I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 6: One Body, Two Souls; Taixuan Holy Lords Considerations!

Chapter 6: One Body, Two Souls; Taixuan Holy Lords Considerations!

With the Favored Son of Heaven losing 100 Fortune Value, he received 500 Destiny Points. It seemed that the exchange ratio was 1-to-5.

Gu Changge easily concluded that much from the System's prompt. He planned to use those Destiny Points to improve his attribute panel later.

As for the unconscious Ye Chen? He was taken away to the Dungeon by the disciples of the Judgement Hall.

With that, the farce finally concluded, and many of the guests sighed.

"With how unfathomable this Young Lord's strength is, his background must not be something we can fathom either!"

"Even the Taixuan Holy Lord is willing to personally give away his beloved daughter to him…"

Most of the guests began to speculate Gu Changge's identity with deep eyes. They had all reached the same conclusion: they had to report everything they saw today to the forces behind them, by hook or by crook.

If they could get an opportunity, then making friends with this Young Lord would only be beneficial and not detrimental.

Of course, they could also foresee a great storm on its way to sweep everything in the Eastern Desolate in the near future.

The Coronation Ceremony ended soon after.

Chu Xuan, the new Taixuan Holy Son, was quite energetic as he mingled with his Sect peers at the banquet afterwards and showed off.

After that, he respectfully poured Gu Changge a cup full of wine and said, "Thank you for your aid, Young Lord. If there's anything you need me to do in the future, do let me know and I will go through a sea of flames and mountain of swords for you."

Anyone with a discerning eye could see through Chu Xuan's flowery words and realize that he was submitting to Gu Changge.

Thinking about how he was a villain and having minions was a must, Gu Changge found that this Chu Xuan, who was now the Taixuan Holy Son, was quite suitable for the task.

He accepted the cup of wine with a smile, and drank it all in a single gulp, "It was a trivial matter, Brother Chu Xuan. You needn't fret over it."

"Thank you, Young Lord!"

Naked glee could be seen on Chu Xuan's face.

"This old man would also like to present a toast to the Young Lord…"

"The Young Lord's descent upon the Lower Realm is a matter of great fortune for our Eastern Desolate…"

The other Elders and Disciples on the scene weren't stupid, and understood the etiquette and logic behind his actions, so they also began to praise and toast Gu Changge one after another.

At the same time, they cursed Chu Xuan in their hearts for his cunning behavior. He had never shown his true face before, so they never imagined his boot-licking abilities were also a cut above the rest. With a few words, he became the Young Lord's lapdog.

Feelings of jealousy and envy plagued many disciples as they watched him.


Taixuan Holy Lord couldn't help but frown when he saw his daughter's pale face and lost expression. Judging from the previous exchange, it was obvious that Young Lord Gu had a good impression of her, so why was she standing to the side without any intention of chatting with him?


The blood in her face had long disappeared. Su Qingge couldn't help but shake her head when she realized she had no way of explaining the matter to her father. How could Gu Changge be interested in her? He said those words just to mess with Ye Chen.

She couldn't understand what kind of grudge existed between Ye Chen and Gu Changge, for Gu Changge to deliberately humiliate him like that. What she did know, however, was the fact that she would better not offend Gu Changge right now.

How could he, with his esteemed status, possibly lack Favored Daughters of Heaven around him? Su Qingge wasn't dumb — she understood her place and worth in the world.


Taixuan Holy Lord wasn't foolish either, and he could guess a thing or two from his daughter's expression. He couldn't help but worry more than ever.

Su Qingge felt uncomfortable as she heard her father's sigh. She knew his temperament well, and knew that he wouldn't have done all that if he didn't have some unspoken trouble plaguing his mind.

With her eyes watching Gu Changge, she gritted her teeth after a moment of hesitation and decided to put down her pride to accompany him after the banquet ended.

After all, everything that happened today could be attributed to her if one analysed the events.

Unfortunately, Gu Changge didn't give her a single glance throughout the banquet, and soon left for his resting palace while chatting with Chu Xuan.

The mention of the moon, and his invitation to appreciate it together, appeared to be nothing more than a joke right now.

Of course, Gu Changge was joking. He didn't have the time to accompany Su Qingge in watching the moon or whatever together.

Although a forcefully plucked melon could quench one's thirst, quenching his thirst with this specific melon meant receiving a Fortune Backlash. Who could guarantee he won't end up in the belly of some random crab demon from a random dimension?

The risk was too great.

Su Qingge might be gorgeous, and her fluttering, white dress might make her look like a Fairy who descended from the Ninth Heaven, but she still wasn't worth the loss.

And as Su Qingge was stupefied as she watched Gu Changge walk away like that. She hadn't even had the chance to say what she wanted to say.

She was left rooted to her spot.

Although her personality was on the colder side and she rarely talked more than a few words, this was the first time she met someone who disregarded her so much.

One must know that every time Ye Chen got the opportunity to converse with her, he would be left excited and gleeful for a long time.

Su Qingge couldn't help but sigh in her heart as she tried to think of other methods to salvage their situation.

‘This Gu Changge is indeed elusive…'

‘He's far more interesting than that Ye Chen.'

A playful female voice sounded in Su Qingge's mind at this time. Although the voice seemed Heavenly at first, one would find it laced with a baleful evil if they payed attention. Still, Su Qingge wasn't surprised as she had long been familiar with the voice.

Her face showed no change.

This voice had accompanied her from the moment of her birth. It was a secret that not even her father was privy to.

One Body, Two Souls!


[Late at night!]

Gu Changge was in his resting quarters.

Suddenly, a black-clothed man with a vague-looking face emerged out of the thin air.

"How's the investigation?"

Gu Changge, who was sitting on the couch, withdrew his consciousness from the System and asked with a deep gaze.

"My Lord, it's as you concluded! The Taixuan Holy Lord called Su Qingge over and explained his reasoning and difficulties to her."

"What are his difficulties?"

Gu Changge raised his eyebrows.

The black-clothed man respectfully explained, "The strongest Elder of Taixuan Holy Land known today already perished some three hundred years ago! It's just that news wasn't leaked to the outside world, or even inside the Sect. Right now, the Taixuan Holy Lord is desperately trying to find a new backer to rely on.

"Other than that, that Taixuan Holy Lord's wife was a noble woman from the Upper Realm who was captured by the force behind her and brought back to the Upper Realm against her will. The Holy Lord wanted to use Su Qingge to develop a connection with you, so he could find his wife's whereabouts."

"Hoh! I didn't expect to have guessed it all right!"

Gu Changge smirked.

He had changed his mind a while ago. Since Su Qingge was the heroine of the story, there must be something more special about her. It was because of this that he let the old man in black go out and gather information.

The old man was called Old Ming, Gu Changge's personal guard on his trip to the Lower Realm.

He was unfathomable expert.

Let alone the Taixuan Holy Land, the entire Eastern Desolate probably didn't have a place where this black-clothed old man couldn't go.

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