I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 2343 “Encircling Ainsley”

2343 Encircling Ainsley” People would slowly become used to these annoying bites, and they would not notice that some of the insects might bring deadly disease. Ainsley's love virus worked like an invisible poison, slowly influencing the mind and heart of the fifty hunters. Seeing that the pink dots became bigger and bigger, Ainsley was totally sure that these fifty people had all fallen to her charm ability. There was too little chance for them to get rid of the charm ability. After the 'fishing net' was laid down, Ainsley was finally ready to reap these fishes who came to her door. She would be sorry if she didn't reap these big fishes! Ainsley was not a fool to appear in front of these hunters so deliberately. Not to mention that the fifty people were all scattered in various directions, wanting to completely surround the garden. Ainsley was now the closest to the second and third hunter groups, and coincidentally or not, these two groups were the ones with the lowest resistance to Ainsley's love virus. Their pink dots on the map were bigger than the other eight groups. Either because they were the closest to the source of infection, or because their innate resistance was indeed not good. Ainsley immediately decided to pick the two groups as her first victim so that she could lure the attention of the other groups as well. She wasn't afraid that these two groups would not follow her wishes because essentially, these people were already under her control. Ainsley sent a soft command to these people through the love virus, but the command was just something normal, not suspicious at all. These people only felt that they were closer to the transmigrator that their soul scanner just detected. Since their two groups were currently the closest to this unknown target that was also suspected to be their primary target, it was normal for the two team leaders to make the same decision. "Go. Go to this coordinate. We are now very close to our target. Let's not startle the snake and be extra careful." The two leaders thought that their target was the Godfather because the soul scanner's data showed that this foreign soul was strong, as strong as the Godfather's. Who else aside from the Godfather had such a strong soul? The misconception from the start had already misled the two groups and soon, the two groups spotted their 'target' behind a tall and beautiful tree in the garden. The tree was a decorative tree, with beautiful flowers and leaves. However, the tree was a huge one. The tree trunk was enough to hide the body of an adult. The lush leaves and branches were also a good place to hide people as long as they climbed the tree. Ainsley was indeed hiding at the top of the tree while looking at the hunters below with a mischievous smile on her face, just like a little devil who was ready to tease her prey. The 3D map, Ainsley's biggest cheat, accurately showed the position of these hunters. Of course, some hunters with similar abilities would automatically cancel the sound wave scanner without them knowing, so their positions would become vague and blurry on the 3D map. Still, with the love virus sweeping over this large group of people, everyone's position became as clear as the day. Ten hunters cautiously approached this beautiful pink tree that visitors often called 'the lovebird tree'. Not only because the tree had white trunk and soft pink leaves, but also because many lovebirds loved to build nests on this tree. The flower of this tree was even more beautiful because each petal was shaped like a heart, completely showing off a romantic vibe. The white-pink flower that was similar to a rose aside from the heart-shaped petal became the favorite of many high-ranking ladies who lived or worked on this island. These ladies were either the family members of the World Union's higher-ups, or they were one of the higher-ups. To be honest, the ten hunters didn't want to cause too much damage to this beautiful garden, but because their mission was the priority, they had no choice but to ignore any damage to the garden. There were several ladies among the ten hunters around the lovebird tree, and they also had a slight heartache when they thought about their mission. If their target was really hiding here, this tree would definitely be destroyed in the fight. What a pity. Such an emotion further strengthened the love virus in their bodies, and now, they were already at the phase where they would turn a blind eye even if they saw Ainsley right in front of them. However, Ainsley didn't intend to let people turn a blind eye to her, just like what happened at the new century war against the celestials and higher-level beings. Now, she wanted these people to keep an eye on her and even requested assistance from other groups so that all of them would be focused on her. At this time, ten people had already surrounded the tree, and the two leaders even pointed their guns at the top of the tree. These people were all armed to the teeth, so even if their weapons were now the most basic iron bullet guns, not magic guns with abilities, they were still menacing. They didn't bring electric guns or laser guns, but these guns were enough to scare many transmigrators from low-level worlds and mid-level worlds who were not used to seeing guns in their lives. The moment the two leaders pointed their guns at the top of the tree...

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