I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything

Chapter 219

Chapter 219

The areas filled with trees that we had been seeing for a long time started to get fewer .

The sun had risen to its highest point and the sun shines at its brightest .

There were no monsters in sight .

Perhaps——– This place isn’t within the Demon Zone anymore .

However, even if we were to disregard that, I still couldn’t feel the presence of life nearby .

From what I could see, the rocky terrain was beginning to increase .

I could also smell the unique scent of rocks……

Should I call this area——– as some sort of mountainous area?

Anyway, the greenery was clearly starting to diminish .

On the way, we found the ruins of a village .

We took a quick look around .

From the traces I’ve seen, there might have been a lot of mining going on around here in the past .

However, the village had been abandoned .

It looked like this place had been abandoned for a long time .

The soil around also doesn’t look like it’s fertile enough to grow crops .

After it also became worthless as a mining land——— This place became barren .

It doesn’t seem to be a strategically important area either .

A place that no one would be interested in .

On the flip side——–

This is a great place to hide in plain sight .

Taking my eyes off the map……

[This is it . ]

Exclaiming so, I moved my gaze upward .

A sheer rock wall .

It’s a wall that stretches from east to west .

Stretching out, with its end nowhere in sight .

There is nothing particularly conspicuous in this area .

How should I say this——– It’s a really “natural landscape” around this rocky area .

It looked too natural, that it looked fake instead .

I reached out my hand to the wall’s surface .

But just as my hand touched the rock wall———- My hand passed through .


Nyaki became surprised .

[This is the illusion Erika was talking about huh . ]

It looked too “natural” that it became unnatural instead .

Erika talked about the characteristics of this illusion .

It’s difficult to “play around” with the naturalness of the real thing .

That is what Erika said is this illusion’s weakness .

[……How about we go?]

We stepped into the wall .

After passing through the illusory wall, we came to what seemed to be a valley .

The path continues onward .

On both sides of the road were precipitous cliffs .

But so far, there was no sign of any living things nearby .

I could barely make out the birds occasionally passing through the sky .

Yes——– From where we were walking, we can see the sky .

I wonder, if someone is able to fly over this area, would they be able to see us from above?

For the birds in the sky……

I think they’re seeing other landscapes because of the illusion .

We continued on our way .

[………………… . ]

As we walked, I thought about the information I was curious about .

For example, the assassins from the Mira Empire who attacked the Heroic Sword .

This information was divulged by Ruin and the others .

Apparently——- Mira’s assassins were trying to get their hands on Nyaki, the Divine Beast .

I wonder how I should interpret this?

As expected, I guess it would be reasonable to think that they’re trying to crush the Faraway Country themselves?

In the last great invasion of the Great Demon Emperor’s army……

I heard that Mira had their main forces almost completely intact .

The Mad Emperor himself is a man with unknown strength .

If we run into them and the people from Alion at the same time——–

They might become a bit of a nuisance .

Whether it’s the country itself…

Or the country’s top .

Other than that……

There’s also Nyaki’s “Neenya”, Nyantan Kikeepat .

I remembered that Eve had mentioned her name before .

She was one of stronger members of Alion’s war potential .

She would also be the only member of Nyaki’s family that we might have to face at some point .

I’m glad I got her name before we faced her .

This makes her the only person I can’t kill no matter what .

And then——- There’s the 6th Cavalry .

There’s no way I’m going to forget about them .

Alion’s 13 Cavalries .

“One day, that village…… It was annihilated by Humans claiming to be Alion’s cavalry……”

The people who attacked the village where Liz used to live .

However, unlike when Eve talked about how her village was destroyed by Heroic Sword……

“It’s hard to say which one attacked her village . ”

If their troops had to be divided into thirteen groups, that must be they were quite a large group .

Not all the troops had participated in the attack on the village .

There’s also no guarantee that the people who participated in that attack back then are still around today……

However, this is also something that I would like to settle when the opportunity arises .

It would also be for Liz’s sake .

But most of all——– This is something that I like to do myself .

As I was thinking about this……

[There’s something shiny over there nya . ]

Pointing ahead, Nyaki said .

In the direction she was pointing at, I saw a huge silver door .

Though I say that, it looks like its color has slightly faded in time, so it might be better to say that it’s like iron .

The door is decorated with striking carvings that look like it could be seen from a magic technique .

At the lower-middle part of the door——-

A crystal ball is inlaid in it .

Just as I had been informed .

From my pocket, I took out the crystal that Erika had given me——- the “key” that would have allowed me entrance to the Faraway Country .

It seems that if you throw this into the crystal ball, it will emit light and open the door .


[Nyaki is with us…… So we don’t need to use this thing and it would open up when we get close huh . ]

Taking out the Fly King mask from my luggage, I put it on .

I think it would be better if they don’t judge me as a “human” at first glance .

The people we’re meeting are originally people who had escaped from the Humans’ world .

I was the only human among us .

As soon as they see that I’m a human, there’s a possibility that they’ll attack me .

We don’t know how hostile the current inhabitants are towards humans .

But, at least, if I wear a mask……

“It’s a human, kill him!”

I might be able to avoid the situation where they say that at first sight .

Wearing a mask, I can leave them think that there’s a chance that I’m a Demi-Human .

[……It would have been the best if we had Erika’s familiar with us . ]

“Communicate with the King of the Faraway Country with the familiar . ”

This was the best plan we had .

We now have the kokkuri-san style alphabet paper .

So, it’s possible to communicate with her for a long time .

However, it seems like that this would be impossible .

Erika’s familiar was originally supposed to join our group .

There was supposed to be a familiar waiting for us near the Faraway Country .

However——— I couldn’t feel the presence of her familiar appearing at all .

I remembered what Erika had told me before .

“My familiars are no different from a normal animal in appearance and physical capabilities . Also, it’s not like Erika is always controlling them…… And sometimes, they would get attacked by animals and die . Even though I have several familiars I control, it’s not like they were a lot…… If I wasn’t able to get in contact with you and the others for a long time, please keep in mind that the nearest familiar may be dead or seriously injured . ”

……I can’t help but feel that this is the case .

In fact, we have discovered something that looked like an owl carcass near the illusory wall (It’s actually found by Slei) .

With a volume as silent as a murmur, I muttered to myself .

[That might be a familiar . ]

Now that the sh*tty goddess had found out the location of this place, crisis might be coming for the Faraway Country .

Therefore, it’s better to inform the King of the Faraway Country about it as soon as possible .

In that case…… It would be troublesome to wait for a familiar who may or may not appear .

I looked up at the door .

[———Well, we should be able to somehow make things work out . ]

As for what would happen later——- I’ll just have to make do with what cards I have .

Most of all……

[Touka-dono . ]

When Seras called out to me, I nodded my head .

[Yeah . ]

We’ve finally arrived .

The race who holds the secret of the Forbidden Curses, written in the Spellbook of Incantations .

This is the legendary country where the Forbidden Race is said to live .

The Faraway Country, the place the Demi-Humans and monsters without golden eyes seeks for .

As we approached, the light became even stronger .

And then, as we reached a certain distance, the door slowly began to open .

[I guess this is where the real battle would start…… Anyway——-]

The most important part to achieve my revenge on that sh*tty goddess .

The Forbidden Curses .

[I’ve finally reached the point where it’s within my reach . ]

And thus———- we stepped into the door .

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