I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 554 - China’s Backbone

554 China’s Backbone

Rabies was a terrifying existence in the hearts of mankind, yet it was cured in merely 10 minutes?

However, when their eyes fell on the boy’s face, their skepticism was washed away and taken over by a look of wonder in their eyes.

He was obviously different from when he first entered the room. The boy’s seizures stopped and his breathing calmed down. Other than him being still unconscious, his face looked healthy and well.

“It seems he has really recovered.” The crowd swallowed hard as they muttered voices of disbelief.

Meanwhile, the doctor waiting outside the room quickly took some of the boy’s blood to be tested.

Very soon, the results were clear. He was fully cured!

[Holy sh*t! He’s cured! Just this act alone justifies Miracle Doctor Y’s name as a miracle doctor!]

[Previous post, if not for Miracle Doctor Y during the previous Wind-Heat Syndrome Flu outbreak, do you think you’ll still be alive?]

[Miracle Doctor Y is our public hero. I won’t submit to anyone apart from Miracle Doctor Y!]

[Bloody h*ll, rabies can be cured now. It’s not prevention, but a cure! This is a miracle in medicine!]

[Patent it! This is our country’s patent! Hot damn, we’ll make the foreigners jealous of us!]

[F*ck, wouldn’t this mean that our medical knowledge just went beyond other countries?! Awesome!]

Diseases were often connected to death and suffering, bringing great trouble to mankind. It involved everyone’s lives.

The entertainment that Ye Lingchen provided to others in the entertainment industry was not essential. On the other hand, medicine was something that could be considered a religious belief by people. It was something one could not ignore, regardless of age and gender!

The commotion it caused was inevitable.

From the moment the rabies patient was cured, a mere five minutes passed and all the mainstream media were already making this news viral, with Miracle Doctor Y taking over the trending search list.

Faced with this phenomenon, even a celebrity would not dare to voice any dissent. Instead, all of them showed their support for Miracle Doctor Y, seemingly trying to get on his good side.

After some time, Grandmaster Jiang and the others hurried over with another emergency patient with them.

“Miracle Doctor Y, the patient is here.” Grandmaster Jiang’s face was flushed and he was breathing heavily. He then said respectfully, “I didn’t expect Miracle Doctor Y to have cured a rabies patient in this short period of time. Sir, you’re really a capable person.”

“Miracle Doctor Y, please accept our humble worship!”

The other doctors had a look of admiration in their eyes as they greeted Ye Lingchen respectfully with a disciple’s greeting.

As a practitioner of medicine, they knew better than others the contribution Ye Lingchen brought to this world. Behind him, countless people would benefit from this.

Saving a life was better than grand deeds. Moreover, Ye Lingchen was saving countless lives. It would not be an exaggeration to call him a saint!

“Miracle Doctor Y, please save my grandfather.”

A young woman begged as she looked at Ye Lingchen with pleading eyes.

Apart from the young woman, there were five more middle-aged people; two young men, and another young woman around her.

Although they were not dressed extravagantly, they were still quite eye-catching. Each of them carried a hint of noble air around them, but they did not seem arrogant.

“Oh my god, is the patient Qin He? Specialist Qin?!” someone exclaimed within the crowd.

That had a ripple effect and it immediately brought along more astonished cries.

“It can’t be. Qin He shouldn’t be that skinny.”

“He does vaguely resemble Qin He.”

“How did Specialist Qin end up like this? How sad…”

“Sob sob sob. I feel like crying seeing Grandfather Qin like this.”

“I did not know that Specialist Qin was being treated in Capital Hospital all this while. The history books even had pictures of him when he was young.”

Be it at the scene or online, Specialist Qin’s appearance created a huge commotion, especially with the live streams. They were immediately flooded with comments of ‘Grandfather Qin.’

Qin He, China’s scientist!

At 18 years of age, he furthered his studies overseas. By 25, he rejected the high paying job overseas and returned to the country in order to contribute to China that was still falling behind at that time!

Overseas, his salary would have been one million each year. Returning to the country, his annual salary was only 10 thousand a year. The difference in treatment was like heaven and earth. Back in those times, China was very far behind.

However, he not only returned, he also brought back his technical expertise, spending the most difficult times with his motherland and helping China obtain multiple breakthroughs in the field of technology which helped give rise to newer and better technological products. Alongside that was the quick advancement of missile technology!

It could be said that it was people like him who helped China grow into a powerful country and provided its people with a quality life.

They were the backbone of China who supported a whole era!

Looking at the elderly man in the sickbed, Ye Lingchen could not help but feel growing respect.

This old man, once a dashing legend in the history books, was now a thin and frail figure with freckles all over his face. Age clearly left a heavy toll on his body.

“Are you sure you can save my grandfather?” Beside Qin He, a young man was looking at Ye Lingchen with a sharp gaze. “If you dare use my grandfather as some test subject, I won’t let you get away with it!”

“Little Yang! Shut your mouth!” bellowed the middle-aged man.

Right then, Qin He struggled weakly on the sickbed and was moving his lips.

“Dad, please speak.” The middle-aged man immediately leaned in close to listen.

The next moment, he raised his gaze and stared intently at Ye Lingchen, after which he took a deep breath. “My father just told me if anything were to happen during the treatment, nobody is to hold Miracle Doctor Y responsible. This is his own choice!”

Making such a statement in public was testament to Qin He’s dedication.

[As expected of Specialist Qin. He’s just as described in the history books.]

[He’s afraid of bringing trouble to Miracle Doctor Y. They’re both China’s pride!]

[Sob sob sob, I’m really crying.]

[On one side it’s Specialist Qin, the other is Miracle Doctor Y. I believe they won’t let me down.]

[What’s the sickness that Specialist Qin has? Can Miracle Doctor Y really cure it?]

[I truly wish for Grandfather Qin to recover. He’s been gone for three years. If Grandfather Qin was around in the past three years, our technology would’ve advanced much further.]

[Miracle Doctor Y, you must do your best. He’s akin to our national treasure. Oh heavens, please save him.]

“Miracle Doctor Y, Elder Qin has terminal stage stomach cancer. Is that treatable?” Grandmaster Jiang whispered to Ye Lingchen worriedly.

He was not too confident as well. Ye Lingchen had only told him to pass the untreatable cases to him. As for where the line was drawn, he had no clue.

Cancer was akin to bargaining with the god of death. It was a problem that the current society had no answer for.

“Yes.” Ye Lingchen nodded as he provided a simple answer.

“Miracle Doctor Y, it’s up to you now,” said the people by Qin He’s side.

He nodded at them. Following that, Qin He was pushed into the operating theatre right before their eyes…

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