I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 28 - Interesting

Chapter 28: Interesting

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Yin Tao was excited because it was the first time he slept with his father and daddy. After he dragged Rong Yi inside the room, he rushed to the bed, climbed up the bed same high as his chest, took out tiny pillow and quilts from his Storage Bracelet and put them next to Yin Jinye’s. He patted his tiny pillow and said excitedly, “Daddy, father, come here.”

Looking into Yin Tao’s sparkling eyes, Rong Yi had no heart to refuse him. He looked back at Yin Jinye, wishing he could refuse this damn kid.

Yin Jinye gave the kid whose smile was bright as sunshine a look, sat down, kept wiping his magic weapon, then said, “You two sleep first.”

Rong Yi gave him a hard stare. He meant to let him to refuse the kid but not to allow them to stay.

“Daddy. Come here. Daddy. Come on. Come on. Come here…” Yin Tao rolled on the bed.

Rong Yi opened his mouth but finally he didn’t refuse him. It was not a big deal to sleep on the same bed with a kid and a man. Besides, since the master of the room agreed, he didn’t need to complain like a girl.

He walked to the bed and Yin Tao threw himself at him excitedly, “Dad, bedtime story, bedtime story.”

Rong Yi’s eyes twitched, “I better go back to my own room.”

God must know that he hates kids so that he specially sent this kid to torture him.

“Don’t go, daddy.” Yin Tao dragged his sleeve tightly, with both anxiety and expectation in his eyes.

“Do you still want bedtime story?” asked Rong Yi.

“Yes, I do.” Nodded Yin Tao.

Rong Yi, “…”

“Daddy, come up here.” Yin Tao dragged him onto the bed.

Rong Yi sat down, with one leg hanging at the bedside.

Yin Tao took off Rong Yi’s shoes as if he was afraid that he would go at any minute.

Rong Yi took his shoes by himself as he didn’t want Yin Tao to try so hard to please him.

Yin Tao then got down by his side and said, “Daddy, bedtime story.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes secretly. How would he know how to tell bedtime stories? Maybe fairytales from his world? He only overheard a few small stories that his elder brother told his younger brothers. But he didn’t know the whole stories.

“Daddy, please.”

Rong Yi then asked helplessly, “Why do you want to listen to bedtime story?”

Yin Tao then answered with jealousy, “Other senior brother apprentices all go to bed with their dads telling them bedtime stories. I want that too.”

Rong Yi could tell how much this kid wanted love from fathers. He stroked his head and started after thinking for a bit, “Once upon a time there was a kid whose senior brother apprentices all like to listen to bedtime stories from their fathers. One day, the fathers all disappeared…”

“Why did they disappear?” asked Yin Tao out of curiosity.

“Because the senior brother apprentices liked bedtime stories too much to sleep, so Heaven took their fathers away forever.”

Yin Tao then hugged Rong Yi tightly. “I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want to leave you. Daddy, I am done with bedtime stories.”

Rong Yi was amused how easily kids were fooled.

Yin Jinye snorted while he was wiping the weapon. He expected that Rong Yi could tell a good story. It turned out to be nothing.

Giving him a quick look, Rong Yi said to Yin Tao, “I might be taken away by Heaven if I tell bedtime stories. But your father wouldn’t be taken away. We can let him tell us bedtime stories, OK?”

Yin Tao giggled, “Great.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Rong Yi didn’t expect Yin Jinye to come over himself, so he went off the bed to urge him, “Stop it. The more often you wipe it, the weaker it becomes. You might not notice it at the beginning. But given time, you will realize it.”

Yin Jinye narrowed his eyes because he really found his magic weapon was not as handy and powerful as before. He always thought that was because he overused it. He even had Spiritual Weapon Maker examine it but found no problems. Was it because he wiped it too often as Rong Yi said?

He was then dragged to the bedside.

“Bedtime story, father.” Said Yin Tao happily.

“It’s too late. You should sleep now.” said Yin Jinye flatly.

Yin Tao barely said yes and tucked himself in his little quilt as he was deterred by Yin Jinye’s condescending power.

“Alas.” Rong Yi sighed, looking at the damn kid. If he had known that Yin Jinye could make him sleep with only a few words, he would have already made him do it in the first place.

“So should you.” Yin Jinye pushed Rong Yi slightly.

“You mean here?” asked Rong Yi.


Rong Yi then climbed onto the bed hesitantly.

Yin Tao hugged him immediately, “It feels awesome to sleep with daddy.”

Rong Yi patted slightly on Yin Tao’s back and closed his eyes. He was worn out after excessively enchanting twice today.Soon he already fell fast asleep.

Yin Jinye picked up his magic weapon and checked it, frowning, and decided not to wipe it anymore. After he put it back to his Storage Ring, he heard even breathing sound from Rong Yi and Yin Tao.

He looked at the kid first and then Rong Yi. This young man didn’t wear makeups like a woman as his subordinated described. And what was more, he neither was a coward nor was ill-tempered.

Before he came, he had already made up his mind to stay strangers with him, but now he had kind of expectations for the future development of their relationship.

The minute Yin Jinye was about to look away from Rong Yi, a strand of spiritual power generated from all directions in the air and flew into Rong Yi’s body. If he had no such high cultivation power and he was not focusing on Rong Yi, he wouldn’t notice it at all.

“Interesting. You can absorb spiritual power even when you sleep.” Said Yin Jingye while curling up his lips.

No one else could do that.

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