I Am Overlord

Chapter 1653: North Illusionary Sea

Chapter 1653: North Illusionary Sea

The North Illusionary Sea was located at the extreme north of the dominion. Although it was located to the north like the Northern Border, a vast ocean separated the two regions. To the extreme north of the Northern Border itself was a series of islands. That was the place known as the North Illusionary Sea.

That place was extremely cold, a place no regular person could survive at. Countless aquatic demonic beasts resided there, and even a Saint would risk turning into beast fodder upon stepping foot there.

It was rumored that within the North Illusionary Sea was the fabled seven-colored fantastical spring, a top-tier god-grade spring. A drink from this spring would grant one a seven-point discerning heart, which would give one the ability to sense the thoughts of others. There was no doubt that the spring was a heaven-defying existence.

The ability to read thoughts would definitely be far scarier than any sort of eye technique in existence. That was an ability that would reveal all secrets. It was said that during the times of antiquity, someone had once obtained some water from the spring. That person had a villainous heart and used their newfound ability for evil. Ultimately, they were hunted down by the numerous experts of humanity.

Of course, nobody knew if the stories were true. Nevertheless, the legends had still attracted countless experts to the North Illusionary Sea in search of the fabled seven-colored fantastical spring. Unfortunately, nobody had ever found it.

The spring was not the only thing the North Illusionary Sea had. There were also other divine treasures there, treasures that could drive anyone crazy.

Even with Xiang Shaoyun and Little White's speed, they took an entire month to reach the endless sea near the North Illusionary Sea. One could only imagine how far they had traveled. Upon reaching there, a familiar sensation welled in Xiang Shaoyun's heart as he muttered, "I seem to have come here before?"

"Is that so? Sure enough, you're someone who is rich in both knowledge and experience, boss," said Little White.

Xiang Shaoyun sank into thought. Suddenly, something clicked in his mind as he exclaimed, "It's the Deep Tidalwave zone of the academy!"

The Dragon Phoenix Academy had several unique cultivation zones, including the Deep Tidalwave. Back then, Xiang Shaoyun had traveled here with Han Chenfei and company for a training trip. He had even helped them gain the energy of extreme chill. At that time, he nearly lost his life due to a terrifying black tortoise in the sea. He had nearly gotten himself completely frozen over by a single breath from that tortoise.

There was also an ice coffin in this same sea. Within the coffin was an absolute beauty. Scenes of the past flashed past Xiang Shaoyun's mind, putting him in a gloomy mood as he thought, Ouyang, Chenfei, may you rest in peace.

The two were his close friends, and they had both perished at the ancient battlefield. He felt responsible for their deaths. If he had not been so stubborn and had kept everyone in his astral cosmos sea early on, none of them would have died. However, he had allowed them to join the bitter battle in order to temper them. Ultimately, they had perished one after another.

Little White took out a hide with odd markings on it. After studying the hide for a bit, he pointed ahead, "That is probably where we're going. Let's go, boss."

Xiang Shaoyun did not say anything and followed Little White as they flew above the sea. The sea was far from calm. Terrifying tsunamis would rise every now and then, and there were also the occasional aquatic beasts leaping out of the water toward them. The two would have no way of traversing the place if they were any weaker.

There are quite a lot of treasures at the seabed here. It's a pity I'm in no mood to gather them up, thought Xiang Shaoyun to himself.

Right that moment, yet another tsunami rose up and swept toward them with a might that not even Saints could withstand. Just as the two were about to tear a passage through the tsunami, they saw a ship amid the raging storm. Some Saints were on the ship, bitterly resisting the tsunami.

"The repulsive tsunami is here yet again! We need to protect her highness! We can't allow anything to happen to her!" shouted an old man who looked about 50 to 60 years old.

He was a fifth-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator, the strongest cultivator on the ship. Apart from him, there were about eight other Saints of different stages on the ship. All of them were working together to resist the tsunami.

With their strength, a regular tsunami would not be able to harm them. However, the tsunami they were facing was too scary. Not even their energy blasts could do anything to the all-consuming wave before them.

"Everyone, move aside! I'll take out the great saint weapon and destroy this tsunami!" roared the old man.

His name was Weili Hanyi, an expert from one of the islands in the North Illusionary Sea. He had left the island for an important mission only to encounter such a terrifying tsunami on his way back from the mission.

A sparkling saber appeared in his hand. From the energy the saber radiated, it was clearly a weapon of the great saint grade. Weili Hanyi lifted the saber and swung it with all his strength. The burst of an icy ray sliced through the air, instantly freezing the tsunami. At this time, a young lady about 14 to 15 years old walked out of the cabin. With an anxious look, she looked at her warriors with tears in her big, beautiful eyes.

"Dear heavens, please give them your blessings and keep them safe," pleaded the young lady as she brought her palms together with a look of extreme kindness on her face.

Under the cooperation of Weili Hanyi and the other ice cultivators, they were finally able to fully freeze the tsunami. They had escaped a calamity.

"Finally, it stopped," said Weili Hanyi weakly.

That slash had exhausted almost all his strength. If that attack had failed to stop the tsunami, that was probably it for them. In this sea, one shouldn't lightly take to the air, as the aquatic beasts would view it as a provocation. Any flier would receive constant attacks. If not for that, they would have long abandoned their ship and traveled through flight.

"Princess Yana, why did you leave the cabin? Where are the maids? Are they all dead?" questioned Weili Hanyi furiously.

The young lady called Yana mustered a pitiful expression as she declared, "I was the one who insisted on coming out! This has nothing to do with them!"

"Princess Yana, you have a weak constitution. Please get back into the cabin. Let us deal with things out here," said Weili Hanyi.

Right this moment, cracks appeared on the frozen tsunami. Once again, a terrifying force crashed down upon them.

"This is bad! The tsunami has broken through the ice energy! We won't be able to do anything in time!" exclaimed a Saint in alarm.

Once again, Weili Hanyi lifted his saber. Unfortunately, a sense of weakness gripped him, making it impossible for him to do anything. "Damn it! Princess Yana, come, we need to leave first!"

Since he could no longer protect the ship and the others, his only choice was to leave with Weili Yana. Right this moment, a figure appeared between them and the tsunami. Noiselessly, the tsunami came to an abrupt halt.

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