I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 316: Making a plan to devour the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction under the tiger’s skin

Chapter 316: Making a plan to devour the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction under the tiger’s skin

He inexplicably glanced at Jia Nan. Gu Changge was silent.

Naturally, he would not tell his name, after all, he even concealed his true appearance. Even if the Eldest Princess of the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court investigated this kind of matter, she might not know his identity at the moment.

After all, right now he was supposed to be recuperating in the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom, and he couldn't go anywhere. Therefore, Gu Changge ignored her question.

Instead, he made his request.

"The origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction in the land of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, how many of these things do you have?"

"The origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction?"

Jia Nan was stunned for a moment, but she didn't really care that Gu Changge didn't explain his origin. But to be honest, she was a little surprised when she heard these words.

She didn't know why Gu Changge asked about this.

Logically, Gu Changge, as a human cultivator, no matter how mysterious and powerful he was, should avoid something like the origin of Heavenly Extinction that could devour many substances.

Could it be that the purpose of his visit is to find the origin of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction and to find a way to solve it?

Other than that, what other explanation was there for his actions?

Thinking of this, Jia Nan admired his courage a bit. The origin of Heavenly Extinction was something that even the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court did not want to be contaminated.

And the birth of the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction was very mysterious, even if it was the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction that they had sealed, there were actually not many.

In some cases, in order to create some disasters, it had to be used and placed in a certain area. Because once the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction spread, it was like a mountain fire encountering a strong wind, which was unstoppable and could not be resisted at all.

It seemed that most of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction Aura that appeared in the Upper Realm now had nothing to do with the Absolute Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court. Her arrival this time was thanks to the disaster that suddenly erupted here.

"We also have a very scarce quantity with regards to the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, but if you want, I can give you some. As for the consequences of touching the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, you should be clear. I don't want you to be swallowed up by the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction before the transaction is completed." Jia Nan said.

Gu Changge nodded slightly and said, "Princess is worried, I know these things very well."

"That's good." Jia Nan nodded, and at the same time took out a black token from under her sleeve.

It looked like a chess piece, but Gu Changge felt the spatial fluctuations contained in it.

"This is space chess. When there is something, I will use this to inform you, and at the same time, the source of Absolute Heavenly Extinction you need will be sent to you through this thing."

Jia Nan said and handed this dark black chess piece made of unknown material to Gu Changge. Gu Changge took it and looked at it, then nodded, "Void beast bone casting, no wonder it has such a miraculous effect."

Seeing this, Jia Nan had a strange look in his eyes, but she didn't say anything more.

Casting the Reincarnation Platform would not be that simple, there were still many things to be arranged, and Gu Changge's current cultivation base was not enough in her opinion.

So then, Jia Nan said goodbye and left with the dark boat and the people of the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court back the same way, and did not plan to come to the outside world.

The man in the purple-gold armor gave Gu Changge a wary look from a distance, the fear and terror just now lingered in his heart, and he couldn't forget it for a while. He didn't know what the Royal Sister said to him, so she chose to turn around and return to the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court.

But the shadow Gu Changge left him might become a haze for a while.

"It's a bit interesting, the existence of the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court, to me, is indeed a chess piece."

Seeing Jia Nan leave, Gu Changge looked back, looked at the dark black chess piece in his hand, and smiled intriguingly. Afterward, he threw the chess piece into his storage ring casually, and at the same time sealed off any perception in it.

Jia Nan's careful thoughts could not be concealed from him. She actually left her perception on this chess piece, and of course, it could also be a part of her divine soul.

As a Supreme being, she really had many means. Gu Changge was too lazy to find it out, maybe this part of her divine soul would have other value in the future.

However, considering that Jia Nan's divine soul might detect his traces, Gu Changge sealed the chess piece to seal off her perception. It was equivalent to trapping it in it.

At this time, Jia Nan might not even know that she had given up her weakness to Gu Changge on her own initiative. As for the information that Jia Nan passed on to him, Gu Changge didn't plan to control it at all. When the origin of Heavenly Extinction was in his hands, it was not up to her to decide what to do.

After that, Gu Changge's figure flashed, and he entered  the area of ​​the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction that he had perceived before. There was a mighty dark aura surging there, and the gray fog was surging, and it was extremely dense.

Many runes were flickering, looking extremely ancient, like the purest origin of the universe. Its origin was untraceable, and it was composed of billions of black lights that could devour everything.

The nearby laws, Dao, and rules were all shattering and reorganizing, and then the convergence became chaotic. Even the Supreme being in such a place would feel palpitations in the deepest part of their soul.

The origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction!

And from the perspective of size, it was still respectively large, at least five times the size of the piece of the origin of Heavenly Extinction that Gu Changge encountered last time. Between spreading and devouring, the laws of void ruptured and collapsed, and even all kinds of immortal innate runes would be eliminated in it.


The Great Dao Treasure Bottle appeared above Gu Changge's head, exuding a terrifying brilliance as if it could devour everything.

Even the origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction was trembling slightly at this time as if it had encountered a natural enemy, and then the strands of the Dao bottle fell, and the light was like a galaxy drowning everything.

