I am Really a Superstar

Chapter 24: Giving You Another Poem!

Chapter 24: Giving You Another Poem!

Zhang Ye sat in front of the computer, watching the praises given to him online. Past 10 A.M., a commotion sounded out outside the Literature Channel’s office area. It was quite loud!

“Let us in! I want to find Teacher Zhang Ye!”

“This is an office. This place is restricted for non-staff!”

“We just want to say a few words and leave. We definitely won’t give you trouble!”

“That still will not work. Go to the registration desk and wait for a while. Make an appointment first!”

After some pushing and shoving, a man and woman squeezed their way in. A security guard was half-heartedly blocking them, which many people could tell. Maybe it was due to a small meeting having just ended, but there were several Music and Traffic Channel staff who were walking past. They were curious over what was happening. Finally, even Zhao Guozhou was startled by this commotion as he came out of his office to probe the issue.

“What’s going on?” Zhao Guozhou frowned.

“They are adamant about coming in! They refuse to listen to what I have to say!” the security guard explained.

“We want to find Teacher Zhang Ye! Just letting us meet with him once would do! Just once!” the male-female duo shouted.

Upon seeing the situation, Zhang Ye had no choice but to stop the work on his hands and squeeze through the crowd, “I’m Zhang Ye. Who are you?”

They rushed up and tightly held Zhang Ye’s hands, “Teacher Zhang! Thank you! Thank you! You are Xiaoli’s benefactor! You are also my benefactor! I want to thank you! Thank you!” As he said this, tears welled up in his eyes. It was not easy for men to cry, so this scene looked odd.

Zhang Ye was flabbergasted, “What benefactor?”

The quiet girl beside also started crying after seeing her boyfriend cry, “Teacher Zhang, I’m Xiaoli. If it weren’t for the two poems of yours yesterday, I might have…”

Everyone immediately had a moment of realization!

Zhang Ye also understood, “It’s you. Is this the boyfriend you mentioned? Don’t cry. All of you, don’t cry!”

The man had tears of remorse, “I only knew about it yesterday night. If you have not persuaded Xiaoli, we would have been separated, forever in different worlds! You are our family’s benefactor!”

Xiaoli suddenly opened her bag and took out a long red banner, “This was rushed by my parents to be made overnight.” Her boyfriend stepped forward quickly and pulled it open!


The banner spread out in front of everyone!

“Gratitude of one speech, in mind for life”!

With that, the two of them stood properly and bowed deeply to Zhang Ye!

Such a situation moved Zhang Ye greatly as he helped them up, “To think you went through the trouble. There is really no need to. There is really no need. I didn’t do much. All that matters is if you healthily and safely live on. Hehe, you are not fighting anymore? Have you discussed it well?”

The man bit his lip, “I’ve thought it through; I’m not going overseas!”

Xiaoli exclaimed, “No way! Your parents have already arranged it for you!”

“Who says one can only be successful in one’s career by studying abroad? I can develop myself domestically, too. I will explain it to my parents. It’s alright, even if they do not agree. I will convince them. I will stay behind and accompany you. Once I graduate, we will get married!” the man said with determination.

However, Xiaoli remained resolute, “Definitely not! You have to go! Even if you don’t want to! I have already thought it through; I will wait for you. I’ll wait for you, no matter how long it takes!”

“Xiaoli!” The man’s eyes turned red again!

Xiaoli gently hugged him, “As long as you are well, I’ll be fine with anything!”

Upon seeing this scene, many people in the office clapped in their hearts. The power of love was always infectious.

“Isn’t this good.” Zhang Ye laughed.

Zhao Guozhou also said, “Next time, be well. Don’t do something stupid.”

Xiaoli said embarrassingly, “I won’t. I’m fine as long as he lives well. I will not make him worried ever again.”

Suddenly, someone made a suggestion, “Teacher Little Zhang, give them another poem.”

