I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 11 - You Impressed Me

Chapter 11: You Impressed Me

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Huan looked excited on seeing Yin Jinye and showed him in with his body bent with all respect.

It took Rong Yi a while to realize that Yin, Yin Jinye’s surname, was also on the plaque of the mansion he just walked in. Was he the owner of the house, husband of the original owner of this body?

He didn’t why, but he felt pleased by his finding. If Yin Jinye was the husband, things would be much easier. If…if i have to to sleep with Yin Jinye at night, I could…well…accept it. Bah! What am I thinking?!

Rong Yi rubbed his face and realized something was wrong. If Yin Jinye was the husband, why didn’t he recognize him earlier in the shop? Maybe he was the brother of the original master’s husband?

Thinking of the possibility, he was down to the bottom of West Lake. Looking at the closed door, he thought, “rather than wasting time woolgathering here, why don’t I go inside and find out the truth myself?”

He then walked up and knocked on the door.

It was Rong Su who answered the door this time. As soon as he saw Rong Yi, he shouted excitedly, “My lord, the master is here. He is finally here.”

He said the master is here, not the master is back, Rong Yi’s heart sunk.

Rong Su then patted on his forehead as if he suddenly remembered something, “I forget that you don’t know about him yet. In fact…in fact…he is not dead.”

As Rong Yi heard the word “dead”, he frowned, “what do you mean? Who is your master?”

“He is our master before we came to serve you, that is to say, your husband survived.” Rong Su immediately in case he might get angry and hurt the baby, “Young master, we didn’t mean to hide it from you. No one expected that the master would survive from the thunder struck on his doomsday. His mother was so sad that she was crazy-like trying to find a person to conceive the master’s yang sperm. To pay back his mother for saving her life, your mother told her that you are a body of pure yin…”

Someone owning pure yin body was born on a Yin day in a Yin month of a Yin year. He or she was born with super gifts, possessing pure yin power and a bit yang power, which could help foster duo cultivation for both him or her and his or her sexual partner. It was very rare which could be seen every 1,000 years. If anyone was found out to have a body of pure yin, he or she might be caged up by those evil cultivators for cultivation.

But usually women had bodies of pure yin. It never occurred to men until Rong Yi.

“Our master majored in ghost cultivation which generates heavy yin power, which makes it nearly impossible for him to have a child. But people owning pure yin body was different. They own both yin qi and yang qi. So they wouldn’t be hurt by yin qi generated from ghost cultivation and also has the yang qi in their body to conceive a baby because they have both yin and yang power in one body. As Her Lady had not many sperms, she decided to give them to your mother hoping that she could persuade you to conceive his son’s baby. But…” Rong Su made a pause and continued, “but your mother made the decision without asking your permission. She held the wedding of you and our master’s memorial tablet. She secretly nursed your body and put the sperms into your body. When we knew about it, you were already three-month pregnant. And we found the fact that our master was not dead two years ago. He was seriously injured from the thunder struck. He had to cultivate in seclusion to heal himself. We didn’t tell you because we didn’t want you to get worried. Now that our master is healed and comes back, Her Old Lady sent him to find you. Young master, our master is way better-looking and more powerful than your big senior brother apprentice. You would fall in love with our master and get over your senior brother apprentice when you see him.”

Rong Su’s face was shining on mentioning his master.

Rong Yi patted Rong Su on the shoulder, “good boy. You impressed me.”

He only asked one question and this fellow told him every detail already, which saved him a lot of time to collect information now.

If it had been Rong Huan, he wouldn’t even say a word.

“Where is your master now?”

“In t Biluo Yard.” On seeing that he was not pissed off, Rong Su felt much relieved. Watching Rong Yi walk into the backyard, Rong Su suddenly remembered one thing and then shouted, “Young master, the little master has come back.”

But Rong Yi was long gone, so he didn’t hear Rong Su at all.

Rong Su didn’t bother to chase after him. The little master only knew to ask the young master to feed him.

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