I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 26 - Get Lost!

Chapter 26: Get Lost!

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Following that, Ye Lingchen spent every day with the film crew. The summer vacation was not over yet, and his days passed by slowly.

Usually, according to the needs of the scene, he would organize the placement of the actors and add on a few good close-ups.

Occasionally he would have to appear on screen again and star with Xiao Feifei.

It had to be said that due to Ye Lingchen’s charisma and good acting, Director Li had made a sudden decision to change the original script and add on extra scenes for Ye Lingchen!

The original plan was to have the villain be the third supporting male character, but was now elevated to the second. His appearances also rivaled Xiao Feifei’s in number.

Xiao Feifei was enthusiastically supportive of this, and naturally, this dissuaded others from raising any objections.

On one leisurely afternoon, Ye Lingchen was lying on the recliner prepared for him by the film crew. He had a peeled Mandarin Orange in his hand, putting each piece into his mouth.

“You sure know how to enjoy yourself.”

Xiao Feifei walked over to him, smiling as she spoke, “In the entire cast, you’re the most relaxed!”

“What can I say, who let me I skip rehearsals and still get it right in one take?” Ye Lingchen spread his hands, “Director Li’s treatment of me is good. The Mandarin Oranges are good, would you like some?”

Xiao Feifei picked one up, and looked at Ye Lingchen curiously, “who taught you your acting skills?”

She had been working for so many years and was only now a lead character. Her acting skills had been refined through countless lessons to what it was now. However, compared to Ye Lingchen, her skills were just poor!

Ye Lingchen pointed to his copy of “An Actor Prepares” on the table.

“Just based off of that?”

“Who asked me to be so gifted?” Ye Lingchen said as he shrugged.

Vroom vroom vroom!

At the moment, a black Jaguar roared as it approached, brazenly speeding through Hengdian Studios.

Finally, it stopped in the middle of Ye Lingchen’s cast!

Vehicles were prohibited from driving within Hengdian Studios.

However, nobody dared to stop this car!

This was solely because it belonged to Young Master Lu!

From the car, two figures stepped out, one after the other.

One was black, the other was white. One was tall, the other was short. One was well built, the other was thin.

A foreigner?

Ye Lingchen’s brows furrowed slightly.

These two people were easily differentiated, one was Southeast Asian, the other was European!

“Ms. Xiao, this is the gift that Young Master Lu sends you.”

The southeast Asian said this to Xiao Feifei, before pulling at the back seat of the car. A fragrance permeated the air from the car.

The entire boot of the car was filled with flowers.

Roses formed the centerpiece, arranged in the shape of a heart. Surrounding it were colorful tulips, lilies, and lavender.

All the flowers’ colors complemented each other, and arranged in the shape of hearts. In addition to the fragrance, it was enough to make any woman swoon.

Unfortunately, Xiao Feifei was unmoved.

She said neutrally, “please convey my thanks to the Young Master Lu. I am grateful.”

“It would be better if Ms. Xiao were to accept this gift, our Young Master has put a lot of preparation into this gift. All the flowers here were imported from overseas.” The Southeast Asian said.

“I don’t like it, please take it away!” Xiao Feifei said coldly, a frown crossing her face.

“It’s fine if Ms. Xiao dislikes it, the Young Master has prepared another gift!” The Southeast Asian said, as he glared coldly at Ye Lingchen, as though he were prey. “The Young Master dislikes it when Ms. Xiao is too close to other men.”

“Break his leg!”

Behind him, the European man stepped forward.

His entire body comprised of muscle and was as solid as a rock. His physique was even better than a martial artist.

A martial artist would gain some fat in their middle age due to the metabolic processes of the human body, but this European did not.

He was wearing a singlet, and one could make out his muscles and abs from behind the fabric.

“I should introduce him. He’s a champion in the underground fighting pits overseas.” The Southeast Asian said coldly.

He had just finished speaking.

The European began to rapidly attack the tree next to him!

His fists were like lightning, his strength like a raging bull!


The tree’s trunk was a good half a meter thick, and the imprint of a fist could be seen on the bark!

Xiao Feifei trembled slightly, her face pale.

Ye Lingchen stood in front of Xiao Feifei, his face composed. His hands were clenched into fists as he stared down the two foreigners.

“Enough! I’ll accept these flowers, now go!”

Xiao Feifei had said this with supreme displeasure.

The two foreigners smiled and glared coldly at Ye Lingchen before getting back into the car.

“Count yourself lucky today. Next time…”

The Southeast Asian pointed at Ye Lingchen, before drawing his thumb across his neck, conveying his intentions!

“Who are they?” Ye Lingchen asked, his eyes narrowing, as the car disappeared from his view with a roar of its engines.

“They are Lu Hao’s minions, from the Lu Group.” Xiao Feifei said helplessly, exhaustion showing in her eyes.

“I’m sorry to drag you into this.” Xiao Feifei said apologetically.

“Ms. Feifei, you shouldn’t apologize. How many times have you helped me?” Ye Lingchen smiled apathetically. Following that, his face hardened slightly, “if you ever get into trouble, just let me know. I’ll let no one bully you!”

Xiao Feifei smiled bitterly in response.