Gu Changge remained silent while sitting here cross-legged. The boundless divine light fell, wrapping him up and down. Like an immortal god that lived forever.

His aura was constantly improving, and every cell of his body seemed to wake up, spewing out colorful rays of light, with mist flowing, and chaotic mist spreading out.

The whole person was extremely hazy, revealing aloofness, and mystery.


The pitch-black boat galloped fast in the gray fog, leaving this area as a passage that was difficult to find emerged, quickly separating the space barrier, along with another mysterious world.

Ordinary cultivators couldn't see this kind of passage at all. This was the Absolute Heavenly Extinction passage that belonged to the Heavenly Extinction beings!


In the boat, the man in purple-gold armor stood in front of Jia Nan with a look of fear.


Jia Nan sat on the throne with a delicate face, with her black hair like a waterfall, and her eyes were noble and indifferent like a god. Hearing this, the man in the purple-gold armor changed his expression and became even more terrified.

"Please forgive me, Elder Princess, that human was too deceiving. I didn't provoke him at all."

He spoke with a trembling voice, incomparably fearful and afraid of Jia Nan. In the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court, who did not know her Eldest princess' iron-blooded prestige?

Even the Old Emperor of the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court was still afraid of her by three points.

"I don't want to pursue this matter. That human is a distinguished guest of my Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court. If you meet him in the future, you must not provoke him." Jia Nan looked at him indifferently and said lightly.

"Yes, ma'am." The man in the purple-gold armor hurriedly replied, although he was aggrieved, he didn't dare to say anything more.

Obviously, the other party took the initiative and seriously injured him. As the Eldest Princess, and his sister, she did not avenge him, and said that the human was actually a distinguished guest of her Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court?

This made him very resentful, but he was even more panicked. What kind of identity did that human have?

"You can go back." Jia Nan glanced at him lightly. She didn't know what he was thinking, but she didn't care and sent him back.

After the purple-gold armored man left. Jian Nan's brows suddenly wrinkled, and a hint of surprise flashed across his indifferent face.

"Is it discovered by him?" She didn't expect that the wisp of divine soul that she was hiding in the space device would be detected by Gu Changge so quickly, and her perception was directly blocked.

Jian Nan herself had no doubts about Gu Changge's oath of heaven at that time. After all, the oath of Dao heart was the biggest poisonous oath for cultivators.

No one dared to ignore it. But what Gu Changge promised at the time was really too simple, which made her feel that something was wrong, and felt that she needed to investigate and pay attention to his movements. Because of the special nature of space chess, even if she hid her soul in it, ordinary cultivators wouldn't find out even if they tried to check.

Jia Nan's original plan was to observe Gu Changge for a while first, even if he noticed it later, it didn't matter. But she really did not expect that this strand of divine soul would be noticed by Gu Changge so quickly and he would cut off all her perceptions.

"Why do I always feel that this so-called descendant of the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation is not a good person? If you seek others while donning the skin of a tiger, you have to be prepared to be swallowed by a tiger…"

Jia Nan frowned, sighed slightly, and quickly recovered from this wrong mood, and kept her mind calm.


In the blink of an eye, seven days passed. Beyond that crack, Jiang Chuchu looked at the decreasing aura of Heavenly Extinction, and breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

"It seems that Gu Changge has solved this calamity."

Even though she had already seen Gu Changge's method to solve the calamity of Heavenly Extinction, Jiang Chuchu was still a little worried. After all, the calamity this time was several times more serious than the last time.

Last time, Gu Changge was also contaminated with the aura of Heavenly Extinction and suffered serious injuries. Even if it went well this time, Gu Changge probably won't take it easy, and it also involved Heavenly Extinction beings at the Quasi-Supreme Realm.

Facing the existence of the Great Sacred Realm, the young geniuses could only choose to retreat and flee, not daring to contend. In front of the Quasi-Supreme existence, it was as weak as an ant, and with a single strand of their aura, they could separate their flesh and spirit from their soul, and destroy their body and spirit.

Although Gu Changge was powerful, he was not invincible.

However, seeing that the mist of Heavenly Extinction was getting thinner and thinner, and the Heavenly Extinction beings were becoming less and less, Jiang Chuchu also knew that Gu Changge should have successfully solved this scourge of Heavenly Extinction.

This made her feel relieved and she heaved a sigh of relief. Solving the calamity of Heavenly Extinction was obviously the task of the Human Ancestor and the descendants of Human Ancestor Hall, but now it was Gu Changge, the inheritor of demonic art, who was the one to complete it.

Thinking of this, Jiang Chuchu's mood was very complicated. If it wasn't for her, Gu Changge probably wouldn't have gotten involved in this kind of thing.

And just when Jiang Chuchu was thinking wildly, within the crack, a piece of immortal light emerged, turned into a golden channel, vast and boundless, and the aura of Heavenly Extinction couldn’t even get close.

Gu Changge emerged. His aura didn't seem to be much different from usual, but Gu Changge knew that after swallowing this piece of origin of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, his cultivation had improved greatly.

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