I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 24 - Enemies Meet

Chapter 24 - Enemies Meet

When the sky turned dark.

The exhausted and hungry pride finally reached their destination at the borders of the territory.

After a round of investigation, the male and female lions chose a patch of bushes at the edge of the territory to be their new home.

In the bushes, there were two thick and tall Baobab trees. The thick and fat bottom of the tree trunk was like a huge water tank and looked rather comical.

Of course, it was also exceptionally striking.

From today onwards, these two Baobab trees would become a special symbol of the pride's new home.

Chu Xiaoye liked it here.

It was not just the trees, bushes, and grass here.

Even the air seemed to be cooler.

Under the slope not far away, there was a winding river.

Although the river was not wide and the water was muddy, many animals would gather here every evening.

There were carnivores like them, many strange herbivores, some beautiful birds, and even some small insects.

This was the real animal world.

The female lions did not stay long in the new home, nor did they have the time to rest. They had to find some food to satiate their hunger before the sun completely set.

At the foot of the hill not far away, the sounds of all sorts of animals neighing, playing, and begging for a mate could be heard. It was loud and noisy.

The five female lions looked at each other and walked over.

Standing on the hill and looking down, the female lions' eyes lit up. Their mouths were overflowing with saliva and their stomachs were rumbling.

There was so much delicious food!

However, there were too many carnivores gathered at the drinking ground. They could not hunt there.

Otherwise, the food that they hunted painstakingly would also be snatched away by other carnivores.

They had to choose a target, find the direction that the target would leave in after drinking the water, and then lay an ambush on the path that the other party had to pass!

The female lions started to move.

The cold father lion did not rest either.

He passed through the bushes and peed at the borders of the territory again. He even rubbed his body on the grass and trees, leaving behind his fur and smell to warn his neighbors and the invaders.

He used urine and smell to split the bushes into two, enjoying the shade with the lions next door.

Under normal circumstances, prides that were neighbouring each other would not cross each other's borders to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Unless the opposing lion was extremely strong and wanted to snatch their territory.


The cold father understood the lion next door.

That lion was a year younger than him and was no match for him.

However, the other party was definitely not to be trifled with.

Therefore, it was better to understand each other and follow the rules.

No one wanted to risk their lives and die while letting the other wandering lions and carnivores take advantage of them.

The female lions were ambushing the enemy.

The lion was marking the borders of the territory.

As for Chu Xiaoye, he brought Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei up a Baobab tree and stood on the thickest branch at the top.

The bottom of this Baobab tree's trunk was thick and round. The branches on it were also very wide. Compared to the big tree before, it was very easy to climb.

Mei Mei and Little Curly Tail stood on it as if they were walking on flat ground. They no longer had any fear.

Lars and Gigi lay sleeping in the bushes below.

The journey and fright made them so sleepy that they could not open their eyes.

They only wanted to eat when they woke up. They were not interested in climbing trees.

Chu Xiaoye stood on a branch and could vaguely see the river at the foot of the hill and the few animals gathered by the river to drink water.

After the water buffaloes drank their fill, they climbed up the hill and walked towards the distant grassland.

Chu Xiaoye knew that the prey the female lions were waiting for was not this herd of water buffaloes.

Without the lion's help, the female lions would have a hard time catching the water buffaloes in the herd. If they were not careful, there would be casualties.

Unless there were old, weak, sick, and disabled bulls.

Even if it was a lone water buffalo, the female lions did not dare to take the risk given their current hungry and tired states.

Another herd of gnus drank the water and left.

And the direction they left in was the direction the five female lions left in.

The five female lions were lying in wait in the bushes!

This was probably the prey they were waiting for!

Chu Xiaoye stood on high ground and looked at the place where the female lions were hiding. Just as he was about to see how they hunted, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a black spot from the corner of his eye.

It was a hyena!

After following the pride and waiting for the lionesses to catch their prey, they immediately called for their companions to snatch the prey!

Chu Xiaoye's anger immediately surged up, and his eyes were filled with cold killing intent!

The sneak attack and snatching of prey midway previously had already filled him with hatred for this group of hyenas!

Now, his hatred was even greater!

No wonder the lions and hyenas had been enemies for generations!

The moment he saw the hyena, the hatred that had seeped into Chu Xiaoye's bones and blood immediately surged up!

The lion walked far away, still marking the border.

The female lions were hiding and all their attention was in front.

The shameless hyena was hiding behind them, watching their movements closely with its cunning eyes.

As long as they caught prey, it would run around and shout for its companions to snatch the prey!

Chu Xiaoye did not hesitate and immediately climbed down the tree.

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei were stunned for a moment before they immediately followed him.

Chu Xiaoye glanced at them but did not chase them away. Instead, he brought them to the hyenas.

Although this place was beautiful and full of food, dangers lurked everywhere.

It was better to let them come into contact with these dangers sooner and learn to fight the enemy sooner.

When they were still more than 200 meters away from the hyena, the confused Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei finally saw it.

The hyena was hiding in the grass, stretching his neck and ears and staring intently at the five female lions.

It did not know that it was coveting gains ahead without being aware of the danger behind!

Chu Xiaoye gestured for Little Curly Tail to bring Mei Mei along and move behind the hyena to stop it.

Meanwhile, he sneaked over from the side!

Little Curly Tail was very excited. He quickly understood what he meant and immediately left with Mei Mei. His amber eyes were filled with fighting spirit!

Although Mei Mei was a little afraid, she relaxed when she saw that the hyena was all alone and had no helpers while there were three on her side. Furthermore, her two brothers had fought with hyenas before.

Chu Xiaoye lay in the grass and waited for a while. When he saw that Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei were about to circle to the back of the hyena, he got up, lowered his body, and carefully approached the hyena.

At this moment, the five female lions had already jumped up from the grass and started sprinting towards the prey!

The hyena that was spying on the female lions immediately got excited. It stared fixedly at the five female lions and the pitiful gnu that was being hunted by the female lions!

"Foolish lions! No matter how hard you work or how strong you are, the delicious prey you catch will be given to us and become a feast for us hyenas!"

The hyena drooled and its eyes shone. It should be thinking this proudly in its heart.


Not far to his right, in the grass, just 100 meters away, a young male cub was crawling and quietly approaching him!

When enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred!

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