“Right, right.” Assistant Xiaofang said, “Let Teacher Zhang give you another poem.”

Zhao Guozhou also found it interesting, “This suggestion is good. When you get married, remember to invite Teacher Little Zhang as your marriage witness.”

Xiaoli was flattered, “How can I accept it. Teacher Zhang’s words are like gold. I don’t dare to ask for one after he gave me two poems.”

Zhang Ye touched his nose. With the leader saying that, he had to give a poem, so he said, “Alright. Let me think.”

The Beijing Times had highly appraised and published Zhang Ye’s modern poem, which was proof of his literary prowess. Now that Zhang Ye was about to compose another poem, many people perked up their ears. The staff from other departments who were outside also tried to get in on the action!

“Don’t block.”

“Move to the side; I can’t see.”

“Sister Chen, come quickly. There’s another poem.”

“What poem? Whose poem?”

“It’s the one from the Literature Channel that went on Beijing Times. That poem is very popular online now.”

“The author of ‘Flying Bird and Fish’? Wow, then I must listen to it. Wait for me to go in.”

Many people squeezed into the large office as nearly a hundred pair of eyes stared at Zhang Ye!

Xiaoli and her boyfriend was looking forward to it the most. They did not even bat an eyelid!

Zhang Ye never expected the situation to be so grand with so many audience gazing at him. He turned more cautious for he could not embarrass himself with a lousy poem. Well, what poem should I use? Which poem was most appropriate? Zhang Ye recalled a moment, as long as you are well, I’ll be fine with anything? Got it! He slowly spat out his words, “Xiaoli, the words you said previously are quite nice. I will use your words as the foundation for the poem I’m giving you.”

The room turned silent.

Zhang Ye slowed his breath and recited.

“The passage of time is like water, ever so silent.”

“If you are living well, then the skies are clear”

Zhao Guozhou immediately applauded, “Good poem!”

When her boyfriend heard it, he immediately took it down on paper, afraid he would forget it!

Xiaoli did not move and closed her eyes, as if revelling in the poem. After a while, she bowed at Zhang Ye once again, “Thank you! You are forever my teacher!”

“If you are living well…then the skies are clear?” A female staff member seemed to feel her eyes fog up upon hearing this. It was unknown if she had recalled something or was moved.

Wang Xiaomei and Xiaofang also mumbled to themselves and the way they gazed at Zhang Ye was no longer the same. Such a poem affected the feelings of women more. The poem was light and the words were simple, but the overflow of feelings it gave surpassed a thousand words. It was difficult to believe that this poem was the same male composer of “Flying Bird and Fish”. Furthermore, it was composed on the spot!

What sort of literary talent was this!

Zhang Ye’s single poem completely astonished everyone!

Even Tian Bin who was not far away did not say anything. Some people felt that the two poems given to Xiaoli during the broadcast were not composed on the spot by Zhang Ye, and were actually written prior, as they did not believe he was so talented. But now, this poem composed at this moment in time shattered the doubts of many!

Actually, this poem was very famous in Zhang Ye’s previous world. It was spread on the internet, especially the last line. There were all sorts of claims about who the original author was. Some said it was Lin Huiyin. Some said it was Lin Huiyin’s dad. Some said it first appeared on the internet and another line was added in the show, “Empresses in the Palace”. It was not much different from “Flying Bird and Fish”. Zhang Ye treated it as a collective work of predecessors. Anyway, no one in this world had heard of these people. There was no dispute to those poems being his alone!

He said it was his?

She said it was her dad’s?

Then he said it was her third aunt’s?

Hai, isn’t that so troublesome and tiring? Putting the controversy to an end, Zhang Ye decided to unify it; this poem is mine. There’s no need to thank me, just call me Lei Feng*!

*Lei Feng was a soldier of the Chinese army in Communist legend. He was reported to be altruistic in his actions, but there is controversy that his image was part of Communist propaganda.

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