I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 2 - Asking for Death

Chapter 2: Asking for Death

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Who are they? Why are they punching me? Where are Rong Qi and the quintuplets? And where am I?

Rong Yi noticed that he was standing in an ancient building which would only be seen on TV instead of a modern room at home. It must be sorcery that Rong Yi’s fynny friends casted on him.

“Wow! The sissy pants can avoid my punch. Impressive!” the man standing in front of Rong Yi smirked, “did you use your breast-feeding-men strength?”

The other two men laughed out aloud.

“Brother Quan, don’t waste your time. Give him senior sister apprentice’s wedding invitation so that he can give up forever.” said the girl behind that man with disdain.

“Ok.” Quan Feng then took out a red invitation card from his chest pocket and patted it on his palm, “she asked me to give you the invitation. Two month later, she and your senior brother apprentice are going to get married at the Destiny Peak of our Taiyuan Sect. You are welcome to attend their wedding. But since you are already a few months pregnant, you’d better not come. Otherwise you would give birth on the wedding because that would too much for you to take.”

“Brother Quan, maybe we can invite a midwife to the wedding. When he gives birth, take off his pants and show the entire sect how a man gives birth to a baby.” Mocked the others.

“Good idea.”

Rong Yi didn’t pay attention to what they were saying. All he cared was to get out of the illusion someone cast on him.

“Catch it, sissy.” Quan Feng threw the invitation card at Rong Yi right in the face.

As soon as Rong Yi came into senses, he clinched the invitation card with two fingers. However, he fell down on the floor as he couldn’t feel any support from his feet, and then threw the invitation back at Quan Feng quickly and powerfully like throwing a dart.

As Quan Feng didn’t expect that Rong Yi could throw the invitation back and so hard, his face was cut deeply by the card.

“Ah!” He touched his face and then saw blood on his fingers. He and his peers were shocked that the weak Rong Yi could hurt him with a piece of paper, “son of bitch! How dare you hurt me!”

Then Quan Feng pulled out of his sword.

At this time, a man yelled from a distance, “Quan Feng, it’s you again! You are asking for death to bully my young master at my place!”

Quan Feng and the others were mortified when they saw it was Rong Su, personal guardian of Rong Yi. Rong Su was a level 9 Base of Practice while they were just at the entry level of Base of Practice. They couldn’t defeat him altogether combined. So they ran away soon after they trash-talked “Rong Yi, we will see”.

“Are you ok, young master? Are you hurt? Did they punch you? Did they say anything mean? Don’t listen to them. They meant to upset you on purpose. Don’t let them win.” Rong Yi marched forward and carried Rong Yi in his arms, jumped and hopped in the air a few times, then landed at the backyard, carried him onto the bed, saying “Young master, are you hurt? I need to make sure. I have to get a midwife to confirm it. Wait here. I will be back soon.”

“Huh?!” Before Rong Yi said anything, Rong Su already dashed out like an arrow.

What the fuck?! What did he say? A midwife?

Isn’t a midwife supposed to assist in childbirth?

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