I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 19 - Who Is Student Ye?

Chapter 19: Who Is Student Ye?

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Xu Zhen’s body stiffened obviously for a moment when she heard that they were about to check on Ye Lingchen’s results. Her hands were tightly clenched and she appeared incomparably nervous.

Ye Lingchen stopped his action straightforwardly as well. He looked on to the event quietly from the side.

“Ye Lingchen’s candidate number is 1****.” Hu Zi read out Ye Lingchen’s candidate number slowly.

Chu Hao dialed a number. “Hello, dad. There’s another friend of mine. Can you please help to check his results.”

“Sure, no problem.”

However, Chu Hao waited for a very long while this time. There was no response from the other end of the phone call. He seemed to be hearing some indistinct noise and cheering voices.

“Dad, have you got it?” Chu Hao could not help asking.

Everyone in the surroundings were waiting eagerly. Xu Zhen’s palms were already sweaty. Even though she was well aware of her son’s academic performance, but she would always hope for a miracle to happen to her son as a parent.

“Wait, wait. The people in the Ministry of Education is checking over here. They seem to be discussing something,” said Chu Hao’s father. One minute later, his father’s voice was heard once again. He sounded excited when he said, “Son, where are all of you? Don’t leave. The director of the bureau of education bureau is about to come over to offer congratulations personally, and also the headmaster from your school too!”


Chu Hao’s breathing quickened. He looked at the people around that were getting incomparably excited similarly around him. He said eagerly, “We are in Taolin Village at Rugao City. Wait, let me send you my location.”

“Sure, don’t leave. Remember to behave yourself later! We will be there soon!” Chu Hao’s father hung up as soon as he was done speaking.

“Chu Hao, I heard that the headmaster and the people from the education bureau are coming over. Is that true?” asked someone incredulously.

Chu Hao was very excited similarly. His face flushed scarlet. “It is definitely happening. They are already on their way.”


They were really coming over!

Everyone was stunned from astonishment. They began to bustle about in a flurry, one after another.

They were all villagers of this village. Even though the cars were already widely used today, but not many of the villagers had ever left the village. The director of the education bureau and the headmaster were definitely considered high-ranking officials for these villagers. They were the people that only existed in the television shows.

“No, I have to go home to change into something nice.”

“Me too.”

“I have a few free-range sage hens. Shall I capture them and bring them over?”

Soon, the news traveled to the ears of the village chief. The village chief was almost sixty years old but he was still healthy and energetic. He rushed over in long strides and began to make arrangements in order.

“Don’t panic, everyone. It’s a good thing that the director is coming to our village. We shall strive to set up a banner to welcome his arrival as soon as possible. We must leave a good impression for the director.”

Their working efficiency had obviously improved and progressed with someone making arrangements.

“They haven’t even told you your result yet!”

Xu Zhen could not help taking offense. As compared to the people from the education bureau, Ye Lingchen’s results appeared to be so trifle. No one bothered to mention about that anymore.

“Chu Hao, do you know why the education bureau director is coming over?” asked someone out of curiosity.

Chu Hao shook his head. However, he said soon afterward, “My guess is that it’s certainly related to the college entrance examination results! After all, they proposed to come over here when we were inquiring about the results.”

Chu Hao smiled upon seeing the crowd nodding in approval. “I helped so many of you to check on your results earlier. Those with the poorest results are eligible to apply to first-tier university. Most importantly, some of us have scored very highly in the examination. There are five of us that scored above 640 points! It’s not a wonder that the education bureau is paying attention to us. I’m almost sure that they are going to congratulate us!”

“Young Master Chu’s analysis is on point!” Hu Zi continued to speak, “However, our score is nothing to them. I think that the most crucial part is Young Master Chu’s results that is capable of bringing in such huge reputation!”

“That’s right. 660 points. I’m certain that you are ranking the first 15 of the entire school.”

“In addition, there’s Zhang Yunxi with her 659 points. No wonder the people from the education bureau is taking this seriously.”

20 minutes later.

“Yunxi, the director’s car has already entered the village. You should come forward, quick.”

“Mom, that’s alright. I’ll sit over here with Zichen.” Zhang Yunxi shook her head.

“What’s wrong with you, my child? You scored so well in the examination. The director is here to congratulate you so you should come forward! Come with me, quick!”

Zhang Yunxi gave Ling Zichen an apologetic look before she was pulled away by her mother.

Soon afterward, the humming sound of car engines were heard. Two Buick MPVs drove into the village slowly. Three people got off from each car. Two of them were old men with gray hair and four middle-aged men dressed in full suits. One of the men had a square face with a black-framed glasses.


Chu Hao called out to one of the middle-aged men. The middle-aged man had a slightly reserved look in his eyes as he looked toward the rest of the people.

“Chu Hao, come here. This is the headmaster of your No.1 High School.” The middle-aged man smiled and waved to Chu Hao before he said to the old man by his side respectfully, “Headmaster Chen, this is my son Chu Hao. He scored 660 points in the examination.”

“Hmm, that’s quite impressive. Mr. Chu brings up his children properly.” Headmaster Chen smiled kindly at Chu Hao. “Keep up the good work and strive to become the backbone of the country in the future.”

“Don’t worry, Headmaster Chen. I’ll work hard and do my best!” said Chu Hao aloud as if he was injected with chicken blood.

“Who is Zhang Yunxi?” asked Headmaster Chen.

“That’s my daughter,” said Zhang Yunxi’s mother at once. Then, she pulled Zhang Yunxi to come forward.

“Hmm, it’s truly not an easy feat to achieve such a high score. Good job!” Headmaster Chen smiled then he looked toward the numerous students on the scene. “Good job to all of you too!”

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man with glasses walked forward slowly. He sized his surroundings before he asked, “May I know who is Student Ye?”

