I Found A Planet

Chapter 492 - Alchemy

Chapter 492: Alchemy

Magic without attributes also meant that the cultivator did not have any spiritual roots. But how could a person who did not have spiritual roots cultivate his magic power?

Chen Jin was also shocked when he observed the magic inside his body. Why was his newly cultivated magic the same as the power of the primordial chaos? It had no attributes, but at the same time, it seemed to contain all the attributes. Everything about this magic power seemed to restore things to their original state.

Unfortunately, this magic could only be used as an ordinary sort of magic. Chen Jin still did not fully understand this mysterious magic power.

“Forget about it, I’ll drop this line of thinking for now. Anyway, these gains from this trip to the Zone of Trials are huge,” Chen Jin muttered to himself.

Chen Jin turned around and got up. He stopped cultivating. Although he could cultivate much faster with spirit stones, the spiritual energy in the spirit stones were not directly converted into magic. It still needed to be refined through cultivation to be converted into magic. Only elixirs could very quickly transform its medicinal power into magic power.

So Chen Jin went to the Memorial Market to buy a folk prescription and the necessary medicinal materials and then began to prepare for the alchemy process.

Alchemy, the process of creating magic potions and elixirs, was similar to creating and refining magic items. The more the product was refined, the greater the success rate. Creating magic items was not a big deal for Chen Jin. He had assembly lines in factories that could easily create or refine a good magic weapon. But alchemy was different. The success rate of each elixir was different. You could be a master at creating a Nature’s Luck Elixir but be a total amateur at the Yellow Dragon’s Elixir. Of course, due to previous experiences in creating and refining elixirs, rudimentary errors were unlikely to occur.

For this reason, even the Masters of Alchemy in the Xintan Sect dared not claim that they could create all elixirs with a 100% success rate. They could only guarantee the elixirs they had perfected.

For a newbie who had no experience in practicing alchemy, the most fundamental difficulty was that there were very few materials for practicing making elixirs. Although the price of medicinal materials could be high or low, the refining process had to be carried out multiple times. Especially for high-quality elixirs, not counting the supplementary medicinal materials, just the primary medicinal materials alone cost hundreds or thousands of spirit stones. The average small sect of immortal cultivation clans could, at most, only train one or two alchemists. They could not afford to train more. This was the reason why the immortal world could be considered as having rich resources. On the other hand, there were merely a few alchemists among the hundreds of millions of Protoss on Earth.

But this was not a problem for Chen Jin. First of all, he had as many spirit stones as he needed, it was just that he was a new disciple so it wasn’t easy for him to use them freely in public. Second, he had that mysterious sludge. With this thing, he could grow as many magical medicinal herbs as he needed. The key was the seeds or even a root system, as long he had one of those, he could quickly cultivate a pile of magical medicinal herbs. Even magical herbs that took thousands of years to grow were not a problem for him.

There was a very important thing if you wanted to make alchemy potions–the scarlet flames used in alchemy. Without a suitable flame, the chances of success in alchemy and the quality of the elixir would be much worse than if one had proper flames. Although there was a fire from an underground seam in the alchemy room, Chen Jin didn’t want to use it. What a joke! It was fire from an underground seam in an external disciple’s place of residence, how good could its flames be?

Chen Jin didn’t have to worry about this at all. He was a man of science and technology. The artificial sun project had been completed long ago and the equipment could even be compressed to a portable sized and carried around. With the flames brought by this advanced technology, why would he need some nonsense fire from an underground seam? Of course, it was useless to have only the fire. The alchemist must have a certain degree of confidence and skill in controlling the heat of the fire. The fire could not be too big or else the elixir would be nothing but a pitch-black slag. But a fire that was too small would not work either. The elixir had to come out of the fire when it was time to do so, and if it was not ready to be taken out of the fire, the effectiveness of the herbs would be halved. Besides, the elixir would just be junk. It was even worse if the flames were irregular and unstable. Not only would there be no effective elixir produced, if one was not careful, but there would also even be the risk of exploding the furnace.

However, in terms of fire control, Chen Jin had nothing to worry about. He only needed to set the temperature by operating the equipment. The temperature controller would help Chen Jin master heat control. Others would have to experiment and practice their movements countless times. Without a few years of hard work, there was no way that they could control the flames. If one couldn’t control the heat and the flames, how would he even start to make the magic elixirs and potions? But this was too simple for Chen Jin.

Chen Jin sat down cross-legged and controlled the artificial solar device with the chip in his brain. He then released a small wisp of flame. As soon as the flame that was transformed from the energy generated by nuclear fission came out, the temperature displayed on the temperature controller reached 100,000 degrees with incredible speed. The change reflected in the temperature controller was instant. But the temperature inside the room did not increase by even a tiny bit. One could see that the heat isolating effect of the device was excellent.

Chen Jin also knew that alchemy couldn’t be done with such a high temperature. If he put the furnace in, it would probably melt into liquid iron instantly, or it would vaporize, leaving nothing behind in two or three seconds. Chen Jin could only slowly lower the temperature. When the temperature stabilized at 2,000 degrees, he then opened the equipment and put the alchemy furnace into it. This was the best temperature to create some low-level elixirs.

Celestial grass, spirit beast bones, spirit fluid that was 100 years old, and some miscellaneous herbs… He threw these supplementary materials into the burnt hot furnace. A short time later, they had melted into a thick and sticky liquid. These were only supplementary materials, so there was no need to refine them individually. The celestial grass had melted into a turquoise liquid, the bones of the spirit beast had turned into a milky white mud. After the spirit fluid was poured into the furnace, it sizzled as it burned and became increasingly thick. But it also protected the other medicinal materials and allowed the other melted liquids and juices to float on it so that the medicinal materials would not be burned black.

At this time, Chen Jin’s infiltrated the concoction with his magic power and lightly stirred it a few times. He saw that some liquids with different colors had mixed, fusing under the effects of the heated temperature. It seemed as if the pastes of various colors were being stirred together.

The high temperature was maintained for a while and the pastes of varying colors had been stirred together. Their colors were no longer distinct. However, as time went by, the liquid surface became increasingly thicker and it started to bubble. A granular substance came tumbling out of the bubbles.

These granular substances were impurities. Chen Jin controlled the magic power with wood attributes and slowly let it re-enter the furnace. He slowly lifted those impurities with his magic, but they had only risen in the air for a short time before those tiny impurities turned into dust under the high temperature and floated to the sky.

The time spent alchemizing was endless. An hour later, all the impurities from the liquid in the furnace had been eliminated. After the refining of the supplementary materials had been completed, the main material was placed inside the furnace. The main material was the Dragon’s Beard that Chen Jin was heartily sick of. Chen Jin had also chosen this particular prescription because he had seen that the main material was called for Dragon’s Beard. It was not as if he could afford any one of the primary materials in other prescriptions with the “legal” money that he had.

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