I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 2 - The Lion's Battle

Chapter 2 - The Lion's Battle


The light of dusk fell upon the boundless grassland.

It was beautiful and also bloody.

A female lion was injured and her left eye was dripping with blood. She was stabbed in the eye by an animal's horn.

She crawled on the ground sadly, her body trembling from the pain.

No one went to comfort her.

Other than her daughter, a five to six-month-old lioness cub.

Because the fur color of this lioness cub was more golden and beautiful than that of other cubs, Chu Xiaoye gave her a name—Meimei.

Mei Mei went to her mother's side and touched her forehead. Then, she lay quietly beside her and accompanied her.

She seemed to be able to understand her mother's sorrow.

The lioness looked at her daughter lovingly with her remaining eye and then at the grassland in the distance.

She would have a harder time hunting in the future after she was blinded in one eye.

However, her daughter was still young.

Right now, she could only try her best to please the other lionesses and try to make them like her daughter. This was so that they would share some precious food in the future.

The mother and daughter quietly leaned against each other, bathing in the light of setting sun.

Little Curly Tail crawled over stealthily from the bushes, then suddenly jumped up and pounced on Mei Mei.

Mei Mei was frightened and jumped onto her mother's back.

The female lion took a glance and ignored them.

The cubs were playing and training their hunting skills while doing so.

However, her daughter seemed to be a little introverted and timid. She never dared to face the enemy head-on and liked to run away.

She felt helpless too.

Little Curly Hair also jumped onto her back and continued to hit Mei Mei.

Seeing that her mother did not care about her, Mei Mei could only jump off her back and continue to flee towards another direction.

Little Curly Tail was very excited and quickly followed behind her.

Mei Mei was flustered. She knew that the female lions would not save her, and her half-brothers and sisters were also afraid of Little Curly Tail.

Except for this rascal's older brother.

Thus, Mei Mei cleverly ran towards Chu Xiaoye and hid behind his butt.

Chu Xiaoye was lying in the bushes and resting. He really wanted to fart and chase this little female cub away.

But he thought about it and felt that she was pitiful.

She did not even know that her mother was blinded in one eye yet.

Hence, he stood up lazily, arched his body, stretched his back, and turned around skillfully. He aimed his butt at his brother who was sprinting over excitedly with his tail swinging.

Little Curly Tail's expression changed. He suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned around, and ran away.

His older brother was angry. He was going to let out a very smelly fart to chase him away!

He was so scared!


Brother is bullying me…

Little Curly Tail ran away to his mother's side and complained about his brother's bullying.

He and Chu Xiaoye's mother was a beautiful, young, loving and gentle lioness named Aisha.

Of course, this was the name Chu Xiaoye gave her.

Chu Xiaoye's initial rejection turned into acceptance.

He could clearly feel Aisha's love for him and his brother.

The cub's body was flowing with Aisha's blood and aura. It was full of dependence and respect for Aisha.

Even if he occupied it, he still could not change these feelings.

That was his mother.

Aisha ignored Little Curly Tail's complaint.

She was resting to replenish her energy.

The night in Kakivaro was not peaceful.

Especially for a small life without the ability to protect itself.

Even the king of this land.

Hyenas, wild dogs, wolves, leopards, and other carnivores would seize every opportunity to kill their competitors' children.

With one less young competitor, their descendants would have one less enemy to fight for food with in the future.

Therefore, the lionesses would be more careful at night.

Chu Xiaoye chased Little Curly Tail away.

Chu Xiaoye lay down again and thought with melancholy about how he would live life as a lion in the future.

In order to survive, he had to become stronger.

Mei Mei, who was hiding behind him, saw him lying down and pretending to be dead again. Hence, she reached out with her soft paws and scratch his butt, wanting to wake him up to play.

At least, Chu Xiaoye would not bully her. In fact, he would even protect her.

She was willing to play with this melancholic male cub.


Chu Xiaoye ignored her.

He continued to play dead.

He even closed his eyes.


A low and terrifying roar came from afar!

This was the voice of a lion!


This was not the cry of the lion king of this territory!

The female lions lying on the ground all stood up and looked in the direction of the cry with nervous expressions.

Did a wandering lion invade their territory?

If their king could not make it back in time, or if he couldn't defeat this invading lion after returning,

Then, their children would be in danger!

The new male lion would kill all the little cubs and mate with the lionesses again to produce his own offspring!

Therefore, at this very moment, these five female lions were panicking and uneasy, their gazes fixed on the distant grassland.

The little cubs also felt the tension in the atmosphere. They quietened down and stopped making a ruckus.

Chu Xiaoye got up from the ground and cursed his bad luck.

In this situation, he could only pray that his father, the majestic lion king, would appear and defeat the other party!

For the first time, he felt how weak he was and how fragile his life was.

If a new Lion King were to be crowned, he, Little Curly Tail, Mei Mei, and the cubs would all be killed!

That could not happen.

He had to strengthen his ability to protect himself.

If he relied solely on the protection of his father and mother, he might not even live to adulthood.

Looking at the quiet Little Curly Tail and the trembling Mei Mei beside him, Chu Xiaoye raised his little paw and made a decision.

I can't just wait for death.

God gave him a chance to live again. Even though he was a lion, he should work hard to survive.

He had to fight!

He had to fight for his life and strive for success!

He had to become stronger!

He had to defeat the enemy and protect his family!


Another lion's roar suddenly sounded!

This was his father's roar!

His father, the majestic and cool strong male lion, finally returned from the borders of the territory and stopped the invading lion!

The roars were endless!

The two lions seemed to have started fighting.

The lionesses looked on nervously.

The little cubs shivered as they hid beside their mothers, waiting anxiously for their father's triumphant return or his death.

Chu Xiaoye raised his claws and patted Mei Mei, who was trembling all over. He looked calm and looked as if he was saying, "Sister, don't be afraid. I'm here."

Their father was in his prime and should not be defeated.

Unless the other party was his brother.

If he was really defeated, it would be their fate. It was useless to be afraid.

The sun finally set.

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