I Can Turn into a Fish

Chapter 176 - Agreement

Chapter 176: Agreement

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“A movie?” After hearing Duan Ke’s real intentions, Chu Xian was surprised again. “What exactly did you record? Can you show me?”

“Okay!’ Duan Ke nodded and laughed awkwardly. “Actually, I took a video of everything.”

“Everything?” Chu Xian took the young man’s camera with some confusion, found the video and played it.

But to his great surprise, the video didn’t start with the hunting of the shark. It started with the fish group competition between their ship and Dragon Mastiff.

And he used a very clear aerial shot.

It captured the powerful water beams and the scene of Sword One and the others jumping into the sea and climbing up onto Dragon Mastiff’s deck.

Chu Xian continued watching, and soon, the shark appeared and the small boat capsized. The shark readied its lunge just as Chu Xian and the others dived into the water, and the camera captured everything until the very end.

“Very professional!” Chu Xian said, looking up and praising the video.

“Hehe.” Duan Ke laughed awkwardly. “One of my friends took the video and used some professional equipment.”

“I’m afraid you can’t use it.” Chu Xian shook his head and refused him.

The video obviously couldn’t be played publicly. It wasn’t just the fishing ship competition, but he also used harpoons to hunt the shark. Neither of these two scenes could be played publicly.

Harpoons were classified as aggressive weaponry and were banned equipment, and on top of all that, the Great White Shark was a protected animal. If this information got out, there would be great losses.

“Why? Why not?” Duan Ke was stunned again. He felt that if he put these scenes in a movie, the movie would already be halfway to success, and this real fight would definitely stun the audience. If this young man in front of him was a normal person, he wouldn’t have even asked for his opinion and would’ve just directly used it in the movie.

But the social status of this young man and the fearsome appearances of his men made him think twice, and he was afraid the young man in front of him would get upset if he saw the scene in the movie without consent and would cause trouble.

“We can purchase the rights. The price will definitely be to your satisfaction, and you can also provide any other requirements and we’ll do our best to meet your needs,” Duan Ke immediately replied.

“No!” Chu Xian shook his head. He looked over the director’s anxious face and explained: “First, we used forbidden weapons to attack the shark, and secondly, the Great White Shark is a protected animal. If it wasn’t necessary, I wouldn’t have killed it!”

“This…” Duan Ke was speechless, and Chu Xian shook his head slightly. “I’m sorry.”

Chu Xian returned the camera to the extremely disappointed Duan Ke. All the man could do was watch Chu Xian as he walked away. After a moment, he opened his mouth, but he then thought better of it and shook his head.

Other than the slightly smaller size, his room on the cruise ship was comparable to rooms in large hotels. Chu Xian lay down on the soft bed and very quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Chu Xian woke early and prepared for the day. After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he was very quickly ready to return to the Mermaid.

But he didn’t expect the person waiting right outside his door. When he opened the door, he immediately saw Director Duan Ke waiting nearby, and when the director saw Chu Xian up, he immediately walked over.

“Brother Chu Xian, good morning, good morning!” Duan Ke walked over, reached out and took Chu Xian’s hand. “I thought about the problems you pointed out yesterday for a long time, and I think I have a solution.”

“Please, come with me. Can we find a place to sit and talk?” Duan Ke asked with an eager smile.

Chu Xian checked the time. There was still some time before the cruise ship departed, so he followed Duan Ke to the restaurant.

“Brother Chu Xian, I thought about it yesterday. I think what you pointed out yesterday aren’t necessarily problems. For the harpoons, we can just say they’re movie props. We can just say the fishing group competition was a scene shot for the movie, and that the shark hunting was just an accident.”

“Brother Chu, you should listen to me. I don’t think I’m the only person who took a video of what happened yesterday. There were at least ten people on the cruise who did the same thing, and even if their videos aren’t as high quality as mine, you won’t be able to hide what happened. The videos will go on the internet, but I think if we can put out a statement that this was part of our movie and everything was put together as props, with the fishing competition and the ramming as part of our script and only the shark hunting incident unplanned, we can resolve this whole situation. We just need to hold a press conference to put out the news, maybe find some connections, and none of this will be a problem,” Duan Ke said with a fire in his eyes.

Chu Xian said nothing and took a sip of his milk.

“Chu Xian!” Someone called out and Chu Xian turned his head to look.

“Oh, Brother Gu Li, haha. How’s your wife and the little turtle?”

“They’re still in bed, but I was hungry so I came up to eat!” Gu Li walked over while laughing and looked at Duan Ke. “Is this your friend?”

“No.” Chu Xian shook his head and repeated Duan Ke’s proposition.

“Hello, I’m a director at Future Media, Duan Ke!” Duan Ke nodded at Gu Li.

“Chu Xian, what do you think? You don’t have to worry, Sky Travel Cruise will take care of the shark hunting issue, and I can help you with the weapons if there are any problems,” Gu Li told Chu Xian.

Duan Ke became nervous at these words, and he stared at Chu Xian expectantly.

“Hm, I don’t feel too strongly either way, and the faces aren’t too clear anyway.” Chu Xian thought for a moment before turning to Duan Ke. “What good can you do for me? And don’t say money!”

When Duan Ke heard there was a possibility, he was very happy, and he frowned with thought. “If you think this is a good movie, you can invest, of course, but this will help me more than you. If your company needs advertising, we can include it in the movie, and we can even get the movie stars to endorse your company or product. Of course, if you want to negotiate a long-term deal, you’ll have to talk to them in more detail. What do you think?”

“Chu Xian, aren’t you opening another aquarium store? You could advertise it in the movie, and even invite some celebrities over on the opening day!” Gu Li suggested.

“That’s absolutely no problem. The theme of the movie is the ocean; there will be strife and charity and sci-fi scenes of hunting. I can promise this will be a big-budget production and that it will be very popular as long as nothing unexpected happens,” Duan Ke said confidently.

Although the quality of Chinese films was rising in recent years and there was no shortage of good movies, there were few mid-budget productions on the ocean, and he believed that as long as nothing unexpected happened, the film would definitely draw many viewers.

“Okay, you can use my video as long as you advertise my aquariums, and if the script is good, I’ll invest in it.” Chu Xian nodded.

Although his aquarium business was going well, it was still limited to Hai Qing City and a few netizens who paid attention to these affairs. His store wasn’t known by every family throughout the country, but if celebrities advertised it well, this would lay a good foundation for the future if he decided to open chain stores throughout the country.

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