I am Really a Superstar

Chapter 21: The Person Who can Cure a Cultured Youth is Another Cultured Youth

Chapter 21: The Person Who can Cure a Cultured Youth is Another Cultured Youth

The poem was done reciting.

After seeing that the female university student did not answer for a long while, he carried on, “This poem is called, “The Furthest Distance in the World” and is also called, “The Flying Bird and Fish”. Today I’m giving it you. Is Beijing and New York very far? I do not think so at all. You can still meet again, you can know each other again, you can fall in love again and can be together once again. Are you going to be defeated by this trivial geographical distance? Then your feelings isn’t anything worth mentioning. Lady, don’t use distance as an excuse. Do not use distance to avoid reality. In my opinion, the distance between you isn’t far. Think of the flying bird and think of the small fish. If you are stubborn and insist on being self-righteous, then I will not say another word if you were to slash down with the blade!”


There was complete silence on the other side of the line.

Following that, the sound of a girl sobbing could be heard, “Flying bird…and fish…*sob*…Flying bird…and fish…”

Upon hearing the sobbing, everyone in the broadcasting room were excited. Previously, she had appeared too calm, but now she had cried? This meant she was moved!

The female university student said while sobbing, “Teacher, then…what…should I do?”

Zhang Ye gave a thought, “I do not know what you should do either. This is your path, so you will need to find your own path.”

“But…*sob*…I don’t know how to walk down the path…” The female university student pleaded for help.

Zhao Guozhou, who was behind the glass, gave Zhang Ye an exaggerated gesture! The other Literature Channel staff were also secretly worried. Why can’t you tell her what to do and save her? What do you mean, “You should find your own path?” What if she wanted to end her path there and then?

Wang Xiaomei kicked Zhang Ye in the shin.

However, it was as if Zhang Ye did not feel it.

The female university student cried, “Teacher, you tell me…what I should do…I trust you…*sob*…I can’t sleep every day…What should I do…Everyday…I’m groggy…at night…I can’t see any future…”

With her crying, Zhang Ye became calm, “Lady, I do not have the right or the way to help you decide your own path. Even if we tell you, you might not listen to it. You need to think it through carefully. Let me give you another poem. I hope it can enlighten you somewhat.”

Another poem?

The people outside held their breaths again.

Zhang Ye said deeply, “The dark night gave me black eyes, but I use them to seek the light.”

Again, this poem did not exist in this world, but it was famous in Zhang Ye’s world. It was Gu Cheng‘s “A Generation”. The entire poem only had those two verses. It was very short, but it contained within it a lot of energy. It was difficult to dissect and analyze the meanings within the poem. It could only be said that different people would have different insights. Zhang Ye gave her this poem, hoping she would be enlightened. At least, when Zhang Ye was previously lost, this poem had accompanied him for a long period of time.

“The dark night…gave me black eyes, but I use…them to seek the light.” The female university student repeated it again and slowly stopped crying.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

The female university student suddenly spoke, “Teacher Zhang Ye, thank you. I think I know what I should do. I will wait for him. I also want to wait for him. Regardless of the final outcome, I will not try to commit suicide again. Thank you. Your two poems… I will remember them for life!”

Zhang Ye said, “I wish you happiness. I also believe a good lady like you will be happy.”

The netizen listeners in front of their computer screens started sending in messages in an explosive manner, breaking all historical records. No number of refreshes were enough to show all of them!


“Teacher Zhang is too good!”

“Right, this is the first time I’m seeing a broadcast host who can speak so well!”

“’The Furthest Distance in the World’? This poem has too much feeling!”

“I think the later poem was the best. The dark night gave me black eyes, but I use them to seek the light. It’s a superb poem, a superb poem for the ages!”

“No wonder he is able to write a divine work like “Ghost Blows Out the Light”. I finally understand Teacher Zhang Ye’s artistic standards. It is evidenced by these two poems!”

“Saving a life is better than building a seven-storey pagoda. I’ve decided to support and listen to “Late-night Ghost Stories” every day!”

With the situation assuaged, Wang Xiaomei let out a long sigh of relief and quickly said to the listeners, “Thank you to everyone listening in to ‘Talk About the World’. We will meet you again tomorrow at the same time.”

With the transmission cut, the live broadcast ended!

Wang Xiaomei slumped into her chair as if she had lost all strength.

Zhang Ye gave a wry smile as he touched his neck. He was also covered in sweat. D*mn it, to think I met a suicide situation on my first time being a guest! Can it even get any better!? Thankfully, he had the wisdom of the ancients and managed to somehow convince the lady!

The outer door opened as people rushed in.

Deputy Station Head Jia was no longer around. Zhao Guozhou was the first to enter and he said loudly, “Well done, Little Zhang! You did beautifully!”

“It was really thrilling!”

“Indeed, our Teacher Zhang is talented!”

People began to admire and praise him!

Zhang Ye’s telephone editor, Xiaofang, also gave him a thumbs up from behind the crowd, “Teacher Zhang, those two poems were too great!”

Words could kill, but words could equally save. Today, everyone who listened in to the live broadcast learned this. By seeing this all at once, there were a lot of mixed emotions.

Wang Xiaomei stood up and daringly said, “Leader, today it was my responsibility. I will accept any punishments the station will mete. I was too provocative in my words.”

Zhao Guozhou looked at her and did not criticize her, “Write a self-reflective piece and hand it to me tomorrow. Actually, it is not all your fault. That female university student had already prepared to commit suicide. Even if she did not make the phone call, she would definitely have committed suicide. From another perspective, by us counseling her, it’s also us saving a life. Right, but make sure to be careful in the future. We need to greatly consider the listener’s emotions and capacity to accept. This live broadcast can be said to be a lesson for all of us. It is also a form of experience.”

The matter was done.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Wang Xiaomei looked towards Zhang Ye, “Those two poems were composed by you?”

Zhang Ye could not say no. After all, these poems did not exist in this world, “Yes.”

“You can even compose poems?” Wang Xiaomei found it unbelievable.

Zhao Guozhou, who was about to leave, heard this and turned around and laughed, “All of you might not know how Little Zhang was accepted during the interview, right? It was because of a prose, “The Song of the Stormy Petrel”. Our entire Literature Channel’s combined efforts probably cannot even match Little Zhang’s artistic talent in poems.” Saying that, he reminiscenced and recited from the beginning. Zhang Ye never expected that Zhao Guozhou would actually be able to recite his poem verbatim. Clearly, he loved the prose so much. “…That is the courageous Petrel proudly soaring in the lightning over the sea’s roar of fury; cries of victory the prophet: Let the tempest come strike harder!”

When everyone heard this, they were stunned!

“Good poem!”

“It’s written so well!”

“This poem was also composed on the spot?”

Each of these poems was more stunning than the last. Only then did everyone recall what had just happened and an interesting thought arose in their minds. Hipsters were a kind of disease and so were cultured female youths. How could one cure this disease? The answer was simple; use a cultured male youth that was more artistic than the cultured female youth!

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