I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 577-2: The one who killed many leaders of Great sects, This blame can’t be washed away (2)

Chapter 577-2: The one who killed many leaders of Great sects, This blame can’t be washed away (2)

“What? He was the one who murdered the leaders of many great sects in the tomb of Supreme God?”

“How can that be?”

As soon as Gu Changge’s words came out, there was quite a commotion here. Everyone’s heads thumped, and their eyes widened in shock, unbelievable.

When they were in the Star Gazing Tower before, many young lords who witnessed Jiang Chen being taken away by Gu Changge suddenly understood. It turned out that this was the origin of the hatred between Gu Changge and Jiang Chen!

Jiang Chen turned out to be that mysterious person that all the major forces were now encircling and suppressing!

One must know that what had happened in the Supreme God’s tomb at the beginning had caused a great sensation. Many Great sect leaders died tragically, involving too many forces and sects. Even the Supreme God Clan paid a heavy price to quell the anger.

“So he was the one who murdered the leader of my sect?”

“It was hidden so deeply, and he is still the descendant of Divine Origin Master!”

Many powerhouses’ eyes were red as they stared at Jiang Chen closely, wishing to tear him into pieces and pull out their bones. They didn’t doubt Gu Changge’s words, after all, Gu Changge was also one of the few people who survived in the Supreme God’s tomb at that time.

It was not surprising that he had seen Jiang Chen’s true face. Thinking about it this way, many people also figured it out, after all, there were too many prohibition formations in the Supreme God’s tomb at that time.

If it weren’t for the Divine Origin Master, it would probably be difficult to manipulate those things. With such means, Jiang Chen could easily kill and bury many Great sect leaders who went deep into it to snatch the Supreme God’s divine orb.

“Gu Changge, you despicable villain, that was clearly you and the Supreme God Clan, yet you framed me! You must die!!” Jiang Chen never expected that at this time, Gu Changge would suddenly mention this matter and pour black water on him.

His eyes immediately turned red, and his teeth were clenched tightly, accompanied by bloodshot eyes. However, the people present didn’t listen to his words at all, especially the forces whose leader had died tragically in the tomb of the Supreme God.

The terrifying murderous aura swept over immediately, covering Jiang Chen’s whole body, locking him in place and making it difficult for him to move.

“Actually, I’ve always been curious, why did you kill those Great sect leaders who have no grievances with you?” Gu Changge shook his head, looking extremely confused.

He seemed to be thinking of the tragic situation at the beginning, and he couldn’t help sighing.

“This guy is bloodthirsty and has evil intentions. He doesn’t look like a good person at first glance. What reason does he need?” Many powerhouses were even more furious when they heard this.

If they didn’t feel that Jiang Chen’s status as a Divine Origin Master was still useful, they would have slapped him to death at this moment, so as to avoid future troubles.

“What!” And at this moment, it seemed that some kind of abnormal change had occurred in Jiang Chen’s body.

A kind of jet-black brilliance suddenly rose from his spiritual sea, making him unable to restrain himself from letting out a roar. It was an extremely dense black light like a black sun rising, penetrating through his soul, lungs, spiritual sea, and soul palace, and its brilliance engulfed the long river of time.

Faintly, everyone saw a terrifying vision emerge behind Jiang Chen as if all spirits were extinguished, the universe was exhausted. Evil spirits covered the sky and sun, and raised their hands to destroy everything.

A terrifying demonic aura manifested in his body, his black hair danced wildly and his aura surged, just like an unrivaled demon god appearing in the world. Such a startling change changed the expressions of everyone here, and even many Enlightened beings couldn’t help but take a few steps back, looking very shocked.

“This… could it be… the inheritor of demonic arts?”

“Jiang Chen was still hiding his identity like this?”

The expressions of the Heavenly Phoenix Maiden, Heavenly Demon Monarch, Six Crown King, and others all changed suddenly, and they were extremely shocked.

Although they hadn’t dealt with the inheritor of demonic arts in person, they knew a lot about them and had always been careful. So seeing Jiang Chen like this, they immediately thought of the inheritor of the demonic arts.

“How is it possible, Jiang Chen actually…” Ji Chu Yue also opened her small mouth, her beautiful eyes widened, she never expected Jiang Chen to have such an identity.

“This aura is extremely evil and complex, it is a mixture of various origins, and it is definitely the same as the inheritor of demonic arts!”

“So far, I am afraid that many genius cultivators have died tragically at his hands!”

“I didn’t expect him to hide so deeply. If he didn’t take the initiative to expose it today, we wouldn’t know his true identity!”

The eyes of the Enlightened being from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain flickered with coldness. He thought about how his own successors had encountered the murderous hands of the inheritor of the demonic arts one after another, his anger and murderous aura surged up immediately.

“He even took the initiative to expose his identity, is he planning to reveal all this? Be careful, everyone, since he no longer wants to hide it at this time, he must have a desperate plan.” Gu Changge said in a deep voice as if he didn’t expect Jiang Chen to suddenly reveal his identity.

The people he reminded of these words became cautious and vigilant, not daring to be careless. After all, this place was deep in Mount Kun and Jiang Chen still had the identity of Divine Origin Master. And just when everyone was about to make a move, the place suddenly shook.

The mysterious jade blocking the cave not far away trembled, and a terrifying purple waterfall rushed up from below like a river breaking its embankment, turning into a torrent, containing unimaginable terrifying power.

Seeing this, everyone did not dare to resist and fled in all directions. All of a sudden, the place was in chaos, and everyone was avoiding this purple waterfall. Even Enlightened beings did not dare to touch it, feeling the terrifying corrosiveness in it.

“This is Dragon’s breath…” Although Jiang Chen was angry, his head was still clear-headed, and he noticed right away that this was the gushing dragon’s breath.

And this was his chance to make a move. He didn’t know why he exposed his cultivation of demonic arts just now. He only felt that he was extremely angry, wishing to kill all the people here, and an unstoppable terrifying force emerged from his spiritual sea.

But this was the end of the matter, and he had no choice.

“Immortal Boat, help me break open that piece of mysterious jade, release the old man inside, and kill everyone here!!”

Jiang Chen yelled at the artifact spirit in his mind, taking advantage of the chaos, his whole body turned into a stream of light, and ran toward that piece of mysterious jade.

Dazzling and gorgeous brilliance gushed out from his palm, like a bursting star, crashing into that piece of mysterious jade with a bang.

“Not good, he wants to release the old man in the mysterious jade seal!”

“Go and stop him!”

Seeing this, the face of the Ancestor of the Ji family changed drastically, and he wanted to stop it. But it was too late, the purple waterfall crashed into him, making a hissing sound, quickly corroding his body, and he had to fight back.

The expressions of the rest of the people also changed suddenly, becoming a little pale, unable to stop it. But at this moment, Jiang Chen was already standing there with a sneer on his face, raised his hand, and patted down!


In the next moment, the piece of mysterious jade that sealed the cave below the town made an extremely clear and crisp sound, and cracks appeared on it, quickly collapsing and splitting.

From it, a terrifying evil spirit suddenly swept and spread as if it could swallow up the entire heavens!!

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