I am Really a Superstar

Chapter 1525 - What kind of playstyle is this?

Chapter 1525: What kind of playstyle is this?

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At the beach.

In the villa.

Zhang Ye sneezed twice in a row. “Hey, who’s thinking of me?”

His mother said anxiously, “Don’t overrate yourself. Hurry up and get ready. The live broadcast is about to begin.”

His father also cared greatly about this matter. “Hurry up, all of Asia has their eyes on this game.”

“I know,” Zhang Ye said with a smile.

At this moment, Sisi brought over a slice of watermelon. “Daddy, this is for you.”

Zhang Ye felt very happy. “Thanks, my dear.”

His mother said, “Alright, Sisi, let your Daddy concentrate on his game. Let’s leave the room.”

Sisi nodded.

Zhang Ye called out to her. “Give Daddy a kiss before you go.”

Sisi acknowledged and kissed Zhang Ye’s face in embarrassment.

Zhang Ye smugly held out his face. “Another one.”

Sisi hesitated for a moment before planting another kiss onto his face.

His mother said angrily, “Aiyo, kid, do you not know when to be anxious about something?”

Zhang Ye chuckled and said, “I’ve already waited for three years. Would I care about waiting a little longer?”

Finally, Zhang Ye booted on the computer without any sense of urgency. The room he was in was the best spot in the villa. It faced the sun, and there was a view of the sea as well. Cracking open the window, the sea breeze could blow in, which made the room’s temperature just right while filling it with the salty smell of the sea. Munching on the watermelon that his daughter had brought him, Zhang Ye narrowed his eyes and felt very refreshed. He was in the best shape.

His parents brought his daughter into the living room.

Wu Zeqing had already turned the television on.

The live broadcast had already started.

The guest commentator Central TV had invited turned out to be 9-dan Xiang Rong, the former world number one in Go.

The host said, “Oh, we can see that HEOR’s account has logged on. Yes, HEOR has finally appeared. He has now entered PeterGo’s competition zone. Due to the official restrictions put in place, only HEOR is allowed to enter PeterGo’s competition zone. Although HEOR didn’t give any word after yesterday’s game, he has still appeared right on time at 10 AM today. He will now continue the match against PeterGo from yesterday!” Turning around, the host asked, “Teacher Xiang, do you have any clue as to who this person might be?”

Xiang Rong shook his head. “I can’t put a finger on it either.”

“Even you do not have any idea of who it might be?”

Xiang Rong smiled. “If I don’t see him playing, I can’t make any guesses.”

“Every player has their own playstyle, and that’s something that cannot be hidden. I believe that in the process of the game, Teacher Xiang will be able to notice some clues leading to HEOR’s identity.”

Xiang Rong said, “That’s right.”

“Alright then, the second game is about to begin.”

In the Online Go Server.

The chat was blowing up.

“HEOR, you can do it!”

“God HEOR, come on!”

“Fuck Peter!”

“Humanity will prevail!”

Tens of millions of people were watching online!

Wave after wave of cheers rang out!

That audience, that reception—it was overwhelming!

At China Qiyuan.

Li Yi shouted, “It’s starting!”

Hu Liang yelled, “HEOR has finally shown up!”

Wu Changhe stared at the big screen. “Quickly make your move. Let me see who you really are.”




The game began.

HEOR was to go first with the black stones.

At his computer, Zhang Ye banged on the table in delight. He had used up most of the tricks he had yesterday, so he didn’t think that there would be anything interesting left to play. This was also the reason Zhang Ye had not thought beforehand about how he would take on his old rival today.

The Cosmic Flow?

The Chinese Opening 1 ?

Play a few complex josekis?

Or try out a few unconventional openings?

A moment later, Zhang Ye shrugged and placed his first stone with the mouse.

At Central TV.

The host said excitedly, “He has placed his stone. After nearly two minutes of consideration, HEOR has played his first black stone. Teacher Xiang, what do you make of this?”

Xiang Rong remarked, “At least it shows that HEOR isn’t another AI.”


