I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 24 - Wu Family Troupe

Chapter 24: Wu Family Troupe

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“That extra must be crazy to dare hit Young Master Wu.”

“F*ck, we’re doomed, we’re doomed. The Wu Family Troupe had already spread the news. A lot of people are rushing over here now.”

“That kick was too ruthless. Young Master Wu will never leave this be.”

“If anything to blame, it’s the fate of that unlucky extra.”

The crowd was busy discussing what might happen.

Next to Ye Lingchen, the bald director was already panicking— his head full of sweat.

Young Master Wu was beaten up in his set. If they investigated the matter, he would probably be in for it as well.

“You’re too rash.” The bald director looked at Ye Lingchen. “Did you know who you kicked?”

“Who’s that?”

“Wu Cheng, the only son of Wu Feng from the Wu Family Troupe!” The bald director said worryingly, “Wu Feng was a trained martial artist. He even went through a few years of training in Shaolin in his teenage years. He’s a famous fighter throughout the entire Hengdian Studios.”

“All the stuntmen and actors in Hengdian Studios had received pointers from him at some point. Those not from the Wu Family Troupe would be discriminated against and eventually, they created a monopoly. Even the big shot directors need to give him some respect. He has a very high status!”

“All their acting consists of real combat,” Ye Lingchen said.

“What about it? When did Wu Family Troupe ever fake a fight?” The bald director shook his head. “Three days ago, an extra accidentally pissed off Wu Cheng. He was then almost beaten to death, but to the outside world they merely passed it off as filming injury. The incident has since been forgotten.”

Tap, tap, tap!

Right at that moment, a series of impressive footsteps approached. Everyone grew a little more alert.

They looked over.

In the lead, was a muscular middle-aged man. His arms filled with bulging muscles.

The most eye-catching thing was his almost 190cm height. Built like a mountain, every step gave off an intimidating pressure.

The phrase ‘strength of a bull’, was probably describing this type of person.

In the past, for the sake of filming, Wu Feng personally lifted a rock that weighed almost 500 lbs in public. Ever since then, his fame skyrocketed!

Behind Wu Feng, there were 20 plus people. All of them, without exception, had learned some form of martial arts.

“Dad, it’s that kid! You must kill him, kill him!”

Wu Cheng glared at Ye Lingchen, gritted his teeth so hard that it almost cracked, “B*stard, you’re dead!”

Around them, many quiet discussions broke out.

“Wu Feng is personally here. This incident won’t end well!”

“Didn’t he know that Wu Cheng was Wu Feng’s only son that he treasured greatly!?”

“That guy, it would be lucky if he is alive after this.”

“Wu Feng purposely had Wu Cheng involved in filming and got him excellent resources. Now that he’s been assaulted, how could he leave this be?”

Ye Lingchen remained at the same spot, his expression unchanged.

“Were you the one that injured my son?” Wu Feng strode forward intimidatingly.

“That’s me.”

“Break one of your arms, then kowtow and apologize!” Wu Feng demanded ruthlessly, his words full of authority.

As Wu Feng’s threatening words spread across the crowd, everyone unwittingly gasped and it sped up their heartbeat.

Break an arm? Kowtow?

Deciding a person’s life and death with a sentence.

Wu Feng, he was that tyrannical!

However, nobody dared to stand up for Ye Lingchen as Wu Feng had what it takes to be tyrannical!

Ye Lingchen calmly locked gazes with Wu Feng, remaining quiet.

“So? You want me to do it myself?”

Wu Feng demanded again, this time with a louder voice, giving off a deafening roar as though he were a wild beast.

“F*ck! B*stard! Weren’t you all high and mighty earlier? Why are you so scared to speak up now?” Wu Cheng’s reddened face shouted as he glared at Ye Lingchen.

He wanted to see Ye Lingchen kneel before him and kowtow while asking for forgiveness!


On the quiet field without any indication, Ye Lingchen suddenly shouted.

With just a simple word, the air around the field seemed to have frozen solid.

“Crazy, he really is crazy!”

“Unbelievable, unbelievable! If I hadn’t witnessed this myself, I would never believe that someone dared to fight Wu Feng head-on!”

Everyone there felt as though their mind blanked out, as though a bomb had landed on their chest which left them breathless.

This extra, is he rushing to heaven?

“Hehe, you should feel honored to have my attention.”

As he said that, Wu Feng raised his muscular arm.

That brick-like fist went straight for Ye Lingchen’s face at full force!

With a body built like a beast, the energy-packed in that one punch was unimaginable.

Facing such a punch, Ye Lingchen similarly raised his arm, facing it head-on.

“That’s it, that boy must’ve been scared stupid. To think he would face him head-on with brute force!”

The two incomparably different fists collided, resulting in an extremely deep sound.

As the sound of cracking bones could be heard, “Hahaha b*stard! You’re dead! I’ll make you yearn for death!”

The sound of cracking bones were a masterful musical performance to Wu Cheng’s ears. His face revealed a horrible grin.

However, at the very next moment, his laughter had stopped!

Wu Feng’s body quivered, then backed off three steps. Following that, his large body fell backwards and landed on his buttocks on the floor.

His punching arm drooped feebly on the floor!

This… how could this be?

This scene shocked the viewers and left everyone speechless.

In that one exchange of punches, the extra won?

Just how did he manage it?

Wu Feng’s face went pale due to the pain, looking deathly. His face scrounged up to form a horrible expression… looked at Ye Lingchen in absolute horror, almost having a heart attack!

