I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 23: Familiarity Breeds Fondness; The One Who Conquers The Favored!

Chapter 23: Familiarity Breeds Fondness; The One Who Conquers The Favored!

Su Qingge couldn't help but admit that she was confused. Just now, even her heart had skipped a beat. To hear such tender words from someone like Gu Changge momentarily moved her heart, and she even felt flattered.

But…she understood that nine out ten words that came out of Gu Changge's mouth weren't honest truths.

Accompanying a monarch was no different from accompanying a tiger (both could tear you apart at the slightest negligence).

She was still far away from truly winning Gu Changge's love.

"Qingge is touched to know that Young Lord trusts Qingge so much!"

Su Qingge replied. Her flawless, lovely face held a gentle smile as she let her supple figure lean against Gu Changge's body.

"Are you truly touched, or do you dare not be touched?"

Gu Changge casually asked with a smile.

A woman as clever as Su Qingge would never surrender just because he said a word or two with some gentleness. But that didn't matter, after all, wasn't there a saying that: ‘familiarity breeds fondness'?

[Ding! You have triggered a Fortuitous Event! Your Fortune Value has increased by 60 Points, and your Destiny Points have increased by 300!]

A sudden System prompt sounded at this time and surprised Gu Changge.

Unknowingly, his Fortune Value had broke through the 100 points mark. Still, the color hadn't changed, and it was still Dark.

Gu Changge couldn't help but wonder how much change it made when compared to his initial 30 Points of Fortune Value. At the same time, he felt that things had become more interesting.

To put it in simple terms, if he could quickly raise his Fortune Value, then even if he meets other Favored Children of Heaven, he wouldn't have as much trouble to deal with them as he did with Ye Chen.

After all, if not for his overpowered Fortune protecting him, Gu Changge would have long slapped Ye Chen to death. He wouldn't have to go through so many hoops to deal with an ant like him.

‘It seems that I can increase my Fortune Value even without messing with those Favored Children of Heaven, as long as I come across other people who are also blessed with great Fortune.'

‘Although it seems that my words had no effect on Su Qingge, that's only on the surface; deep down, she has already begun to surrender herself to me!'

‘It's because of this that my Fortune Value increased out of nowhere…'

Gu Changge didn't even need to ask the System to guess this much, and he was correct in his conjectures. In addition to suppressing the Favored Children of Heaven, he now had another method of earning Fortune Value and Destiny Points: ‘conquering those favored with great Fortune!'


The people of Taixuan Holy Land soon discovered Ye Chen's disappearance from the dungeon. His escape enraged many elders and disciples, but soon, unease and apprehensiveness filled their hearts.

After all, Ye Chen had offended Young Lord Gu!

But because of their poor supervision, Ye Chen had escaped.

If Young Lord Gu were to put the blame on their heads, then even cutting down 10,000 heads in their Taixuan Holy Land might not suffice.

The Taixuan Holy Lord, who was previously smug and arrogantly postured before the other forces, panicked after he learnt of this matter. The thoughts about their fate disturbed his heart and mind.

"Father, don't worry so much! Young Lord Gu won't blame you for this."

Different from him, Su Qingge sat there without any worry.

Taixuan Holy Lord relaxed after hearing her words. He remembered that his good daughter was getting more and more of Young Lord Gu's attention and love.

"Qingge, you must speak a few good words for your father if Young Lord Gu truly blames me!"

Taixuan Holy Lord said.

Su Qingge's expression didn't change, but she wanted to roll her eyes at her father's words. She felt helpless in her heart. How could she change Young Lord Gu's mind if he truly intended to do something?

"Father, don't worry."

Still, she assured the Taixuan Holy Lord.

Su Qingge could tell that Gu Changge had deliberately let Ye Chen go. As for the reason, that's what she couldn't guess.


[In the Taixuan Holy Lord's Hall]

Many figures stood unmoving with a solemn and quiet atmosphere around them. At the helm of the crowd stood many of the bigshots like Zhao Tian, the Supreme Elder of the Void Yang Holy Land, Chu Wuji, the Emperor of the Great Sun Dynasty, and Xiao Huo, the Patriarch of the Ancient Xiao Family.

All the forces that had come to invade the Taixuan Holy Land were present in the grand hall. Among them were men and women, young and old, but at this moment, all of them stood on their spots with respectful attitudes without making a squeak.

Let alone squeak…they didn't even dare to breath out loud.

These forces together made the greatest might of the Eastern Wilderness, yet they were like this now.

Under the Taixuan Holy Lord's arrangements, everyone had come to the Holy Lord's Hall in hopes of meeting Gu Changge. Only when they arrived did they get the news that this Young Lord Gu was someone from the legendary Upper Realm!

The news shocked them to their cores!.

Like a meteorite crashing into the deep sea, stormy waves set off in everyone's hearts and they couldn't calm down at all.

Upper Realm!

It was an extremely mysterious and unreachable place for the people of the Eastern Wilderness, but it also represented unmatched might and terrifying sovereignty.

They hadn't heard of anyone breaking the barrier and ascending to the Upper Realm in the last 50,000 years. To them, the existences from the Upper Realm were nothing more than illusory legends.

But now, they were told that a Young Lord from the Upper Realm and descended upon their Lower Realm to gain experience!

It was as if they got to witness the birth of a legend, so how could it not cause a massive surge in their hearts?

It was an evident result.

‘No wonder the Taixuan Holy Lord is so calm and arrogant even in the face of so many forces! If our Sect was lucky enough to meet this Young Lord, we would probably be even more arrogant than him…'

Zhao Tian, Chu Wuji, Xiao Huo, and the others had the exact same thought running through their minds.

They held envy, jealousy, and hatred for the Taixuan Holy Land in their hearts. But at the same time, they rejoiced over the fact that they hadn't barged in and attacked right away.

Ascension was easy, the true herculean task was descent from the Upper Realm!

Everyone could tell that the origins of this Young Lord couldn't be ordinary. He was an absolutely terrifying existence they mustn't provoke, no matter what!

Right now, everyone was extremely curious about the Young Lord, and wanted to get a glimpse of his divine visage.

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