I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 27 - Dangerous Enemies

Chapter 27 - Dangerous Enemies


The baboon was shocked. With a scream, its body suddenly jumped up and landed on the ground!

Then, he ran!


How could its speed compare to that of those poisonous bees!

In the blink of an eye, the black swarm of poisonous bees caught up to him and pounced on him aggressively. Their tails shook and they started stinging him viciously!

The baboon immediately cried out in pain and fell to the ground. As it hit the ground, it rolled around with all its might!

However, even more poisonous bees flew out of the bushes and charged towards it.

"Buzz buzz buzz…"

A huge black cloud wrapped him tightly like a well-trained army, attacking crazily one after another!

The baboon rolled on the ground as it howled miserably. Not a single fur could be seen on its body as it was covered by a black mass of poisonous bees!

In a moment!

Its mournful and desperate roar gradually weakened and its rolling frequency also slowed.

Soon, it lay on the ground motionless.

As for the wasp army, they were still in neat rows, attacking mercilessly in waves!

Chu Xiaoye hid on a branch of the withered tree and watched with his eyes wide open. He was so scared that he did not dare to move at all, and his heart almost stopped beating!

In the surrounding bushes, there were venomous bees flying in twos and threes. They seemed to be patrolling or looking for other enemies.

Chu Xiaoye had once seen a type of poisonous bee on television. It was called the African Killer Bee. They formed groups and had a notorious reputation!

Those killing bees were all fearless and exceptionally fierce!

As long as a living creature approached their nest, they would immediately move in groups and attack crazily. They would inject a large amount of Melittin into the enemy and even chase after the enemy for up to 24 hours. They were extremely cruel!

Be it humans or large animals, their expressions would change and they would be terrified at the mention of these bees!

It was said that, to this day, thousands of humans had died to the venom of killer bees!

As for animals, there were countless of them!

The poisonous bees tonight were clearly larger than the Killer Bees. The spikes on their tails looked even more ferocious!

Their attacking method and ferocity did not look inferior to those infamous killing bees!

Hence, at this moment, Chu Xiaoye was crawling on the tree in fright, not daring to move at all. He even held his breath, afraid that he would be discovered by those patrolling poisonous bees.

The pitiful baboon was already lying on the ground and not moving.

He was clearly dead.

After a long time.

The black mass of terrifying poisonous bees finally vented their anger on its corpse. They slowly flew up, gathered together, and flew into the bushes.

The surrounding poisonous bees also flew back after circling around a few times.

Chu Xiaoye was still lying on the tree, not daring to move.

Under the bright moonlight, looking through the branches and leaves of the bushes, the baboon's entire body was swollen and its grayish-white body had turned black!

Its eyes were wide open and its body was stiff. The eyeballs in its eyes were almost gone!

That terrified and ferocious expression made it look like the baboon was not stung to death. Instead, it looked like it was frightened to death!

Chu Xiaoye felt his blood run cold and his limbs go limp.

If he had not encountered this baboon and if the sudden battle had not happened, he might have accidentally broken into the bushes while practising his skills!

At that time, he would probably be doomed!

No matter how agile he was, how fast he was, or how sharp his claws were, he could not resist this terrifying army of poisonous bees!

He had thought that after changing homes, he would be able to live peacefully for some time under the lion's roar.

Who knew that it was dangerous everywhere!

Not only were there carnivores with fangs all over their mouths, but there were also venomous bees that all animals could not guard against!

If he was not careful, he would meet Hades!

It was really difficult to survive.

Above him, the bright moon was in the sky and the stars were everywhere.

Under this beautiful and magnificent starry sky, countless lives were quietly making sounds and dying silently, trying their best to survive.

After staying on the tree for a long time, Chu Xiaoye climbed down carefully.

After landing, he hesitated for a moment, but he could not resist his curiosity and quietly approached the bushes.

Even at night, his vision was still good.

In the dense bushes, there was a huge black beehive with dense black poisonous bees crawling on it.

They seemed to have quietened down and stopped moving.

Chu Xiaoye was shocked by the scene and did not dare to approach again. Instead, he circled around and walked to the side of the dead baboon, dragging its corpse back to the camp.

Of course, he would not let the pride eat this baboon.

He only wanted to warn the pride, especially his father, who always liked to pee and roar in the bushes that a terrifying killer was hiding in the bushes!

The lion was resting with his eyes closed on the hill.

When he effortlessly dragged the dead baboon back, the lion suddenly opened its eyes and looked at him. It was first stunned, then it got up and walked over quickly.

The five sleeping lionesses woke up one after another and looked at him and the baboon he had brought back.

Chu Xiaoye opened his mouth, placed the baboon in the grass, and roared at the lion.

Anyway, I have already reminded you, whether you understand it or not.

If you dare to go there to pee and roar again, be careful that others will make your p*nis even bigger than your head!

The lion did not look at him but at the baboon, that had died tragically, on the ground. His expression immediately turned grave and nervous.

The five female lions hurriedly walked over and let out uneasy growls. They looked at the bushes behind them.

Obviously, they seemed to have understood something.

Aisha walked to Chu Xiaoye's side and stuck out her tongue. She lovingly tidied his messy hair to express her concern.

Chu Xiaoye rubbed her head and walked in front of the thick Baobab tree, climbing up.

On the wide branch, Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei were still sleeping soundly.

He was tired and frightened. He decided to rest for the night.

As for tomorrow.

Of course, he had to continue working hard.

He had to work hard to survive, grow up, and become stronger!

Although poisonous bees were terrifying and dangerous, life was always about surviving in the toughest of situations.

If he wanted to live, he had to work hard!

The night grew darker.

He stopped thinking and closed his eyes.

In the middle of the territory.

In the bushes where the lions used to live, a group of baboons occupied the spot.

A strong baboon rushed back from the distant grassland and informed its species about where there was water, food, and vegetation and that it was still green and lush.

After making a ruckus, the baboons set off that night and moved towards the border of the pride.

The baboon that was stung to death by the poisonous bees was the vanguard of their intelligence gathering team.

In the bushes, more animals started to migrate to the river.

Of course, that included the leopard and her daughter.

The dry season, which made all the creatures on the grassland anxious and worried, seemed to be approaching soon.

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