I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 29 - Coward

Chapter 29 - Coward


Chu Xiaoye cried out anxiously again.

When Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei heard his cry, they immediately retreated.

Although they were still thirsty, they listened to their brother and never doubted him.

Many things during this period of time had proven their brother's strength and intelligence.

They trusted him very much.

Lars and Gigi were still crawling with their heads lowered, drinking water happily.

When the male lion and the female lions drank the water, their muscles were tense. They were half-squatting with high vigilance, and their bodies were curled back slightly, as if they were prepared to jump up and dodge at any time.

If the crocodile really wanted to attack them, the possibility of failure was very high.

But Lars and Gigi were in extreme danger!

They lay on the ground and were extremely greedy when they drank water. They even stuck their necks out from the shore, not looking vigilant at all!

If the crocodile suddenly attacked them, the two little fellows would be doomed!

Chu Xiaoye was anxious and angry. Seeing that the two fellows ignored his cries, he could only go forward and slap their butts.

Gigi looked back at him, seemingly afraid of him, and took a few steps back. She still looked eagerly at the river, wanting to drink more.

Lars, however, let out a roar, turned around, and glared at him, looking very angry.

He seemed to be saying: Coward! Go away! Dad and Mom are drinking, why can't I drink!

He continued to drink with his head lowered.

Chu Xiaoye swung his claws again and increased his strength, slapping his butt.


Lars immediately got furious. He suddenly turned his head and bared his fangs at him, letting out an angry roar with a fierce expression!

It was as if he was saying: Scram! If you dare to disturb me when I'm drinking water again, don't blame me for beating you up even though I'm the big brother!

The lioness with a broken tail, his mother, also turned around and looked at Chu Xiaoye unhappily.


Little Curly Tail suddenly rushed up, bared his teeth, and roared at Lars, looking like he wanted to pounce on him and bite him.

If you dare to roar at my brother, let's fight?

Although Lars was larger than Little Curly Tail, after this period of diligent training, Little Curly Tail's muscles and strength, agility and speed, and combat skills were much stronger than Lars.

Lars could not even win against him when they fought and played occasionally.

Therefore, looking at this pair of brothers, Lars immediately got terrified.

He put away his fangs and looked angrily at his brothers. He decided to ignore them and continued to lie down by the river to drink water.

"Coward! Have you lost your courage after climbing trees every day! We're the lions on land! The kings of the grassland! Don't you have the courage to drink water? You're going to die of thirst!"

That was probably what he was thinking.


Chu Xiaoye did not restrain himself at all. He raised his claw again and slapped his butt!

Lars suddenly jumped up and was about to roar angrily. With a whoosh, a bloody mouth full of fangs suddenly popped out from the water he had just drunk and bit the place where his head was lowered when he drank the water!

If he had jumped up a second later, his entire head would have been bitten by this crocodile by now!

The surrounding lions were frightened and jumped back!

Lars was a step too slow!

Although his head avoided the danger of being bitten by the crocodile, his two front limbs were too close to the river. Before he could shrink back, he was bitten by the crocodile that had jumped up and landed!


Lars was scared out of his wits. He struggled with all his might and roared in fear.


The crocodile used all its strength and dragged his two forelimbs and entire upper body into the water!

Lars widened his eyes and his two hind legs were holding onto the ground tightly. He was extremely shocked!


The lion and lionesses roared!

However, they only dared to roar from the shore, not daring to approach the river!

Even Lars' mother, the lioness with a broken tail, only dared to stand behind him and roar with all her might. She was shocked and afraid but did not dare to go forward.

The lion, the cold father, walked over and stood with her. He roared at the crocodile in the river, took a step forward, and took a step back. He did not dare to save Lars!

Gigi, who was beside him, had already run far away in fright. She was shivering not far away.

The crocodile in the water swung its head and Lars's body was dragged a few more steps forward. Almost his entire body fell into the water!

Only his two hind legs and butt were still struggling on the shore!


He opened his mouth and let out a cry of despair and fear!

His mother and father roared even louder and became more anxious, but they only dared to threaten by the river.

The other lionesses paced anxiously at the side, roaring as well, not daring to go forward.

Not far away, another few crocodiles swam over quickly!

The movement in the water attracted the attention of the crocodiles that were ambushing their prey nearby!

Lars howled miserably, his eyes wide as if he was crying.

His two hind legs were already trembling.

He was about to run out of strength.

When he saw that the other crocodiles beneath the water did not hide and just swam past him, he lost all hope.

The crocodile, which was biting his front legs, was about to launch its last swing and completely drag him into the water for a death roll!


Right at this last moment, a figure suddenly jumped out from beside him. It drew a perfect arc in front of him, and then, with a "whoosh", it smashed heavily into the river!

Water splashed everywhere and the river water churned!

Lars suddenly felt his body relax and hurriedly retreated and staggered back to the shore!

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei quickly ran to the river and roared anxiously at the rolling river.


Before the other crocodiles swam over, Chu Xiaoye suddenly jumped out of the water and jumped onto the shore!

He stood on the shore, shook his fur, and turned his head to look into the water.

Blood flowed out of the water.

It was the blood of the crocodile's eyes.

The moment he jumped down, he aimed his sharp claws at the crocodile's eyes and grabbed it hard, almost pulling out its eyeballs!

Then, the crocodile released its mouth in pain and fled!

His body was trembling and his limbs were a little weak.

He was also very afraid just now.

However, he knew that if he did not save Lars now, there would be no chance left when the other crocodiles swam over!

Thankfully, it went quite smoothly.

The river water suddenly surged again!

The blinded alligator, who was trying to escape with one eye, was surrounded by other alligators who were swimming over and biting crazily!

Crocodiles who saw blood would even disregard family ties!

Chu Xiaoye stood on the shore and watched the scene in a daze.

Similarly, the pride was looking at him blankly.

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