I Am Overlord

Chapter 15: I’m Very Hurt!

Chapter 15: I’m Very Hurt!

The Hall of Limits, Room One.

Inside, Xiang Shaoyun had just started running. With a weight of 500 kilograms of gravity, this was not just a simple matter of just running as he wished. Although he had somewhat adapted to the gravity inside the room, this did not mean he was a fish within water. On the contrary, with every step he took, he needed to use all his strength to resist the gravity within the room, making each step he took extremely strenuous.

One step under 500 kilograms of oppression. In terms of cultivation, one would normally need to be at least late-phase ninth-stage Basic Realm before being able to achieve such a feat. Today, however, Xiang Shaoyun was able to achieve this at merely sixth-stage Basic Realm, a stunning feat!

As Xiang Shaoyun revolved the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual, his internal energy also circulated, tempering his meridians and acupoints. Astral energy from his nine stars was being absorbed and released like an endless cycle, ensuring that he would always have sufficient energy.

Having been tempered with all sorts of high-tier medicines since young, Xiang Shaoyun’s body possessed a massive amount of power lying dormant within it. Yesterday, after he adapted to the 500 kilograms of gravity, his body had stopped unleashing more power. Now, as he was running under the same amount of pressure, energy started flowing from his body like water being squeezed out of a wet towel.

Although this amount of energy didn’t seem like a lot, to a Basic Realm cultivator it was more than sufficient to raise one’s strength considerably. Once again, Xiang Shaoyun was on the verge of breaking through to the seventh-stage Basic Realm, but he once again forcefully suppressed this energy. Furthermore, this energy did not flow into his natal chart but was forced into his 365 acupoints.

Xiang Shaoyun did this simply to strengthen his acupoints. When the time came, his natal chart and acupoints would be able to benefit each other, allowing the ancient technique to circulate even faster and increase his physical strength.

With him now cultivating the Rushing Qi Fist as well as the Gale Winds Kick, he first and foremost needed to raise his physical capabilities. To do so, strengthening his acupoints was one of the most effective means available to him. This was a method he had acquired from an ancient cultivation text.

An hour later, Xiang Shaoyun was even more acclimated to the gravitational force within the room, and he slowly grew faster as he continued to run.

“The Hall of Limits isn’t bad at all. It lets me raise my strength more quickly! But this isn’t enough! According to the records of an ancient text, there have been instances of first-stage Basic Realm cultivators who’ve been able to easily lift massive 500-kilogram stones! Nobody can compare with those absolutely disgusting freaks! I need to look to them if I want to grow faster!”

After sorting through his thoughts, Xiang Shaoyun renewed his fighting spirit. His body ran more quickly than before, squeezing out even more latent potential within him. As he was working hard within the Hall of Limits, on the outside, numerous outer court disciples gathered. The disciples all seemed to be waiting for some huge event to occur.

“A little more than an hour has passed; why hasn’t Xiang Shaoyun come out yet?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Look at how relaxed the overseer is resting there! Do you think he has any intention of letting Xiang Shaoyun out?”

“Hey, do you think Xiang Shaoyun has already died inside?”

“It’s a possibility. Once you enter the Hall of Limits, your life and death are both in question.”

Within the blink of an eye, two hours passed. The outer court disciples who were initially waiting outside started leaving, aside from a small portion who were still waiting for the final conclusion. After four hours, nobody was left. Nobody thought that there was any more possibility of Xiang Shaoyun coming out of the Hall of Limits.

Eight hours after he first went in, Xiang Shaoyun finally exited the Hall of Limits.

“Brat, you’re amazing! It seems like you’ll be able to challenge the second room very soon!” The old overseer could not help but praise Xiang Shaoyun.

“I will. From now on, the Hall of Limits will be this Xiang Shaoyun’s primary training ground!” Xiang Shaoyun answered, full of confidence. He had reaped quite a fair bit of gain from the eight hours in the Hall of Limits.

