I Am Loaded With Passive Skills

Chapter 1852 - 1852 Good Child, Be Obedient, Don't Resist... (3)

Chapter 1852 - 1852 Good Child, Be Obedient, Don't Resist... (3)

1852 Good Child, Be Obedient, Don’t Resist… (3)

Unfortunately, Number Two’s defense was too strong.

Although Fourth Sword and Flame Python could harm him, it did not mean that the spatial storm would have the same effect on him.

In this dark and turbulent flow, Number Two’s arm was like an anchored battleship, unaffected by the howling wind and relentless rain.

It was damaged.

But those injuries were likely caused by Saint Knee Marking Seed Technique.

“Destroy the arm and seize Situ Yongren. I can take another hostage.”

“No need to change players for this round, I can handle it and escape alive!”

Xu Xiaoshou’s mind was ablaze with an overwhelming desire, his eyes turned red as he drew his sword, ready to disable the disappearing state and strike at Number Two’s silver arm.

At this very instant, the information bar jumped, triggering a Spirit Awakening.

“Influenced, Passive Points +1.”

With a thud, Xu Xiaoshou’s heart seemed to skip a beat in response, but he immediately regained his composure.


“Yes, Lei Xi’er mentioned that the influence of the Blood World Pearl is still present here. Damn it, how could I be so impulsive?”

“Let alone Number Two, this emotional fluctuation could kill a person directly under the Blood World Pearl!”

“Damn the Five Decays of Heaven and Man…”

Xu Xiaoshou was filled with fear.

After settling his nerves, he immediately recalled something.

He had been playing cards with Number Two for so long, exchanging so much information. Did Number Two not have the time to take Situ Yongren away?

The severed arm and Situ Yongren were still here. It was definitely a trap!

“What a pity, I won’t fall for it.”

On the Zhen Huang Palace ruins, a cascade of ancient characters flashed before Number Two’s eyes, and a touch of regret crept into his sigh.

Number Two had no immediate solution to Xu Xiaoshou’s Vanishing Technique.

Therefore, he left a good card for Xu Xiaoshou, waiting for him to uncover it after using the Vanishing Technique.

It was a bomb card.

However, it seemed ineffective.

Xu Xiaoshou’s mind was razor-sharp. After he disappeared, he knew the formidable Divine Oracle could quickly decipher his Vanishing Technique. He would undoubtedly be pressed for time to find a way to survive.

If he failed to anticipate his opponent’s strategy of using Situ Yongren as bait, he did not deserve to be called Xu Xiaoshou.

And now, the bomb card that was Situ Yongren had not been flipped yet, proving himself to be every bit deserving of his reputation.

“The wisdom of a chess player!”

The ancient characters vanished before Number Two’s eyes; his gaze determined as he found a way to break the Vanishing Technique.

At the same time, Yu Lingdi’s voice echoed from within the bronze cauldron:

“Xu Xiaoshou’s Vanishing Technique can be countered by Law of Banishment under the principles of Space Order, gradually forcing him out.”

“Number Two, if you give the signal, I can pinpoint Xu Xiaoshou’s location. Once you force him to reveal his form, I can lend you a hand.”

“He wouldn’t be able to resist the overwhelming pressure of water-type Upanishad!”

Yu Lingdi gnashed his teeth in rage as if he wanted to tear Xu Xiaoshou apart.

He had finally condensed his body to the knee, and it would take some more time for his feet to form.

Xu Xiaoshou had undeniably dealt him a significant amount of damage this time!

He would never find peace until he exacted his revenge!

Number Two nodded lightly in silence.

He was undoubtedly aware of Yu Lingdi’s combat strength. Otherwise, he would not have engaged Xu Xiaoshou in fruitless negotiation in an attempt to buy time for Yu Lingdi’s resurrection.

Xu Xiaoshou missed the mark with his guess.

Although he did not consider Yu Lingdi in high esteem, his status was not much lower than that of the secondary plane door in the eyes of Number Two.

As the Spirit Division Chief, his ability to fight alone might not have yet surpassed that of a demi-saint or even Xu Xiaoshou.

He used to act alone because he wanted to prove that he was not inferior to his father.

The water-type Upanishad was not a main combat attribute after all!

So how could Yu Lingdi defend against the wild and chaotic assault from Xu Xiaoshou, who transformed into a giant at the drop of a hat?

Number Two could hardly withstand it either.

How could he catch up to Yu Mo and other Spiritual Cultivators who had cultivated the water attribute to the strongest combat level?

With the same talent, they had both cultivated the water-type Upanishad.

There were several decades between Yu Lingdi and the late Yu Mo. How could this gap be easily bridged?

But looking at it from a different perspective…

Yu Lingdi’s attribute, the Upanishad, was used for cooperation, while Number Two was responsible for execution. That was a perfect match!


Number Two had not taken action yet because the last words Xu Xiaoshou said before disappearing caught his attention.

“The Five Decays of Heaven and Man?”

Was it a curse or a title?

If it was a title, the person referred to as the Five Decays of Heaven and Man by Yama, with a higher void cultivation level and the inheritance of the Southern Region’s Golden Technique Sect… was not present in the Arena!

Number Two was convinced that if he could not sense its existence, then it simply did not exist.

Based on this inference, Xu Xiaoshou was deceiving people!

Just as Number Two was primed for an attack, his saint’s will detected the presence of an orange figure that had emerged not far away.

Number Two was startled and spun around.

There was indeed someone in the Arena, but he had not sensed it…

A variable?

The exact nature of the ability was still unclear to him!

But the cultivation level was definitely that of a demi-saint!


As Yu Lingdi turned around, the orange figure appeared in front of him like a phantom ghost.

“Someone is calling for me. Is it you?”

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man whispered, and the hoarse voice pierced into Yu Lingdi’s scalp.

A person materialized before Yu Lingdi’s face, gradually closing the distance, and his pupils constricted in fear!

As the eerie voice reached his ears, his pupils dilated!

At that moment, he wanted to shout, “It’s not me…”

But as his pupils contracted and dilated, three gray floral spots spun out of Yu Lingdi’s eyes, freezing his silent horror, and then flowed into his pupils, taking away endless terror.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man reached out and touched Yu Lingdi’s head.

“Good child, listen and obey… don’t resist…”

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