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Chapter 1427 - Zhang Ye's two demands!

Chapter 1427: Zhang Ye’s two demands!

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In the hotel.


The elevator came to a stop with a ding.

There was the occasional chatter from the nearby Japanese guests.

“Did you read the magazines?”

“I read them.”

“Haha, the hotel president really dares to speak out.”

“I like him.”

“Me too, that’s why I chose to stay at this place.”

“Yeah, many others also think the same.”

“To dare to say such things, I hope that the hotel president will continue to stand firm in his views.”

“Yeah, many organizations and people in the country have sent in words of support too.”

“The Asakusa Hotel is going to become so popular.”

In the past, Zhang Ye would definitely not understand any of these conversations. However, after “eating” the Japanese Language Skill Experience Books, he could even understand accented Japanese. He smiled as he dragged his luggage along and found his room. There, he unlocked the door.

He swept his eyes over the place. This hotel’s layout was similar to the average star hotels back at home. The decorations were more or less the same, except it was a little small. Although he had booked a larger suite, the space still felt rather cramped. He wasn’t picky about it though. He closed the door behind him and placed his luggage aside. Then he started wandering through the suite.

The bathroom.

The living room.

The bedroom.

Finally, at a very conspicuous spot on the nightstand, Zhang Ye saw a book. He bent over to pick it up and casually flipped through a few pages of it—this was it.

The content was ugly.

A bunch of nonsense.

After Zhang Ye verified this, he went over to sort out his luggage.

Towel, clothes, shoes, he took them out one at a time.

Throughout it all, he was just like any other guest who checked into a hotel. In fact, he was even more normal than the average hotel guest!

Across the sea.

In China.

At this moment, a great disturbance was stirring!

“Asakusa Hotel president makes another snide comment!”

“Many Japanese government officials express their support!”

“The Japanese citizens send out thousands and thousands of support letters!”

“The latest update: Zhang Ye checks into the Asakusa Hotel!”

“Zhang Ye travels to Japan and stays at the problematic hotel!”

“Reporters at the scene send in their reports: The person’s identity has been verified as Zhang Ye!”

“Why did Zhang Ye choose to stay there at this time?”

When the news came out, an uproar burst in China!

Zhang Ye’s cell phone immediately exploded with calls!

His mother called!

“Mom, I’ve arrived. I’ve disembarked from the plane and checked in to my hotel already. Haha, I forgot to inform you.”

“Where are you staying?”


“Are you staying at the Asakusa Hotel?”

“Eh, your news is quite up-to-date?”

“Up-to-date my ass! It’s all over the news in China!”


“Why are you staying there! I was reminding you a few hours ago not to get into any trouble, but look at you now! You immediately came up with this stunt the moment you arrived?”

Zhang Xia called!

“Grandma Zhang.”

“What are you trying to do?”

“Haha, nothing at all.”

“If it’s nothing, then why are you staying at the Asakusa Hotel? That place is the source of all current trouble. Aren’t you trying to invite gossip by staying there right now?”

“It’ll be fine.”

“Oh you, you’re too bold.”

Ning Lan called!

“Old Ning, what’s the matter?”

“Quickly check out now!”

“I only just checked in. Why would I check out?”

“Didn’t you see the news before you went over?”

“I did.”

“Then why do you still dare to stay there?”

“Haha, why can’t I stay here?”

Xu Meilan called!

“Zhang’er, what are you up to?”

“I’m not up to anything.”

“Everyone is calling for a boycott of the hotel, yet you still stayed there? Was it a booking by the charity association? Couldn’t you have just canceled it? And book another place yourself?!”

“That’s too troublesome.”


The Koreans began scolding as well.

Voices of denouncement resounded all over the Internet against Zhang Ye.

“That idiot!”

“Why did he still stay there?”

“This is pissing me off!”

“What is he trying to do?”

“It’s blown up over in China too. The celebrities there are all stepping forward to call for a boycott and expressing their stand, but he’s the only one who didn’t do so? And he even stayed there?”

“*faints* What a dipshit!”

The Chinese netizens were also rather speechless!

“Teacher Zhang, your sister!”

“What has gotten into Lord Zhang this time?”

“Who knows? That fellow often relapses into fits like this every once in a while!”

