I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Lies!


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Thanks to the Blood Solidification Art and Gluttony (Passive)’s assistance, Zhou Feng’s speed of forming Blood Qi was extremely fast.

Thus, there was no danger at all that night, and the Bloodthirsty Gu had truly begun its first transformation.

As mentioned earlier, Zhou Feng only needed to provide sufficient Blood Qi. As the host, he could also obtain many benefits.

Normally, no one could provide enough Blood Qi to allow the Bloodthirsty Gu to undergo a transformation among the many new disciples.


Normally, they could barely feed the Bloodthirsty Gu and then rely on the Blood Solidification Art.

Managing to make the Bloodthirsty Gu spit out a trace of pure Blood Qi—to be able to complete this step—was already considered a talent.

And this was actually the true entrance trial of the Tri-Gu Sect.

Don’t look at how the Tri-Gu Sect seemed to have no threshold of recruiting new disciples.

In fact, the threshold was here—only those with talent in controlling Gu could be brought back to Mount Gu, the Tri-Gu Sect’s headquarters.

At present, Zhou Feng and the new disciples were only at a small mountain far away from Mount Gu.

What was mentioned above was only the situation that ordinary people encountered.

Zhou Feng’s current situation was completely different.

The Blood Qi he provided was too strong, so the Bloodthirsty Gu directly transformed.

And he himself did not realize what the Bloodthirsty Gu’s transformation signified.

“I will try my best to circulate the Blood Qi throughout my body and open up my blocked meridians…” muttered Zhou Feng as he controlled the pure Blood Qi that the Bloodthirsty Gu provided after transforming.

The manual recorded that after the Bloodthirsty Gu provided the pure Blood Qi, the host had to use this Blood Qi to open their meridians.

During this process, the more meridians the host opened, the easier it would be to cultivate in the future.

‘Painful! Painful! Painful!’

The process of opening the meridians was even more painful than Zhou Feng had imagined.

It felt like his body was being torn apart.

Unexpectedly, at that moment, he displayed astonishing willpower and forcefully endured it.

He allowed that pure Blood Qi to flow through his entire body, and just like that, several blocked meridians were opened up. At the same time, some of the impurities in his body were conveniently expelled.

Marrow Cleansing! Wasn’t this Marrow Cleansing!?

If some of the older Tri-Gu disciples saw this scene, they would definitely be filled with envy and hatred.

This was one of the few benefits of the Bloodthirsty Gu, after all.

The Bloodthirsty Gu had all sorts of disadvantages, and if one was not careful, they might even be sucked dry.

But the reason the Bloodthirsty Gu could gain the Tri-Gu Sect’s favor was that when the Bloodthirsty Gu was fed to a certain extent, it could help the host to cleanse their essence and marrow.

Moreover, this cleansing was continuous and endless.

The pure Blood Qi would gradually transform one’s body into an Innate Body.

And the starting point of cultivation was to transform one’s body into an Innate Body.

However, it was challenging to make the Bloodthirsty Gu willingly help one purify their body.

After all, all the Bloodthirsty Gu were like Pixiu, they could enter the body but never leave.

Who knew how many Tri-Gu disciples had waited until their Bloodthirsty Gu sucked them dry.

They did not even wait for the Bloodthirsty Gu to provide a large amount of pure Blood Qi and cleanse themselves.

Normally, it was already good enough for the Bloodthirsty Gu to provide a small amount of pure Blood Qi for cultivation.

‘Is this the legendary Marrow Cleansing?’

Zhou Feng slowly opened his eyes and saw the thick layer of dirt on his body.

Too powerful! This Bloodthirsty Gu was actually so powerful!

He wiped away the dirt on the surface and looked at the smooth skin that was exposed. He could not help but sigh.

This was a complete transformation! His Bloodthirsty Gu was too powerful!

Unfortunately, before he could say anything, his stomach started to growl again.

After transforming, the Bloodthirsty Gu started to absorb large amounts of Blood Qi from his body.

Zhou Feng seemed to hear the Bloodthirsty Gu urging him to quickly turn his food into Blood Qi.

‘Damn it!’

At that moment, he felt that he was about to be sucked dry. The Bloodthirsty Gu’s suction force was much stronger than earlier, and it was extremely violent. It did not know how to restrain itself.

Zhou Feng, who was forced into a corner, did not have time to clean the dirt on his body. He could only start eating crazily and rely on Gluttony as a passive method.

He continued to decompose the food, turning it into Blood Qi for the Bloodthirsty Gu to absorb.

However, the Blood Qi that Gluttony passively transformed could not be supplied.

Previously, the Bloodthirsty Gu in his body was not of high quality, it did not even have a level to it.

But after its transformation, the Bloodthirsty Gu in his body finally levelled up to a proper level. Hence, the Blood Qi it needed was multiplied.

Not to mention, since the Bloodthirsty Gu had just undergone a transformation, it needed a large amount of Blood Qi to replenish itself.

Zhou Feng, who looked healthy earlier, was now losing weight at the speed of the naked eye.

His smooth skin had also become dry and cracked.

From afar, he looked like a bag of bones.

‘Finally… it stopped!’

Fortunately, the Bloodthirsty Gu in his body slowed down the speed at which it absorbed Blood Qi.

He had finally made it through this round.

The Bloodthirsty Gu had stabilized. He only needed to continue eating and replenishing his Blood Qi, and he would be able to recover to his earlier Marrow Cleansing state.

And just as Zhou Feng was going through these ups and downs, the other courtyards were extremely miserable.

90% of the new disciples were sucked dry.

Some desperate people rushed out of their courtyards, but the patrolling teams instantly took them down.

The sun rose slowly, and a new day arrived as usual.

Zhou Feng, who hadn’t slept for almost a night, walked out of the courtyard after a simple wash.

“Eh? Not bad! He actually survived!”

Zhou Feng had just walked out of the house when he encountered Wei He. He saw a trace of surprise on Wei He’s face as if this was out of his expectations.

He seemed to be surprised that Zhou Feng had survived.

“Good! Follow me!”

Zhou Feng, who did not know what was going on, followed behind Wei He. Then, he saw Wei He removing the dead Bloodthirst Gu from the corpses.

Along the way, no one had survived. Even the well-dressed villagers had been sucked to death.

From their ferocious expressions, it seemed like they had been in great pain before they died.

“Oh? There’s another one?”

Only in the end did Wei He realize that other than Zhou Feng, another person had survived.

It was a girl, her long dry hair fluttering in the wind. Her withered appearance looked a little scary under the sunlight.

“Not bad! There are actually two people who survived! Congratulations! You have officially become Tri-Gu disciples!”

Wei He revealed a smile. He seemed to be in a good mood.

‘Officially became Tri-Gu disciples?’

Upon hearing these familiar words, Zhou Feng suddenly realized that what Wei He had said earlier was a pack of lies.

What about officially becoming Tri-Gu disciples? What about having a dining hall and eating whatever one wanted?

These were probably all fake. They passed the test last night.

Only those who could survive could be considered as true disciples of the Tri-Gu Sect!

Zhou Feng recalled the dried corpses he had seen earlier and could not help but feel a chill down his spine.

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