I Am Overlord

Chapter 1833

Chapter 1833: Overlord's Hegemony

Ge Yi, a man who had fought against the aliens since ancient times. He had lost his eyes during the ancient war, yet he had relied on his willpower alone to cultivate divine dao eyes, gaining enough strength to stand at the peak of existence. For the dominion, he had sacrificed everything, including his life. However, who would remember all that he had done?

For Xiang Shaoyun, Ge Yi wasn't someone whom he had spent a lot of time with. However, his lessons with Ge Yi had benefited him endlessly. Furthermore, by going deep into the Devil Domain for his sake, handing the wolf guards to him, and leaving the remaining world root essence to him, Ge Yi had done all that a master should do.

Xiang Shaoyun could only watch as his master died. He felt as if his heart was being cut with a sharp blade. No word could describe the grief he felt. He went through the six paths, saw through his past and current lives, and experienced all a human would experience. Finally, he felt the sensation of having encountered Reincarnation.

The nine rivers of stars coiling around him like dragons were torn apart like broken chains. The broken pieces reformed into a brand of Reincarnation. Additionally, he also had a brand in his soul and another brand in his astral cosmos sea, representing the power of his three lives.

Seated amid the brand of Reincarnation, his soul was sparkling and translucent. It looked much more corporeal than before, and it was as pure as a newborn baby. The brand in his astral cosmos sea spun like the sun and the moon, creating a distinct cycle of day and night. New primal inception energy was being produced incessantly, forming a majestic volume of energy to nourish all living beings in the astral cosmos sea.

The divine primal chaos lotus and divine discerning tree, which were almost exhausted of energy, received the sudden nourishment. They grew lush and were filled with life once again. Their energy returned to their original levels.

Everyone in the astral cosmos sea was overjoyed. After absorbing the surging energy around them, they broke through repeatedly. This was truly an auspicious day. Nobody knew what was happening. In fact, most of them only knew this place as a mystical domain where primal inception energy existed. Primal inception energy was the mother of all energy, an energy anyone would dream about obtaining.

Xiang Shaoyun had just reached the Nine Revolutions Realm a while ago, and he was once again breaking through—this time, into the Reincarnation Realm. His speed was heaven-defying. It was during that moment that the Primal Chaos Star Locking Formation finally broke under the assault of the six undefeatable experts.

"Ming Dao, it doesn't matter if that kid is one of yours. Even if he is, we need to first give him a beating," said Mo Busi.

"We'll see. I have an odd feeling. I thought you said there was a planet here? Why is there nothing at all?" said Ming Dao with a nod.

"Look! That kid is absorbing the energy here. H-he's entering that realm!" Tian Yan cried out in alarm.

"No, we can't allow him to take that step, or he'll turn into a dangerous enemy!" Long Wusheng roared and was the first to attack.

The dragon-shaped fist smashed through space, instantly reaching Xiang Shaoyun. Xiang Shaoyun seemed to still be immersed in his breakthrough, completely oblivious to his surroundings. The punch struck, sending him flying far away. Long Wusheng did not stop. He punched 81 punches in a row, each punch powerful enough to destroy a river of stars. He was determined to ravage and kill Xiang Shaoyun.

Rumble! Rumble!

Dragon-shaped energy streaked through the area, creating numerous terrifying explosions.

Just as Long Wusheng was about to sigh in relief, Xiang Shaoyun's voice rang out, "Are you done? It's your turn to take a punch from me."

A fist broke through space itself and streaked toward Long Wusheng. The punch was shrouded in nine colors. It was a simple straight punch, but its might and momentum seemed unstoppable.

Long Wusheng raised his brow and met the punch head on. But the moment his fist met Xiang Shaoyun's fist, his fist energy crumbled. Before he could pull his arm back, it snapped.

"So strong!" exclaimed Long Wusheng in alarm when he felt how strong Xiang Shaoyun was.

