I am Really a Superstar

Chapter 28: An Amazing Unscripted Performance!

Chapter 28: An Amazing Unscripted Performance!

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Zhao Guozhou looked towards the exterior door.

There was a woman who had came from outside. On the other side of the glass, Zhang Ye saw her, too. He cleared his throat. He had seen this woman before and she had cursed him behind his back. She was Tian Bin’s wife. He met on the first day of work. The woman was holding a contract in her hand. Clearly, she was one of the staff in the station. Either she was in charge of advertisement matters, or she was in charge of contractual laws. He had previously thought that Tian Bin’s wife had come to meet Tian Bin to get off work together. So his wife was also a member of the radio station.

“Director Zhao, the contract.” The woman took out a bunch of A4 paper.

Zhao Guozhou took it over and acknowledged, “Just leave it here. We’ll speak later.”

“Alright.” The woman leaned her head to the side to look around. Seeing Tian Bin waving towards her, she walked to the last row and sat with her husband.


“Sis, you came?”

People in the Literature Channel knew of the duo’s relation, as everyone knew each other.

After sitting down, Tian Bin’s wife did not hide her disdain for Zhang Ye as she whispered, “Why hasn’t it started? What are we waiting for?” How could her tone be good, when her husband was replaced by Zhang Ye?

A Literature Channel staff member said, “It began a while ago, but it seems like Teacher Zhang’s throat isn’t good, so it was stopped.”

Tian Bin laughed quietly, “It’s not his throat isn’t good. He can’t produce anything. If you don’t believe me, just watch. His advertising sponsorship will definitely be blown off today!”

“That can’t be?” another colleague said.

Tian Bin seethed, “Haven’t you already noticed? Zhang Ye is already a spent force. He has nothing left sustaining him. How do you explain it?”

Tian Bin’s wife laughed, “I think so, too. A rookie can’t have good luck all his life. He has to pay the price of being young. How can being a host be so easy? Only after a few years of grinding and being beat down would one gain acceptance. A moment of impressiveness is just short-lived. In the end, what matters is experience and background!”

When Xiaofang heard this, she was very unhappy, but she did not dare to show it. After all, she was a rookie, so she could only say, “Teacher Zhang will be fine!”

Tian Bin lost his smile, “Does his performance look like he is fine? Then let’s have a bet? Let’s see if he can pass this ordeal!”

Xiaofang remained silent. She was afraid, too. Teacher Zhang, you must not make any mistakes!

What they said could not be heard in front, as there was a distance of seven meters separating them.

“Little Zhang! Have you rested your throat?” Zhao Guozhou could no longer drag it out any longer. Seeing so much time pass, he could only ask with a frown.

Zhang Ye adjusted his bearings as he drank some water. He immediately said, “Leader, I can do it.”

“Alright, then let’s carry on.” Zhao Guozhou waved at him to begin, while his eyes seemed unsure.

Tian Bin was thinking in his mind, “What do you mean, ‘you can do it’. Today, I’m just waiting for you to make a fool of yourself. When you fail, the segment ‘Late-night Ghost Stories’ will be mine again!”

Tian Bin’s wife also laughed in silence. She, too, was waiting for Zhang Ye to make a fool of himself!

Zhang Ye paused for two seconds before he began recording, “Hello, everybody. Welcome to today’s “Late-night Ghost Stories” segment… This piece of jade was given to his father by a chief in the northwestern army. Years ago, this chief had led his troops to destroy a gang of bandits. This piece of jade was worn closely by the bandit leader. Although it was a piece of jade, its shape did not look anything like it. Its shape was strange…” Zhang Ye was no longer like the stammering Zhang Ye from before. His words were buttery smooth!

Tian Bin was surprised a little. What the heck? How could he now narrate again? Oh, he must have used the break time to organize his thoughts. However, what could that little bit of time amount to? He will end up full of mistakes later!

Ten minutes!

Half an hour!

Time passed.

Tian Bin was looking forward to seeing Zhang Ye make a mistake. The married couple were waiting to see a show.

However, Zhang Ye’s performance made their faces turn green. Not only did Zhang Ye not make a single mistake, the plot and words used were excellent. It had returned to the high quality standard of the first few episodes. It was even better than the first few episodes. There was not a single re-recording of a passage. It was as if he had God’s help, as he chattered on!

“According to Eiko, the Savages Ditch by Hei Feng Kou was actually previously called Corpses Ditch. Further into the past, it was actually called Moon Holding Ditch…”

One episode was done!