Student Ye?

The people stood gazing at one another with a confused look on their faces.

Chu Hao spoke aloud, “Is there anyone from our class with the surname ‘Ye’? Please come forward.”

“It’s unrelated to your class! He is a student of our No.3 High School. Is Student Ye Lingchen here?” It was apparent that the other old man was eager.

Ye Lingchen?

The people could not help turning their bodies to the side and looked toward the mother and son sitting in a corner in unison.

The old man walked over with quick strides. “You’re Ye Lingchen?”

“That’s me.”

“I’m the headmaster of No.3 High School, Shi Ran.” The old man stretched out a hand to shake Ye Lingchen’s hand eagerly.

“Headmaster Shi, nice to meet you.” Ye Lingchen stood up in a calm and composed manner.

If this was the past, he would certainly become excited beyond comparison with the rest of the students. However, he was gifted with the Genius System now. Moreover, he was capable of playing games with famous game streamers, providing skin-to-skin massage to popular celebrity and had a collective thousands of fans. His self-orientation had already changed. The headmaster of a Rugao High School could no longer stress him out.

“Good good good!” Headmaster Shi said the word ‘good’ three times in a row. His gaze was filled with even more admiration as he looked at Ye Lingchen. “You’re capable of being calm as still water at such a young age. No wonder you’re the top scorer of the entire province. I would like to express my gratitude for your effort in honoring the entire school on behalf of No.3 High School!”

Upon saying that, Headmaster Shi bowed deeply at Ye Lingchen.

With the blessings from heaven, there was no doubt that No.3 High School was like a concentration camp for slacker students. Let alone the provincial top scorer, Headmaster Shi would even play fireworks to celebrate for a city’s top scorer from his school. Ye Lingchen came as a huge surprise for him. Headmaster Shi was almost lost his consciousness from excitement when he found out about this matter.

“Headmaster Shi, I’m not worthy of such compliments.” Ye Lingchen immediately bowed back in response in a neither humble nor haughty manner.

He was a provincial… provincial top scorer?

The turn of events happened too quickly such that everyone felt like they were rendered incapable of wrapping their heads around the events. Their mouths were gaping while their minds were a blank slate.

Xu Zhen was feeling slightly anxious originally. However, her entire person was filled with shock, excitement, anxiety, and incredulousness when she heard the words ‘provincial top scorer. “Is my son really the provincial top scorer?”

“Absolutely correct. Your son is the provincial top scorer. You’re an amazing mother for being able to cultivate such an outstanding child.” Headmaster Shi nodded then said, “I would like to represent the school to express my gratitude for your capability to cultivate such an outstanding child!”

Xu Zhen covered her mouth and basked in countless envious gaze of the people. Then, she looked at her son once again and felt like she was in a dream.

After the momentary shock, Chu Hao shook his head and roared deeply, “That’s impossible! How could he possibly be the provincial top scorer!”

“Are you doubting my words?” Headmaster Shi frowned and displayed the overbearingness of a headmaster. He looked at Chu Hao in an unpleasant manner.

“He comes last in every examination of the entire school. How can he possibly do so well in the college entrance examinations? This is utterly illogical!” said Chu Hao.

“In truth, Student Ye has always been concealing his capabilities before the third mock examination. After the third mock examination, he disclosed himself and displayed his shocking capabilities!” Headmaster Shi spoke slowly, “Think about this. Which one of you is capable of avoiding all the correct answer perfectly when given hundreds of multiple choice questions?”

The people could not help shaking their heads.

“Student Ye can do that!” Headmaster Shi spoke in a resonant tone, “How does he do that? By relying on his capabilities!”

“Student Ye is obviously a rare talent yet he is capable of concealing himself. He puts up with things that others can’t. It’s the honor of my No.3 High School to be able to produce a student like you!” Headmaster Shi was beyond excited. He wished that he could praise Ye Lingchen all the way to heaven.

“I’m the deputy director of the bureau of education bureau, Xie Chao.” The middle-aged man with glasses came forward slowly as well. He smiled at Ye Lingchen kindly. “Student Ye Lingchen. You scored 145 points for Chinese, 145 points for mathematics, 145 points for English, 295 points for science comprehensive ability. Your total score is 725 points!”

He stretched out his hand to shake Ye Lingchen’s hand hastily. “Student Ye, congratulations!”

The score was so shocking it made everyone in the scene drew in a cold breath. Chu Hao was ghastly pale. His original arrogance was completely shattered and crushed mercilessly. Zhang Yunxi was flushed scarlet from the excitement on the other hand. She clapped for Ye Lingchen.

Since the education bureau had come forward to announce this, then Ye Lingchen’s score was certainly real.

“Student Ye, only 5 points each are deducted from every subject. You seem to be controlling it well!” Headmaster Shi looked at Ye Lingchen smilingly.

“That’s very simple. I just need to skip answering the final question for each subject…”

Ye Lingchen’s reply made everyone frown. They remembered his words earlier that they treated as a joke originally. However, they could not laugh anymore regardless as of now.

It was alright not to understand a prodigy’s words but one should never doubt him. It was because they did not belong to the same level at all.

“Heh-heh. It has already been 5 years since our Rugao City has produced a provincial top scorer. Student Ye Lingchen, thank you for honoring our city!” said Deputy Director Xie to Ye Lingchen smilingly.

“Even though the statistical work for tabulating the results has yet to be completed now, but Ye Lingchen’s score is absolutely the first in the province even when compared to the previous year. When it has been confirmed, I will apply from my superior to reward him with a scholarship worth 50000RMB!”

As compared to the other false titles, it was apparent that a scholarship was a more realistic idea. Envy was almost overflowing from the villagers’ faces. ‘Someone else’s son is truly awesome…’

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