How could he be that strong?

“Surround him!” Wu Feng said through gritted teeth.

On his command, those from Wu Family Troupe that followed him here immediately stood around Ye Lingchen with him being in the center.

“Get more people! Bring weapons!”

Wu Feng got up slowly, his wolf-like glare fixed on Ye Lingchen, “So you can fight? I’ll maim your limbs!”

Ye Lingchen frowned his eyebrows, loosened his shoulders and got ready to fight to his heart’s content. Suddenly, his phone rang.

After a moment of thought, he took out his phone.

“Hello, Sister Feifei.”

“Where are you? Gawking at beautiful girls?

Ye Lingchen rubbed his nose, “Sister Feifei, I’m in some trouble here…”

“Give me a moment, I’ll be right there.”

“B*stard, even the Heavenly King1 himself won’t be able to save your skin! I will make you regret being born!” Wu Cheng’s face was just as ugly, “What are you waiting for? Get him!”

“Hold it!”

At the same time, Director Li and Xiao Feifei made it to the scene.

“Director Li, Sister Feifei.”

Feifei… Sister?

Everyone looked at Ye Lingchen in confusion. This kid was acquainted to an A-list superstar?

He would play an extra with this kind of background?

“You’re not hurt right?” Xiao Feifei asked in concern.

“I’m fine.” Ye Lingchen shook his head.

Xiao Feifei eyed Ye Lingchen suspiciously, “Director Li asked you to act but you rejected him, yet you ran over here by yourself to play as an extra?”

“It’s a long story.” Ye Lingchen laughed bitterly.

Wu Feng’s expression darkened. He narrowed his eyes and looked to Li Tai, “Li Tai, this kid injured someone. Are you sure you want to interfere?”

“I have received a lot of complaints that Wu Family Troupe’s people were recklessly beating up extras. You guys should tone it down a little,” Director Li responded.

“We fight for real to make a good movie. If we pulled our punches, how could that be called a kungfu film?” Wu Feng snorted coldly. “Extras are just inconsequential trash. So what if we hit them? If something went wrong, I will bear the medical expenses!”

“If that’s the case, then we will pay your medical expenses too,” Xiao Feifei said.

“It seems that you are insistent on protecting this little b*stard then!” Wu Feng looked towards Xiao Feifei, then at Li Tai. He sneered coldly, “Just you wait, this incident isn’t over!”

Saying that he turned and left!

“Dad, why are we leaving just like that?” Wu Cheng blurted unwillingly while quickly following Wu Feng.

“One is a superstar, the other a big-shot director. They both are protecting that kid. What else can I do?” said Wu Feng with a horrifying expression.

“Then I just got beaten up for nothing?” Wu Cheng’s face soured.

“Of course not!”

Wu Feng’s face showed a hint of dark thoughts, “Didn’t Young Master Lu fancy Xiao Feifei? It would seem that the kid has some sort of relationship with Xiao Feifei. If Young Master Lu finds out about this, it will be the end of that kid’s peaceful days!”

“Hahaha, Dad, you’re amazing!” Wu Cheng gloated. “I’ll contact Young Master Lu immediately!”

“Sister Feifei, I’m sorry to have troubled you,” Ye Lingchen apologized.

“You weren’t the one in the wrong for this matter,” Xiao Feifei laughed. “I didn’t expect you to be such a good fighter to the point of besting Wu Feng in a fight.”

“I’ve learned a few moves in the past,” Ye Lingchen replied.

Back in the field, many people were packing up and leaving. Very few people were left.

Shortly, Li Tai hurried over with an ugly expression.

“Director Li, what’s wrong?”

“The Wu Family Troupe is stirring up trouble!” Li Tai sighed. “We are filming a wuxia series. We need a lot of choreography consultation and martial arts stuntmen. However, most of these people belong to the Wu Family Troupe.”

“Earlier, Wu Feng just announced that Wu Family Troupe will not send people over to support Legend of the Heroine!”

“That’s too much!” Miss Lin responded to the injustice. “I refuse to believe that we can’t shoot this without Wu Family Troupe. Hengdian Studios is a big place, I’m sure we can find a martial arts master.”

“It’s difficult!” Li Tai’s brows knitted tightly together. “The timeframe to film this TV series was already rushed to start with. Where are we going to find one in such short notice?”

“I know quite a few directors. I’ll see if I can borrow some people from them,” Xiao Feifei suggested.

Li Tai shook his head in response, “Those working under the other directors are most likely also people from the Wu Family Troupe. This cancer that is the Wu Family Troupe runs deep!”

Wu Family Troupe, even though it could not be considered as a big influence, its function was not something to be neglected. No matter how famous a superstar, they will still need to be supported.

That was also the reason why Wu Feng could act that way within Hengdian Studios so rampantly.

“If it’s for a fight show, I think I can be of some assistance.” Ye Lingchen, who was sitting by the side, piped up.


Li Tai looked at Ye Lingchen, “Brother Ye, I know you can fight, but putting up a fight and martial combat are two drastically different matters. Martial combat requires movements and techniques. Additionally, it needs to have some fancy moves.”

“I’ve learned a move or two before. Why don’t you have a look?”

Having said that, Ye Lingchen walked onto the field.

He steadied his body, then raised a pose.


The crowd that was at a loss started to slowly shift their gaze on Ye Lingchen’s body…

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