Xiang Rong said, “There were rumors that HEOR was an AI made by another American company to play Go, possibly why Peter was defeated during yesterday’s match. But from the looks of it, this rumor has clearly been refuted. If it were an AI, it wouldn’t have taken so long to think of its move under the circumstances of having no stones on the board or any opening of any kind. HEOR is definitely human, and based on my deduction, he’s a player with a very good mentality too.”

The host asked, “Why is that?”

Xiang Rong said, “During the first game yesterday, they completed the guessing of stones to decide who would go first. If it were me, or even any other professional Go player, we would’ve gone back and pondered what opening strategies to play in today’s game and what tactics to use. We would have planned out our strategy beforehand. However, HEOR didn’t do that. The time that he used to consider his move shows that he hasn’t made any preparation at all, and that his move was decided spontaneously.”


Chen Niannian yelled, “Why did he take so long for the first move?”

Tian Weiwei said in a speechless manner, “Has he not planned this out at all?”

Chen Ying facepalmed and said, “What on earth is this fellow trying to pull!”

Chen Qiqi said, “This person can only be a grandmaster or a noob. This game is against the best AI in the world, so how can he be so casual about it!”

Beside them, a female professional Go player said, “Does this HEOR not understand the situation?”

Chen Niannian pointed at the screen and said, “He’s placed another stone!”

Everyone looked and was a little stunned to see this move.

At Central TV.

Xiang Rong was also slightly taken aback.

The host quickly said, “About this opening—”

Xiang Rong fell silent for a moment before saying, “HEOR has played on a star point.”

A star point?

Just the sound of it was impressive!

The host did not really understand Go, so he immediately said in anticipation, “What style of play is this?”

“…There’s no such style.”

The host’s eyes gleamed. “Is this a new opening?”


“Are there complex variations that can be derived from this move?”

“It’s not complex at all.”


“This is the most common opening.”


In the Online Go Server.

The viewers were whispering to one another.

“A star point?”

“I often use this for my opening as well.”

“Me too.”

“The star point placement is a very conventional way of playing, and it belongs to one of the more simple openings, so why did HEOR use it as well? Shouldn’t the experts use the rotating star point or an even more complex opening?”

“Yeah, only a newbie would play a star point opening, isn’t that so?”

“What the fuck is this HEOR doing? Peter is the most outstanding AI in the world to play Go. It can even calculate the most complex of josekis, yet you played such a simple opening? How are you going to make things difficult for it? Can’t you see that the entire Go world has been creating new ways to play precisely because of that? Everyone is trying to win against PeterGo. But you! Why would you play such a simple and clichéd move? Aren’t you walking directly into the line of fire this way?”

“Could this person really be a newbie?”


“It seems so to me.”

“Fuck, could yesterday’s game really have been won by HEOR due to a bug affecting PeterGo?”

At China Qiyuan.

Wu Changhe said angrily, “What is this HEOR doing!”

9-dan Li Yi could not understand either. “This is too common.”

A coach said, “An opening of such level can easily be found in any amateur game.”

“It’s over, we’ve got the wrong person.”

“If this is really a newbie, then we’re gonna be screwed.”

“Yeah, all of Asia is watching this game.”

In the villa’s living room.

Zhang Ye’s father said dumbfoundedly, “This move?”

His mother said excitedly, “Did Little Ye win?”

His father said, “Win? The game has only just started, alright!”

His mother rolled her eyes. “Then why are you looking so surprised?”

“An approach and a star point.” His father said, “Even I know how to play that way. Little Ye has played another stone and advanced again. Right, this over here, I can’t be more familiar with this style of play.”

His mother exclaimed, “Even you know how to play it? Then what good can this move be?”

His father looked at Old Wu. “Zeqing, do you understand this game?”

Wu Zeqing smiled and shook her head. “I don’t understand it either.”

His father slapped his thigh and said, “This Little Ye! What the heck is he doing? Why isn’t he playing properly? Where’s that Cosmic Flow he created? That Zombie Flow that he used to play? Doesn’t he always have all kinds of different strategies?”

Wu Zeqing laughed and said, “Dad, let’s watch the game slowly and see what happens. The level that Little Ye is on, not even my dad can understand it, much less us.”

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