are you to the patient?”

The two looked at each other and didn’t know what to say.

That was when Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu quickly walked up. Shen Fu then said, “We are the patient’s grandsons.”

Hearing his voice, the doctor and the old couple turned to look at them. Hearing his words, the doctor then said, “Acute stomach ulcer. If he wasn’t sent to the hospital so quickly, the consequences wouldn’t be something you can bear. He must have had signs before, as his relative, what are you guys doing?”

Neither Lin ShuYi nor Shen Fu said anything. They didn’t think old man Yang was this sick. That was when the old couple walked up and took a good look at them, then said, “They aren’t his grandsons.”

Now the doctor’s expression darkened, clearly thinking they were together in pranking him.

Before Shen Fu or Lin ShuYi could say anything, an old and coarse voice came from behind, “Xiao Yi, Xiao Fu, how come you’re here?” Old man Yang, who was pushed out the emergency room woke up. Everyone’s gaze turned towards him. Old man Yang said with his dried lips, “These two, are not my grandsons, but are better than my grandson.” Clearly, he overheard their conversation.

It was then when the doctor’s gaze changed away from suspicion.

Both Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu walked up, with Lin ShuYi holding the hand that didn’t have needle in it. No words came out, the doctors words kept repeating in his head, there was signs before. That meant old man Yang had started hurting long before, but why didn’t he say anything?

Seeing that old man Yang woke up, the old couple went up and said, “Old pal, you scared us to death. How is it? Feeling better?”

Old man Yang wore an apologetic expression, he didn’t think his first trip to their house would cause them this much trouble, “I’m so sorry. Sorry to have bothered you.”

The old man shook his hand, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, it was no trouble at all, as long as you’re fine now.”

After that, he turned towards Lin ShuYi. Just then Shen Fu talked, but that wasn’t the voice he heard on the phone. If that phone call wasn’t him, then it must be for this ‘Xiao Yi’ on the side.

“Old pal, why didn’t you call your son?” In his mind, a son was more trustworthy than anyone else. He had thought that through old man Yang’s hazy voice he told him his son’s phone number, but to think it was someone unrelated.

Old man Yang smiled and didn’t know what to say. There was no way he could tell them that he only remembered Lin ShuYi’s phone number or the fact that he didn’t even know his son’s phone number.

Seeing that old man Yang didn’t reply, the old couple didn’t inquire further. After they said their farewells, they planned on leaving and told him that if the people next door returned, they would notify him.

Even though they only met a few times, the old couple could tell that something happened, but that was other people’s business, they shouldn’t ask further. Thus, they left without saying anymore.

After they left, the doctor told them that with the old man Yang’s illness, it was best he stayed in the hospital for another week to monitor his progress.

The forms for old man Yang’s stay was filled in by Shen Fu. By the time he finished everything, Lin ShuYi remembered to ask about the cost. Shen Fu replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, it wasn’t much.”

Unsurprisingly Lin ShuYi believed him and stayed beside old man Yang, serving water and tea with an ease of heart.

In the evening, they called Xiao Wan, asking her to tell her grandma to not worry, but they still had to stay in the hospital for a few days. So, they asked her to take care of the story, and Xiao Wan’s grandma confirmed in quick succession, saying that it’s good if everything was fine.

An stomach ulcer could be severe but also not. However, with old man Yang’s age, it needed to be treated carefully, in case something worse happened.

Once he was given a room, old man Yang went back to sleep. Lin ShuYi watched over him by the beside as Shen Fu studied the diagnoses closely.

It was discovered quickly so there weren’t any lasting consequences. As he was thinking, Shen Fu’s phone rang and his brows pinched together. Lin ShuYi had already turned to look at him.

Shen Fu’s phone rarely rang. Actually, other than when Lin ShuYi called him, he never seen Shen Fu’s phone ring. On a similar note, they need to talk about Shen Fu’s past one of these days, however it had never been intentionally brought up by Lin ShuYi. Not only that, Shen Fu was clearly avoiding it, so Lin ShuYi never felt the need to ask.

Shen Fu took a look at his phone and closed it. His expression didn’t change either. Waving his phone, he said to Lin ShuYi, “I’m going to buy dinner, what do you want to eat?”

Lin ShuYi thought about it and said, “I want something sweet.”

Shen Fu paused for a moment and smiled, “Okay, I’ll buy it for you.”

“Also for grandpa, buy a mushy congee.”

One shouldn’t eat anything too stimulating or indigestible with a stomach ulcer, so all he could think of was congee.

Shen Fu waved his hand as he walked out, “Got it.”

Lin ShuYi looked at his hand, he understood that Shen Fu was probably going out to do something, something he didn’t want him to know. About Shen Fu, it was probably time to have a proper talk about it.

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