The Lu Group was massive and omnipotent, what could Ye Lingchen do to help her?

This interruption left a subdued air among the cast.

Li Tai sighed. No matter the situation, the shareholders were the most important, and their capital was number one.

Those below them, no matter what, were just the playthings of that capital.

The next day.

Ye Lingchen woke up earlier than usual.

After his morning run, he practiced his Arhat Fist and Eight Extremities Fist for three sets before he stopped.

Recent events had made him realize the importance of power!

He desperately wanted to become stronger, stronger!

“Ye Lingchen!”

The sudden sound of a voice that carried pleasant surprise.

“It’s you?”

Ye Lingchen turned and appraised the young woman who was not too far away.

Lin Ruoyu wore a white shirt, light-colored jeans and white sneakers.

She looked as though she had rushed out the door.

She was unable to hide her expressions of haggardness and anxiety from her face.

“Was that you that night?” Lin Ruoyu rushed over, locking her eyes onto Ye Lingchen, her voice filled with urgency.

“What do you mean?” This sentence was loaded with meaning.

“That day, the person who saved my grandfather, was it you?” Lin Ruoyu was so anxious she very nearly shouted the question, her eyes turning red. “My grandfather is very sick and it’s getting worse. So was it you? Please, save my grandfather…”

Ye Lingchen could not help but think of the old man.

Even though they only met briefly, but that old man’s character had left a deep impression on him.

It was no wonder that for so many days, he had not seen the grandfather and his granddaughter practicing their martial arts together.

Strictly speaking, his Eight Extremities Fist was stolen from them.

“It must have been you right? I remember your eyes.” Lin Ruoyu was weeping, tears streaming from her eyes and down her face as she looked at Ye Lingchen, her anxiety clear.

Finally, Ye Lingchen took a deep breath, and simply said, “it was me!”

“It really was you?!”

Lin Ruoyu’s eyes widened, and she stopped crying, looking at Ye Lingchen steadily, “you said that you could cure my grandfather’s sickness, is that true?”

“It is.” Ye Lingchen nodded.

There were many benefits to studying medicine. Ye Lingchen had spent a lot of his free time learning about medicine and had already read through all the famous medical disciplines. He had already reached 90% proficiency in Chinese Medicine.

“Then follow me!”

Lin Ruoyu seemed as though she had seen her last hope, and she dragged Ye Lingchen with her.

Ye Lingchen did not protest, and called Xiao Feifei, easily obtaining a day’s leave.

There was a large lake in the center of the park, the water was clear to the bottom, and still.

Looking at the water of the lake, there was an elegant villa built in the center of the lake, with white walls and a red roof. It was a paragon of the elegance of Chinese traditional architecture, keeping with the traditions of elegance, simplicity, and luxury.

From the side of the lake, a white walkway built of marble led directly to the crimson door of the villa.

Apart from the villa, what would surprise one the most was that there were many luxury cars parked next to the lake.


A sudden shout, made Ye Lingchen and Lin Ruoyu stop right outside the villa!

“Ruoyu, who is he?”

Next to the main entrance, a youth looked menacingly at Ye Lingchen, his displeasure clear in his eyes.

Apart from him, there were others in the villa who were also looking at Ye Lingchen, their gazes hostile.

“His name is Ye Lingchen, he has a way to save grandad.” Lin Ruoyu’s tears had yet to dry, as she spoke.

The youth stepped forward, and stopped right in front of Ye Lingchen, speaking coldly, “I don’t care what you did to cheat Ruoyu, but the Lin Residence isn’t a place for you to spread your lies. I’ll give you one last chance, get lost!”

“Brother, he can save granddad!” Lin Ruoyu pleaded pathetically, “just give him a chance!”

“Ruoyu, be silent!”

From within the room, a middle-aged man had exclaimed, “how old are you, that you still bring outsiders to our home? When will you be more mature?”

“Dad, you have to believe me!” Lin Ruoyu pleaded urgently.

“Ruoyu, you are such a gullible child, you believe people too easily.” A lady shook her head as she spoke, “he’s clearly a conman! The old man’s body can’t take trivial exertions.”

“This fellow’s age isn’t too far from yours, if you think about it you know that he can’t possibly be that good.” another middle-aged man continued.

Another person looked at Lin Ruoyu’s father and spoke, “Shanhe, you’re always so busy outside, you should also take time to educate Ruoyu properly. Us Lins is a large family, with large businesses, and we’re always under scrutiny. If she keeps this up she’ll be used very easily!”

“Why can’t all of you just believe me for once, he really can save Granddad!” Lin Ruoyu was so agitated her face was flushed, her petite body trembling, “It’s been so many days, what else have all of you been doing other than sitting around? Why don’t you just let him try!”

“Ye Lingchen, don’t pay them any mind, I’ll bring you upstairs!”

Suddenly, the youth stepped forward and blocked off the door.

His gaze was icy and sharp as a knife, so pointed it hurt to look at.

“The Lin Family’s door isn’t easily entered!” the youth bellowed, “If you even dare to step foot into this door, I’ll break your leg!”

Ye Lingchen’s facial expressions did not change. He calmly stared down the youth for 3 seconds before smiling and lifting his right foot and stepped into the main entrance, his foot… touching the ground!

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