I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 22 - Generations Of Enemies

Chapter 22 - Generations Of Enemies

The sun was setting in the west.

Maya brought Gigi along and caught up.

In the zebra herd not far away, there were about ten or so zebras, with two foals among them.

Although they were eating grass or playing, they pricked up their ears vigilantly, ready for any sudden attack.

One of the adult zebras stood at the outer circle, raised its head, and took on the responsibility of guarding the area, paying close attention to the wind and grass around it.

The vegetation was a little withered but still very lush.

It was like the fur on a lion.

The pride of the cold father was not far from the zebras, and only five to six hundred meters away.

Furthermore, they were against the Wind.

The flowing hot wind brought with it the smell of the zebras, but it was unable to inform the zebras of the lions in advance.


Aisha made a prompt decision. She immediately brought the four female lions and used the cover of the vegetation to sneak over.

The young cubs knew that their mothers were hunting, and they immediately quietened down. They looked excitedly and nervously at the backs of the five hunters.

The lion lay carefully on the ground and did not move, afraid that his lush mane would be discovered by those zebra herds with good eyesight.

Chu Xiaoye lowered his body and looked at the neat and uniform figures of the five female lions with a burning gaze.

The five female lions started to split up.

One was in charge of attacking.

Two were in charge of dispersing the zebras and separating the prey.

The other two were in charge of intercepting, surrounding and preventing the long-legged zebras from escaping towards the territories of other prides.

It seemed that they had decided on the prey from the beginning.

The ambush went very smoothly.

When they were only 100 meters away from the zebras, the zebras still did not discover them.

Aisha, who was in charge of the first attack, started to slow down. She crawled forward bit by bit.

The withered and lush grass gave her the most cover!

They almost merged into one!

Ninety meters!

80 meters!

Fifty meters!

When she was only 30 meters away from the prey!


Aisha suddenly jumped up high. Then, her muscles heaved as she ran as if she was flying!

At the same time, the other four female lions rushed out!

The zebra herd was in chaos and panic. They moved their hooves and ran for their lives!

Aisha aimed at a zebra mother with a foal and pounced on her at lightning speed!

Xi'er and Maya took advantage of the chaos to drive the zebra herd in another direction, isolating the foal and its mother!

The other two female lions blocked the running mother zebra from the other two directions!

The mother zebra could have been faster.

However, for the sake of her foal, she could only slow down.

When she saw the other two female lions appear in front of her, she knew that she could not hesitate anymore!

She suddenly turned around, abandoned her foal, and ran in another direction!

Chu Xiaoye had already straightened his body and raised his neck to look at this scene.

He did not know how this zebra mother felt at this moment.

Did she want to use her body to lure away these hunters so that her child could escape, or did she want to give up her child at this crucial moment to save her own life?

Based on what he knew in the past, this zebra mother must have abandoned her child in fear to save her own life.

However, sometimes, there were a few touching scenes in the cruel animal world.

Just like in cold human crowds, there were sometimes one or two people who were not cold.

Hence, Chu Xiaoye was not sure.


No matter what the zebra mother's true feelings were, the female lions were not going to let her go.

Because she, was the ultimate goal of these hunters!

The foal ran very slowly, especially after its mother left it.

However, the two female lions that appeared in front of it did not look at it much. They ran past it and caught up to its mother.

The hungry hunters did not like its small body.

Aisha was the first to jump up and pounce on the running zebra mother and bit her neck!

The zebra mother panicked and dragged her along as she ran a few steps, then staggered and fell to the ground.

When she struggled to get up again, Xi'er and Maya had already arrived and quickly pounced on her!

Then, the remaining two female lions arrived.

Everything was settled.

The mother zebra neighed sadly and despairingly as she struggled helplessly, her eyes wide with fear.

The foal did not stop and quickly ran towards the zebra herd.

The five female lions bit the mother zebra tightly and did not look at it.

The lion immediately roared and ran over. Its mane fluttered in the wind majestically.

Lars followed closely, feeling extremely excited.

Chu Xiaoye brought the other cubs and followed them.

The lion roared angrily, bared its sharp fangs, and chased away the other lionesses except for Aisha, who was biting the zebra's throat.

Xi'er, Maya, and the other female lions hurriedly made way. They could only swallow their saliva and lick the blood at the corner of their mouths.

The lion lay in front of the prey's abdomen and started to eat.

The hungry Lars had just run close to him and was about to eat with this father when the lion suddenly raised its claw and slapped him mercilessly.

Lars hurriedly dodged and retreated a few steps, not daring to approach the prey again. His eyes were filled with grievance and hatred.

Chu Xiaoye stood behind his mother with Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei and did not go forward.

Aisha bit her prey's throat and did not let go.

The female lions and young cubs drooled as they watched the lion take the food all to himself.

"Ow Ow! Ow Ow!"


Demonic cackles and the annoying cries of hyenas suddenly sounded not far away!

Chu Xiaoye turned to look. Two spotted hyenas cried out strangely as they ran over.

Then, more hyenas crawled out from the lush grass.

Cackles rose and fell. They were noisy and ear-piercing, and they increased in number.

The thirty-over spotted hyenas surged over like flies that had smelled blood!

Chu Xiaoye knew these hyenas.

They were the hyenas that attacked their pride previously!

The despicable hyenas always followed other carnivores. As long as they saw other carnivores catching prey, they would immediately let out sharp cries and call for their other companions to come and snatch the food.

They rarely snatched food from lion prides, especially those with their male lion around.

Lone carnivores were their favorite targets.

Like individual lionesses or leopards for example.

Today, they had clearly come prepared.

The pride migrated and had gone hungry for a few days. They also ran all the way here and expended a lot of energy when hunting. They were already exhausted.

At this moment, their sudden appearance in groups was definitely the most suitable opportunity!

Chu Xiaoye even suspected that when their pride set off from home, there were hyenas tailing and peeping at them!

This group of disgusting and shameless things!

The female lions, the young cubs, and even the male lion who was eating started to feel uneasy.

Looking at the huge hyena pack, who could not be afraid?

The lion stood up and opened its bloody mouth, letting out an angry and threatening roar, as if he was warning them.

The female lions hurriedly walked forward, bared their sharp fangs, and protected the young cubs behind them.

Under the lead of the hyena queen, the hyenas howled strangely as they split up and surrounded her.

The battle was about to start!

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