I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 26 - Have You Seen Enough? (1)

Chapter 26: Have You Seen Enough? (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

It was dinner time and Yin Jinye still didn’t join them.

Rong Yi squinted at Yin Jinye’s spot. How would he get close with Yin Jinye if he even didn’t have dinner with him? It was not sensible to drag him out for shopping every day.

After dinner, Lei Sai took a big red gift box from his Storage Ring and gave it to Rong Yi, “This is for you.”

“For me?” Rong Yi raised his eyebrows and joked, “Is it a gift for me? Let me guess. You are giving me this, because you want me to teach you how to enchant. You want to bribe me, right?”

“Why do you bother to ask since you already knew?” Lei Sai snorted.

Rong Yi sneered, “Is this your attitude when you ask for help?”

Lei Sai’s expression changed a bit, and he could only lower his status, “What should I do so that you will teach me enchanting?”

“Only if you can please me.” Said Rong Yi while he unwrapped the gift, “I need to see what you’ve got for me.”

“You will love it.” Said Lei Sai.

Rong Yi opened the box and saw a bunch of bottles and jars. He picked one up and checked, “What are these?”

“It is the most famous makeup brand in the entire Zhonghai Prefecture. Some many female cultivators are lining up for it. Urgh…Ahem…I asked a friend of mine to pull the string and buy such a big jar of pearl powder. Not everyone can buy such a nice jar even if they would like to pay. So what do you say? You like it or not?” bragged Lei Sai.

Rong Su was speechless.

Rong Yi wished he could pour the powder all over his head, “You wish!”

He just asked Rong Yi to throw away all his makeup this morning, and now he got another big box of makeup as a gift? How could he be happy?

“Don’t you like women’s staff? You even got mad at Tao since you didn’t buy the makeup you like. Now I bought it for you. Why are you still not happy?” Lei Sai was confused.

Rong Yi didn’t want to explain to him. He pulled Yin Tao who was still eating chicken claws and said to Rong Huan, “Make an arrangement. This kid and I will move to Biluo Yard from tonight on.”

“Yes.” Rong Huan smiled gently.

“Wait…” Lei Sai stood up and shouted at Rogn Yi who was leaving, “siss…, I mean, young master, can you at least tell me why you don’t like it?”

It was the first time that he tried to kiss up to someone and ended up like this!

“He just asked me to throw all his makeup away this morning.” Said Rong Su.

“Isn’t he into those staff? Why did he throw them away?” Lei Sai was confused.

Rong Su shook his head, indicating he also had no idea.

“What the fuck! Does this sissy pants divert his nature?”

Lei Sai then sat back crossly.

After Rong Yi bathed Yin Tao, he held the kid on his lap, “Do you want to spend more time with your father? Do you want to move into his yard? Do you want to sleep on the same bed with him?”

“I want to sleep with you, mom-daddy.” Yin Tao nodded happily.

“I didn’t mean me. I meant Yin Jinye, your father. And, don’t call me mom-daddy again. Call me daddy. Ok?”

“Daddy.” cried Yin Tao.

“Good boy.” Rong Yi couldn’t help pinching his cute baby face, “Never call me mom-daddy again.”

“Daddy.” cried Yin Tao excitedly while he threw himself at Rong Yi and bit his chest.

“Ouch! You just bit me again.” He had just grew a little bond with him and thought he was kind of cute, and now again he thought the kid was really annoying, “What the hell! This is the last time. If you bite me on my chest ever again, I will squeeze you to death. Ouch! Don’t suck so hard! Damn it!”

But there was nothing he could do. When Yin Tao almost was finished with eating, he immediately pulled him off.

Yin Tao burped and giggled.

“How dare you laugh?” Rong Yi spanked him slightly and then applied the ointment Rong Su bought him yesterday to his chest, “If you want to drink my blood again, just tell me. I will make blood for you.”

Yin Tao nodded as if he half understood.

“Come on. Let’s go to your father’s yard.” Rong Yi stood up with holding him in his arms.

“To peep him bathing?” asked Yin Tao while putting his arms around Rong Yi’s neck.

“To discuss meaning of life.” Rong Yi’s lips twitched.

After the father and son arrived at Biluo Yard, Rong Huan arranged them in the room on the opposite side of Yin Jinye’s room.

Looking at the well-lit living room on the other side, Rong Yi said to Yin Tao, “Little Cherry, when you see your father, remember to call him father.”

Yin Tao nodded casually, looking a bit unhappy.

“Don’t worry. He will like you. Don’t stop calling him father until he responds. Do you understand?” Rong Yi could imagine what he had been through. When he was born, his father shut himself up to cultivate. He could only learn about his father from pictures or from the mouths of people around him. When his father was out, he was already six years old. He was not familiar with being around a father but in the meantime, he was eager to get close to him.

Yin Tao nodded again.

Rong Yi was both amused but mad at him being kind of dispirited, “You should torment him the way you tormented me. It would be for the best if you could give him a few bites. If he beats you, I will take off his pants and spank him.”

Yin Tao finally gave a smile.

“If he just ignores you, you can do this…” Rong Yi whispered into his ear, and patted on his shoulder, “Off you go.”

“Mom-daddy, aren’t you coming with me?” Yin Yao pulled his sleeve.

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