“I really have to take my hat off to Zhang Ye. How does he always manage to get into all this trouble?”

“Can you not take your hat off to him? At a time like this, which Chinese celebrity wouldn’t avoid that place like plague? But for him, not only does he not avoid the place, he’s even stepping right through their doors? And took up occupancy as well?”

“Zhang Ye has never done things according to common sense.”

“But this is still too illogical. What is he trying to achieve by staying there?”

“When it comes to causing trouble, if Zhang Ye claims that he is number two, no one would fucking dare to say that they’re number one. He only just caused a ruckus over in Korea, but he’s already making the news in Japan? He really can’t settle down peacefully wherever he goes! This fellow is a born troublemaker. The entire world is in chaos all because of him!”

“Teacher Zhang, please stop messing around!”

“Teacher Zhang, your grandpa!”

“Hurry up and check out of there. We can still get along after that!”

No one knew what Zhang Ye was trying to do!

No one knew what he was playing at!

Even Zhang Ye’s relatives and friends were stunned when they heard about this. They all knew that this was not somebody else but Zhang Ye they were talking about. He was a nationalistic young man who often fought with others every other day and could start a mess from nothing. Further, it was such a big incident this time, yet? Zhang Ye didn’t even say a single word or scold anyone on the Internet, nor did he take to calling out the other party. In fact, he even went there to stay at the hotel. This was too abnormal. This was too illogical. Surely this fellow wasn’t planning to kick up some earth-shattering trouble, was he?


The Asakusa Hotel.

In the cafeteria on the second floor.

A lot of Japanese people were eating. The hotel’s president dropped by at this moment, and a group of people were looking at him with smiles while making conversation with him.

“President, we support you!”

“Well done!”

“Right, you must stand firm on this!”

“We’ll be cheering you on!”

“You’re a national hero!”

They even went as far as calling him a national hero.

There was even a spring in the president’s footsteps.

At this moment, a young man came strolling into the cafeteria. He found a spot and took a seat, then ordered and ate his meal.

Everyone noticed him.

“Doesn’t that guy look familiar?”

“Could he be Zhang Ye?”

“Damn, it’s really him!”

“What? He actually dares to stay here?”

“What on earth is going on? Why is he here?”

They were all stunned!

The president looked at Zhang Ye and was prepared to ignore him. He continued chatting with everyone else as he went from table to table. But when he passed Zhang Ye’s table, a line in Japanese astonished him and stopped him in his tracks!

Zhang Ye did not raise his head. “There are two things.”

The president was so shocked his jaw dropped. “You can speak Japanese?”

Zhang Ye took a bite of his food and chewed as he spoke, “First, destroy all of the problematic reading material.”

The president’s face sank.

Zhang Ye took another bite. “Second, make a public apology.”

The president looked at him with a dark expression.

Only then did Zhang Ye look up with a smile. “Simple, right?”

The president sneered and said, “Impossible!”

But Zhang Ye calmly said, “Consider it. I’ll give you a day’s time. If I don’t see any response by the deadline, you’ll be responsible for the consequences.”


What consequences can there be!

You’re even giving me a day’s time?

Who do you think you are!

The president was not having any of it. The Japanese celebrities only cared about Zhang Ye because they were artists too, because they were interested in developing their careers in the Chinese market. But their hotel had no plans to expand into China, so what was the use of threatening him? Do you think I’m afraid of you? Do you think you’re someone important?! And besides, shouldn’t you know where you are right now? This is not China! This is not your territory! This is Japan! This is the Asakusa Hotel!

The president stared daggers and said, “Well, I’ll be waiting then!”

Zhang Ye glanced at him. “I personally suggest that you think about this carefully first.”

The president found it ridiculous. “There’s no need to!”

Zhang Ye smiled and went back to eating. “Alright then.”

Nobody heard the conversation between the two of them. Everyone else only saw the two of them talking about something.

After the meal, Zhang Ye wiped his mouth and slipped out of the cafeteria. He took the elevator and returned upstairs.

Why did he come to the Asakusa Hotel?

Of course he wasn’t here to travel.

Not scolding anyone?

Not saying a word?

Not expressing his stand?

That was because Zhang Ye did not have to do any of that!

Because he had always been one to let his actions speak for themselves!

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