Two episodes were done!

From 2 P.M. in the afternoon to 5 P.M. in the afternoon, Zhang Ye recorded three full episodes. There was no break in between. He did not even take a mouthful of water. He had recorded it all in one go!

The Tian Bin couple were terrified!

Zhao Guozhou and Xiaofang were stunned with their mouths agape!

The five-member advertising sponsorship team was also dumbfounded!

When the third episode was done recording, Zhang Ye still seemed addicted to it and was just about to carry on recording another episode. Zhao Guozhou quickly interrupted upon seeing this. He switched on the microphone to contact him, “Little Zhang, that will do. Come over here, first!” You still want to narrate some more? You still can narrate? Any more, and the sky will turn dark!

Zhang Ye said, “Yes.” before taking off his headset, with lingering feelings.

The pawn shop business’ woman stared while saying, “The three hours of content was said without script? That’s impossible!” She would not believe it even if she was killed. She immediately stood up, “I’m going in to take a look!” She hated being deceived by others. It would be a great disrespect towards them and also an insult to their intelligence!

“Ah…” Zhao Guozhou did not stop them, allowing to do so.

The Tian Bin couple also did not believe it and they accompanied the sponsors and the Leader in.

Three hours of on-the-spot creation, without any mistakes or script?

How did he do it!? This must be an international joke!

Immediately, a group of people poured into the recording studio as they looked all around. They really could not find a script. A sponsor guessed that Zhang Ye had copied the script into the computer; as such, he looked at the monitor. Good rascal. The recording studio’s second computer was not even switched on. And the main computer was controlled with buttons. There wasn’t even a display!

Zhang Ye was wondering why so many people rushed in, “Eh? What’s the matter?”

The sponsors were amazed, “You…you really did not use a script?”

“Nope. I just said what I have on the spot.” Zhang Ye answered matter-of-factly.

The woman did not utter a word for a long while, before turning her head towards Zhao Guozhou, “Let’s sign the contract, Director Zhao. We are convinced!”

Only Tian Bin remained in disbelief. Your sister! How did you memorize three hours worth of content? Are you f**king mad? Ignoring it being off script, even when Tian Bin recorded with a script, he would also make mistakes. How the f**k do you not have any mistakes without a script? How could it be!? Aren’t you on the brink of death? Weren’t you unable to narrate the story, just now? How did you seem to transform suddenly!?

Tian Bin’s wife’s expression looked ugly, too.

Assistant Xiaofang glanced at them. You still want to bet that Teacher Zhang can’t do it? Why aren’t you speaking now? Are you dumb now?

It was natural that Zhang Ye would not make a mistake. His memories had been strongly reinforced. It could be blurted out without thinking. This was the effect of the memory capsule!

Zhao Guozhou and the sponsors left to discuss the details of the contract.

Zhang Ye looked at his watch. He still was not done with his narration itch. He felt that his mental state was still very good. So he decided to forgo his meal. After drinking a mouthful of water, he returned to the recording studio and began rattling off the fourth episode for the day!

Tian Bin refused to have his beliefs shaken. He insisted on staying behind to see how Zhang Ye managed it!

Wang Xiaomei and a few other hosts did not go for dinner. They, too, wanted to see what tricks Zhang Ye had; rather, it should be said that they wanted to know what Zhang Ye’s limit was. They were extremely surprised!

Four episodes!

Six episodes!

Eight episodes!

Zhang Ye actually recorded from two in the afternoon to ten in the evening!

Wang Xiaomei had already left silently at 6pm!

Tian Bin endured past 7 PM before going home with an ashen face!

There were people who went for their dinner midway. Some people got off work, while some people came to catch a glimpse of this spectacle after hearing about it!

“He’s amazing!”

“Quick, go take a look. Zhang Ye is still recording!”

“Ah? What time is it? And it was done without a script?”

“Of course it is done without a script. Damn! He has gone off script for eight hours!”

“Holy shit! Is that guy still human? Did he eat some power pills?”

The news quickly spread. Many hosts and staff from other channels came in waves. Everyone came to listen with a look of disbelief. However, when all of them left, their looks of disbelief were replaced by looks of amazement, without exception!

After that day.

Everyone knew that a man of God had arrived in the Literature Channel!

He was a person who had produced a work on the spot, recording without any script for more than ten hours without a mistake! If the entire station was added up… Who dared to compare with him!?

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