“Brat, don’t be so full of yourself. The Hall of Limits isn’t so easy to withstand,” the old deacon replied.

“Just because it isn’t easy for others doesn’t mean that it’ll pose a challenge to this young master,” Xiang Shaoyun replied, still full of confidence. After pausing for a while, he asked again, “Great Deacon, quickly give me my points! I still have things to take care of!”

Laughing, the old overseer explained, “Heh heh, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to get any points this time around. You can only gain points once for every room you successfully clear. You cleared the first room with ease yesterday, so I’ve already given you twice the normal amount of points! If you want to earn even more points, you’ll have to successfully challenge the second room!”

“Che, how petty. You just wait! This young master will challenge the second room in a few days’ time!” Xiang Shaoyun replied, completely unsatisfied.

After finishing, he quickly ran to the outer court. At the time, his speed had increased several times over. It would be hard for even seventh- and eighth-stage cultivators to keep up with him. Being able to withstand 500 kilograms of gravity was strength akin to a ninth-stage cultivator. This was to say that in terms of speed and physical strength, Xiang Shaoyun would be able to compete with regular ninth-stage Basic Realm cultivators.

“Wu Mingliang, this young master has come out. Seven days later, we’ll meet in the arena!” Xiang Shaoyun shouted at the top of his lungs upon reaching the outer court. He initially thought he would become the center of attention once everybody caught notice of him, letting the other disciples know just how amazing he truly was. Sadly, the outer court was completely devoid of people. Who on earth would hear him?

Hitting himself on the forehead, Xiang Shaoyun could not help but lament, “Dammit, it’s time to fight for food. They’ve all gone to the canteen!”

He then proceeded to rush to the canteen where he once again shouted, “Wu Mingliang, this young master has come out. Seven days later, we’ll meet in the arena!”

This time, however, simply nobody bothered to look at him. Everybody was busy fighting for food. Filling one’s stomach was more important than Xiang Shaoyun’s heaven-defying act.

This scene deeply hurt Xiang Shaoyun’s feelings. He thought he’d be able to hold his head up high! Never did he think that he would be completely ignored by everybody else.

“Brother, you actually managed to survive the Hall of Limits?” At that moment, Xia Liuhui’s surprised voice could be heard.

Taking a look at the unloyal bastard, Xiang Shaoyun replied spiritedly, “But of course. This young master is talented in all forms of martial prowess; just a mere Hall of Limits is unable to stop me!”

“Amazing, amazing!” Xia Liuhui superfluously praised Xiang Shaoyun before softly saying to him, “With the backing of Elder Zi, how would the Hall of Limits’ overseer dare to make trouble for you? In the future, you are my boss! I, Xia Liuhui, am at your service!”

Xiang Shaoyun’s face darkened. He really detested this unloyal bastard who had chosen to not believe his words.

Changing the topic, Xiang Shaoyun asked, “Where is Wu Mingliang?”

“Why are you looking for him? You can’t be seriously thinking of challenging him, right?” Xia Liuhui quietly whispered as he looked around in all four directions.

“Of course I was being serious! Do you think I’d bother joking around with him?!” Xiang Shaoyun answered at once.

“Wu Mingliang is top 10 among the outer court disciples in terms of combat prowess! He’s already at ninth-stage Basic Realm, supposedly at the middle phase, tethering the border of late phase! At that time, with his accomplishments, he’s bound to enter the Astral Realm! I even hear that he’s been taken note of by the thirteenth elder, Li Xuemeng! The moment he enters the Astral Realm, he’ll be taken in as a personal disciple!” Xia Liuhui quickly reminded him. After a short pause, he added, “He’s also the seventh child of Wu Town’s head.”

“So what if that’s the case? This young master is still half an elder!” Xiang Shaoyun replied without hesitation.

“Okay, then. I heard that Wu Mingliang went out today.”

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