I Am Loaded With Passive Skills

Chapter 1628 - 1628 Kneel Down! (4)

Chapter 1628 - 1628 Kneel Down! (4)

1628 Kneel Down! (4)

Even the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon had to lower its head and become that person’s mount.

Even the omnipotent Third Ancestor of the White Vein was pitifully obedient like a cat.

In that scene, he, Elder Han… No, he, Xiaohan, was just a background character. He was one of the Saint below. He only dared to steal a glance and didn’t even dare to fart.

“Calmed down already?”

“Calm down.”


“Can we talk properly now?”

“Yes! Definitely!”

With a clang, Xu Xiaoshou pulled away the The Four Pillars of Destiny Token, wiped it carefully, and put it away. “Then stand up and talk. It’s too embarrassing for a Demi-Saint to kneel. ”

When he saw Elder Han getting up obediently and stealing glances at him from time to time, Xu Xiaoshou’s expression remained calm. His heart, however was filled with mixed feelings.

This lousy command token was a little too useful!

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t know how to describe his current feelings.

It felt great!

However, it was not a complete pleasure.

Because Xu Xiaoshou understood that Elder Han was not in awe of him, but the person behind the command token- Bazhun’an.

Even so, Xu Xiaoshou had already taught too many people a lesson with this broken token.

Feng Yujin, Xuan Wuji, Elder Han…

All of them started from a Demi-Saint and peaked at the Holy Emperor.

Normal people wouldn’t even dare to do this in their daydreams. He had trained so many people just by relying on the order given by Bazhun’an.

One day…

Xu Xiaoshou swore that one day, he wouldn’t need this command token or disguise and would be able to show the face of the Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou.

He wanted to reach that stage too, to make people fear him!

“Brother… Brother Chen…”

“You’re acting like a woman. Call me Chen Tan, or whatever you called me before. Just pretend you don’t know what The Four Pillars of Destiny Token is.” Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

I dare to do it too!

Elder Han’s heart was filled with anxiety. He said timidly, “I… Uh, I have a question…”

“Do you still have to raise your hand and then go out and do the same thing and let the others see what’s happening?” Xu Xiaoshou cursed.

He saw that Elder Han was so afraid that he was not even as good as Xuan Wuji, so he directly poked the big ferret’s head.

“Do you even have a brain? I sensed that something was not quite right about your identity, so I revealed the identity of the White Vein’s Third Ancestor. Is this how you tested me?”

“You were spared… Uh, chased and killed? You can’t defeat him, so you ran out. You wanted to kill an ancient Swordsman when you met him? Are you sick or what? Have you been locked up in the inner island and became stupid? Don’t you know that in this era, the people you can’t afford to offend the most are the Ancient Swordsman?”

“To think that you’re an ice-type Demi-Saint. Oh, that there’s such a hot-tempered person in the ice-type… Ghost Beast? How could a brain that had been frozen be so impulsive? Have you thought about your mission? What did you come out for? For freedom? To kill?

For pleasure?”

Elder Han’s head was almost pierced. He pouted and did not dare to respond.

His eyes filled with tears. Suddenly, ice crystals fell from his eyes.


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

This fellow…

What the f*ck, are you crazy!

Are you crying?

You are a Demi-Saint!

You can’t even be compared to Patriarch Wuji at all. Even Xuan Wuji was not as lowly as you. Sometimes, he even dared to talk back.

How on earth did you get sent out on a mission like this?

“Chen… Kid, who are you?”

Elder Han cried for a while, then suddenly remembered that this fellow wasn’t Bazhun’an, but only had his command token. After he realized this, he quickly stopped crying and asked.

“Who are you to ask?”

When he saw that Elder Han could be bullied, Xu Xiaoshou immediately became even more arrogant. He said, “I’ll ask and you answer. If you dare to make up any more nonsense, I’ll kill you.”

“Oh… oh…”

“You came from the Inner Island of the Abyss Island?”


“Which lineage are you from?”

“There are no factions below the Lord. I… I, uh… I’m Bazhun’an’s Ghost Beast for eternity. I definitely have no second thoughts…”

“Bullsh* t! You don’t have to show your loyalty to me, I’m not Bazhun’an; just tell me, whose subordinate are you?”

“Third Ancestor of the White Vein, Divine Lord Qing Shi!”

“Is that so…”

Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes narrowed.

The Third Ancestor of the White Vein, Great Infernal Ancestor, Seven Trees Emperor and Divine Lord Qing Shi.

So, the thing Elder Han took out just now was Divine Lord Qing Shi’s supreme treasure bestowed by the Holy Emperor? A green stone…

“How many did he give you?” Xu Xiaoshou blinked.

“Don’t!” Elder Han was about to cry. He waved his hand submissively and rejected him. “This isn’t mine. It belongs to Divine Lord Qing Shi. He only let me borrow it. There’s only one piece. I can’t give it to you. It’s still of great use…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Elder Han’s aggrieved expression and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Damn it, with your fair, fat, and weak personality, wouldn’t you suffer critical attacks every day in the mental asylum on the Inner Island of the Abyss Island?

No wonder…

No wonder when we first met in the Hall of Unforgivable Crimes, you were a Demi-Saint without any airs.

No wonder you became so arrogant and irritable after the seal was broken. You’ve been suppressed for too long.

I’m really convinced!

As long as this Demi-Saint put on airs, Xu Xiaoshou wouldn’t dare to treat him in this manner.

However, compared to the Holy Emperor Fengtian and Patriarch Wuji who dared to think and kill, Elder Han seemed to be a cute little ferret.

After he saw the The Four Pillars of Destiny Token, he really couldn’t be tough anymore.

Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to scold him anymore. He was tired of scolding him.

“Tell me all the details of your mission.”

“This includes Divine Lord Qing Shi’s plan, all of your plans for the White Vein and the Black Vein in the inner island, as well as your accomplices…You’re definitely not on your own. You definitely have accomplices.”

“Tell me everything!”

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