I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 503:

Chapter 503:

Xie Shiyin looked at Lin Yuan’s face and her eyes could not help but brighten up after seeing his smile.

But after meeting Lin Yuan’s eyes, her cheeks flushed instantly.

Then she quickly lowered her head again.

Seeing that Xie Shiyin, who had a cold temperament, looked like a shy little girl at this moment, Lin Yuan smiled too.

After comforting and soothing for a while, Lin yuan withdrew his hand.

Xie Shiyin previously imagined that she would hate it if others ever touched her head.

Her sister, Xie Shixuan, is no exception.

But the moment Lin Yuan retracted his hand, Xie Shiyin felt a feeling of emptiness.

She even kind of thought of grasping Lin Yuan’s hand and forcing it back to her head.

But of course, Xie Shiyin couldn’t do this.

She doesn’t have the guts and could only let Lin Yuan take back his hand.

But Xie Shiyin’s feet moved slightly.

She can’t help but go a little closer to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan also discovered Xie Shiyin’s small body leaning over to him.

Meanwhile, Xie Shixuan is hugging and leaning against his body while Xie Shiyin was also very close.

At this point, it looked like Lin Yuan was hugging the lovely twin loli’s left and right.

When other people see it, they would definitely scream with envy, jealousy, and hate.

But Lin Yuan has already seen many beautiful women.

Chi Qian, Yan Ruyue, and Mei Yuxian are all first-class beauties.

He is not going to lose his mind because of the loli twins.

And based on current trends, Xie Shiyin and Xie Shixuan will be his sooner or later.

So he is not in a hurry.

He just touched the little heads of these two oppai lolis.

After comforting them for a while, Lin Yuan asked them to go to the car first.

Then Lin Yuan asked, “What is going on with those four men just now?”

Lin Yuan was well aware of the fact that these four men wanted to kidnap Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin.

But the twins didn’t know about this.

So Lin Yuan naturally had to ask them about the situation, otherwise, it would be too obvious, and sudden he was in the same area.

He should make it look like he just so happened to be there.

It shouldn’t feel like he knew about it all along.

Although Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin would never think so.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s inquiry, Xie Shixuan replied: “Brother Lin Yuan, my sister and I just wanted to go into this alley to buy something. Then, they suddenly appeared behind us and wanted to take us with them.”

Xie Shiyin nodded and said: “Right, I have observed them. It seems that they have been monitoring us for a while and I feel like they have long had this plan to kidnap us.”

”But I really don’t know why they want to kidnap us. We even offered them money, but it seemed they didn’t even want it.”

Hearing the answers from the twins, Lin Yuan’s face showed he was contemplating and then he said, “I see…”

Although it seems he was still qualifying his thoughts, Lin Yuan has actually already figured it out.

Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin had no idea what it is.

But Lin Yuan had a rough guess.

These kidnappers don’t put petty gains in their eyes. They have a clear purpose.

It is probably related to the Xie family.

Although the Xie family is inferior to the Lin family, they are still quite wealthy.

The same has also been mentioned vaguely in the original novel.

Lin Yuan asked the twin loli again: “What about your driver and bodyguard? If you don’t have a bodyguard, you should at least have a driver, right? Last time, I remember a driver drove you here.”

Although not as powerful as the Lin family, their assets should also be at the minimum tens of billions.

Lin Yuan could remember that they have a dedicated car to pick them up.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Xie Shixuan replied: “After the driver drove us here, he said that our dad needed him for something, so he headed back first.”

Lin Yuan nodded and said, “I see!”

“What business did the Xie family venture into recently? I am thinking your family must have violated someone’s interests. The kidnapping is probably aimed at your parents.” Lin Yuan guessed.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin also tried to process this and figure it out in their minds.

Then Xie Shixuan said: ”Our parents are always busy with business and don’t pay much attention to us…”

Xie Shiyin nodded and said: “Hmmn, our parents don’t value us much. They pay more attention to making money than us.”

Faint sadness flashed in their eyes.

Lin Yuan was not surprised by this.

He remembered that the twin’s parents did tend to have a preference for boys over girls.

It is not that their parents totally disregard them.

It’s just that more emphasis is placed on their business and money.

It is hard to point fingers whether they are right or wrong…

But the twins definitely lack care from their parents.

Lin Yuan looked at the two sad little lolis with their head lowered to their chest.

He stretched out his hand and patted the heads of the two again.

Then he smiled and said, “It is not safe for you to go home like this. I shall send the two of you home.”

After hearing what Lin Yuan said, Xie Shixuan and Xie Shiyin raised their heads at the same time.

Two pairs of eyes shone brightly.

They stared at Lin Yuan with surprise and disbelief.

”Rea… really?!”

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