Stepping on nothingness, Xiang Shaoyun strode forth, gazing at the six undefeatable experts with sharp eyes. "All of you deserve death!"

Even after entering the Reincarnation Realm, the hatred in his heart remained. His sole wish at the moment was to kill the six before him to avenge his master.

"Kid, do you have the blood of my race in your body?" asked Ming Dao.

His answer came in the form of a punch. Primal inception energy formed a fist with surging fist intent that clearly demonstrated Xiang Shaoyun's desire to kill them all.

Screw the Imperial Nether Clan!

Xiang Shaoyun no longer cared about bloodline. After reaching such a height in cultivation, his blood had long evolved. His current bloodline was one that was unique only to himself. Regardless of whether he was a human or an imperial nether devil, he no longer cared about those chains from the past.

Ming Dao's palm was smashed apart. The punch continued onward, ultimately punching half his body into pulp. With a flicker, Xiang Shaoyun approached Ming Dao and unleashed a storm of attacks. His power of reincarnation gained from three lifetimes was overwhelming and powerful, forcing Ming Dao to use all his strength.

"Why is he so freakishly strong when he has just broken through? This is impossible!" exclaimed Ming Dao in alarm as he clawed repeatedly forward.

"Let's attack together. This kid is too strange," said Long Wusheng, finally letting go of his pride.

The others also felt Xiang Shaoyun's aura, which was much stronger than theirs. Furthermore, this was the first time they had ever witnessed primal inception energy being used in combat. It seemed unstoppable. If they didn't work together, they might be killed one after another.

Imperial Nether Domain, a myriad of chaotic devilish claws tore forth.

Heavenly Dragon's Roar, punching a hole through the heavens.

Undying Devil Body, a dance of devil and ice.

Heavenly Soul Stream, countless soul-severing slashes.

Phantasma Illusory God, putting all living beings in a trance.

Annihilating Mountains and Erasing Rivers, devouring heaven and earth.

The six undefeatable experts unleashed numerous different techniques and abilities, flooding the area with countless different powers, creating a dazzling scene akin to fireworks blooming again and again in the boundless universe.

"All of you deserve death!" The scenes of his master's death flickered in Xiang Shaoyun's mind yet again. Scenes of the dominion breaking apart piece by piece, the alien invasion, and the death of so many humans flickered past his mind. A price of blood needed to be paid.

Reincarnation of Three Lives, Primal Inception World Destroyer!

Xiang Shaoyun held the Primal Inception Saber in his hand. Along with his breakthrough, his saber had also become a reincarnation weapon capable of perfectly displaying his strength. One slash to sever the karma of three lives. One slash to sever the passage of time. One slash to sever the universe and all living things. One slash to sever the starry sky and a river of stars. One slash to sever the six paths. One slash to attain Reincarnation.

The boundless universe was filled with indescribable, endless nine-colored saber rays. The devilish claws, draconic fists, ice spears, soul blades, illusions, and devouring power were all crushed.

The universe itself turned bleak.

The fight continued for an indeterminate amount of time. It was as though only three days had passed, but it was also as though an entire era had passed. Ultimately, only a boundless nine-colored saber ray remained. The ray shot toward the distant Myriad Planet Field, instantly destroying several high-tier planets. A nine-colored lotus bloomed, absorbing the power of countless planets. All living beings in the Myriad Planet Field trembled in fear.

A youth appeared out of thin air. A nine-colored saber rested upon his shoulder as he leisurely walked out of the void, one step at a time. He shone resplendently, as though he was the sun and the moon.

An overbearing voice rang out in the busy Myriad Planet Field, "The experts of the Myriad Planet Field are nothing special, it seems."

Before long, a planet of the highest tier named Planet Overlord appeared at the very center of the Myriad Planet Field. It became the first planet of the Myriad Planet Field and was worshiped by the myriad races.

The Overlord proclaimed his hegemony, and humanity flourished.

The end.

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