I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Faces Full of Sympathy

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The Tri-Gu Sect had long established a disciple cultivation system.

There were countless small mortal towns on Mount Gu. These small towns were the foundation of the Tri-Gu Sect, and there was basically a martial arts school that specialized in cultivating true outer disciples in each town.

These outer disciples would not plant Gu in their bodies. Instead, they would wait until the Qi induction was successful, and only after entering the inner sect would the sect plant Gu to them.

Moreover, the quality of the planted Gu would be better.


The Tri-Gu Sect was able to stand tall, and it definitely did not rely solely on martial force to maintain it.

After learning this, Zhou Feng was somewhat silent.

The quality of the Gu planted in someone like him, who had climbed up from a Gu Refinement Cave, was too low.

This would limit his potential.

However, that was not the most important matter. The most important thing was that he had not joined any small groups.

This meant that he could not accept many sect missions, especially those related to earning Spirit Stones. They had been divided up by many small groups long ago.

As they chatted, the person from the office asked another question. “You really don’t have a token? It’s not easy to survive in the inner sect alone!”

“No! Thank you for your clarification!” Zhou Feng still insisted that he didn’t have one.

Regarding this, that person also didn’t insist.

After waiting for a while, Zhou Feng and a group of people walked toward the inner sect.

“Over there is Myriad Gu Tower! In a while, you will go there to receive your Gu!

“Next to it are the Scripture Pavillion, the Merit Receiving Hall, and the Merit Transmitting Hall!”

“Other than that, there’s also the Pill Hall, the Weapon Hall, and so on. You’ll know when the time comes!

“Oh right! There’ll be a notice coming later. See which Elder you want to join. I’ll inform you when the time comes!”

After entering the inner sect, one could say that the treatment was completely different from that of the outer sect. There were people directly guiding them and explaining some problems.

The person who explained to them was called Zhao Yang. He only stared at the first two people among them throughout the entire process.

As for the others, he did not pay much attention.

Nonetheless, they all nodded because these people all had the token of the Flying Eagle Society.

Since Zhou Feng did not have anything, he was faintly ostracized.

Regarding this, he did not really care since he was already used to being alone. What he was more concerned about was what path he would take next.

Could the Gu in his body be removed?

“After officially becoming an inner disciple, you will have a chance to choose a cultivation technique! You will also have the qualifications to exchange for all sorts of pills and artifacts!”

Zhou Feng’s eyes instantly lit up.

To be honest, his desire for cultivation techniques was currently ranked first. There was no other way as his lack of cultivation knowledge was terrifying.

Zhou Feng was eager to understand how to cultivate and also had various cultivation matters.

“Also, if you have time, it’s best to go to the first floor of the Scripture Pavilion and read more books to understand the surrounding forces!

“It hasn’t been very peaceful recently! The White Bone Temple and the Penta-Ghost Sect are very restless!”

Finally, Zhao Yang gave a suggestion.

After waiting for a while, the result of joining the Elders came out.

Other than Zhou Feng, all of them joined the Second Elder’s faction.

As for Zhou Feng, he joined the First Elder’s faction.

There were a total of nine Elders in the Tri-Gu Sect. From the First Elder to the Fifth Elder, they were all part of the Bloodthirsty Gu faction.

From the Sixth Elder to the Ninth Elder, they were all part of the Penta-Poison Gu faction.

Each Elder occupied a mountain peak in Mountain Range Gu.

They were now at the main peak, and someone would bring them to the mountain peak they belonged to.

“First Elder?”

When they heard that Zhou Feng had joined the first Elder’s faction, the others immediately showed sympathetic expressions.

When Zhou Feng saw this, he frowned slightly.

Although he guessed that there was something wrong with the First Elder’s faction, he had no other choice. He could only follow the First Elder to Bitter Bamboo Peak.

Bitter Bamboo Peak. This was the peak where the Grand Elder of the Tri-Gu Sect was located.

Why had those people shown sympathy when they heard that Zhou Feng had been assigned to Bitter Bamboo Peak?

Because… the Grand Elder who lived on Bitter Bamboo Peak was famous for being an ascetic maniac!

Every disciple who entered Bitter Bamboo Peak had to become an ascetic cultivator just like the Grand Elder.

This meant that you couldn’t enjoy anything other than cultivation.

Every year, the Grand Elder would personally test all his disciples.

If they failed the test, they would be eaten.

They would literally be eaten and in front of the other disciples.

Usually, no one would choose to join the Grand Elder’s faction. After all, most of the new inner disciples had already decided which Elder they would join.

Only people like Zhou Feng, who climbed up from Gu Refinement Caves, would be assigned to the Grand Elder’s faction.

Other than that, the other Elders would also send some disciples to Bitter Bamboo Peak because the Grand Elder had said that Bitter Bamboo Peak should have at least 100 new disciples every year.

Besides being an ascetic cultivator, the Grand Elder was also a battle maniac. The other Elders simply did not want to face this madman.

Thus, they could only send some scapegoats to Bitter Bamboo Peak.

After arriving at Bitter Bamboo Peak, a muscular man came down from the mountain to welcome Zhou Feng.

“Eh? Only one person this time?

“Little Junior Brother! Come with me! I’m your big Senior Brother!”

Wang Ming stuck out his tongue and licked his upper lip. Traces of saliva dripped down from the edge of his mouth. His expression was as if he treated Zhou Feng as a portion of delicious food.

It made people feel a chill down their spine.

When Zhou Feng saw Wang Ming in this state, the corners of his eyes twitched slightly.

Especially his undisguised appearance made him extremely uncomfortable.

No wonder when those people heard that he had been assigned to the Grand Elder’s faction, they all had looks of sympathy.

What kind of people were these?

On the way up the mountain, Zhou Feng walked in front while Wang Ming, who had been welcoming him, followed behind him. At the same time, saliva dripped all over the ground.

This feeling of being stabbed in the back almost made him want to make a move.

Moreover, the scariest thing was that the other people he met along the way also looked like starving ghosts. After seeing this newcomer, their eyes also shone.

Not long after, Wang Ming, the Eldest Senior Brother, brought him to the place where he lived.

“Our Bitter Bamboo Peak’s main cultivation technique is the Demon-Devouring Technique! These are the first three levels. We can only ask Master for the follow-up cultivation technique after we have cultivated it!

“And this is a bottle of Primeval Blood Pills. Eldest Senior Brother personally gave it to you! Remember to cultivate well!”

Wang Ming swallowed his saliva, took out a bottle of Primeval Blood Pills, and placed it on the table.

It was as if a wolf was telling a sheep to eat well.

After saying that, Wang Ming left.

But before he left, his gaze was as if he wanted to directly swallow Zhou Feng.

“What’s going on!? The people on the mountain…”

Zhou Feng frowned, and goosebumps appeared on his body. No matter how he looked at it, it felt weird!

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